Male Edge Reviews – Is This Really A Best Penis Extender?

Medically reviewed by Maria Sarino, MD FACT CHECKED

In this Male Edge review, I am going to share my personal story that I have not shared with anyone. Hence, for this very reason, I might not give out my personal details.

On the other hand, the experience that I will be sharing here will be authentic. You can be sure that I will be giving out the truth word by word.


From the age of puberty itself, I kind of knew that I had a small penis. That point became a valid one when I was in a relationship with my first girlfriend.

I still remember that horrible night when I was trying to have sex with her but according to her my penis is not at all worth it. This is when she broke up with me.

Being a geek, I did my research on the internet and was always hitting either natural male enhancement pills or penis extenders.

I choose the latter one as I wanted to explore a sure shot method that could help me increase the size of my penis.

With lots of hours spent on the internet, I was able to zero down on Male Edge due to its superior quality of material and thousands of positive reviews.

Hence, if you are someone who is looking for some authentic Male Edge review and wants to know a personal usage story of Male Edge, then you should definitely read this article till the very end.

Having said that, let me start with some of the basics about Male Edge.

Male Edge is one of the few penis extenders that are approved by the FDA.

If you are dedicated enough and looking to grow your penis bigger without any kind of pill or surgery, then you should definitely try this amazing penis extender.

Also, Male Edge is clinically tested and proven to provide amazing results in terms of penis extension.

At the same time, the manufacturer of Male Edge has made sure that they are using quality material so that there are no lags when it comes to usage.

The design part was finalized by the team of experts and researchers. They zeroed down to this particular design after a number of research and tests over a long period of time.

How Male Edge Works?

Male Edge is designed by Danish manufacturers. Hence, they have tried to maintain a top-notch quality in terms of design and product equipment.

This device needs to be worn on your penis, this helps in stretching the tissue for a number of hours every day.

As you become an experienced user, you would be able to extend those hours. Hence, the working process will speed up with this penis extender.

Male Edge works on the method of penis traction. Various governmental studies concluded that these type of devices needs to be worn in excess of 6 hours for optimum results.

In the penis traction method, the cells of the penis are stretched slightly. Hence, there will be a microscopic tear that will happen.

At the same time, your body’s normal mechanism will try to fill those tears. As a result of which, there will be an increase in length.

With the usage of 5-6 months, you would be able to increase the length of your penis.

Also, if you are suffering from Peyronie’s disease, in that case as well you would be able to see that you are able to resolve your issues with the disease.

My Experience On Using Male Edge

I still remember the day on which I ordered my Male Edge equipment. I was confident and nervous as well. It was my first time that I was trying something like this.

Hence, I was kind of feeling a little weird as well. This was because I did not discuss this issue with my best friends as well. I never wanted to be made fun of.

For this very reason, I kept this thing a secret.

The first day that I wore Male Edge, I felt a little uncomfortable. As a result of which, I kept on adjusting the same throughout the day.

But as time went by, I became more and more adjusted to the equipment and after some time, I literally forgot that I had something on my penis.

When the first month ended, I literally had no gains in terms of length. I was a little disappointed. But I know that it will take some time before I start seeing some positive impact.

Hence, I continued with the journey. At the end of the second month of usage, I was able to observe a little difference but not a major change.

This little change motivated me and I started wearing Male Edge a little longer. I guess, for this very reason, from the third month onwards, I was able to notice a constant improvement in the length of my penis.

At the end of six months, I was a truly happy user of Male Edge. The six-month period ended a couple of days ago, and I am really excited and looking forward to making another girlfriend.

This is because, I really feel confident and amazed at the same time, that my dedicated research and the right choice of the product helped me in increasing my penis size.

Benefits Of Using Male Edge

These are personal benefits that I am sharing in the Male Edge review. You might experience a different set of benefits. Hence, you should not expect the same set of benefits the same as me.

  • Extend Your Penis Naturally
    This is one of the natural benefits that is experienced by most of the users of Male Edge. I can confidently say that I experienced an awesome and truly a satisfactory result when it came to penis extension.

    All I did was, truly believed in this amazing tool and made sure that I am using it on a regular basis and according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.

  • Painless Results
    The process through which Male Edge works is pretty painless. I personally did not feel anything as far as pain is concerned.

    Although I went through a little discomfort in the initial phase as time went by, I became used to it and was able to continue without any issues.

  • Amazing Comfort
    The quality of material that is used in the process of manufacturing is of top quality. Hence, I was able to use the same device for the full period of six months.

    I never felt uncomfortable keeping aside the initial few days of usage. Hence, on the comfort level, I will give full points to Male Edge.
  • Effective in Peyronie’s Disease
    I personally was not having any issues like Peyronie’s disease. While doing my research, I came to know that, this device is also beneficial in the treatment of Peyronie’s disease as well.

    Having said that, I also read various papers in which the sexologists recommended using Male Edge for all the purposes.

  • Permanent Results
    Although, it has just been a couple of days since I finished my six months of wearing Male Edge. Most of the users that have used Male Edge over a period of time claim that the results are permanent, and they never faced the same issues again.

    Also, I came across an article where a user of Male Edge used it for over a year and increased his penis size substantially.

How To Use Male Edge?

As you might have guessed that, you would need to put your penis inside of Male Edge. Post that, you would need to adjust the two arms. Also, the penis head needs to be supported.

One of the most important steps, when you are setting Male Edge on your penis, is setting the stretch levels. Hence, you need to make sure that you are not stretching your penis really hard as you might feel uncomfortable.

You need to choose the right balance between stretch and comfort. Post which the penis traction method will start to kick in.

As time will pass by, you will become an experienced user and you would be able to set the stretch levels perfectly.

Another really important aspect of using these penis extenders is that you would need to use it for 6 hours at least. For the initial few days, you can start with a shorter period of time.

But you need to make sure that you cover up that that time frame when you become an experienced user.

Where To Buy Male Edge

When it comes to buying, I would recommend that you always stick to the official sources.

When it comes to purchasing Male Edge, the manufacturer has clearly stated that, you should always buy Male Edge from the official website.

They do not have any other affiliated website or stores from where you could purchase Male Edge.

Hence, if you have some website tells you that they are selling Male Edge, then you should run as far as you can from them. As they might be trying to scam you.

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