5 Best Male Enhancement Pills In 2023 For Amazing Results

Medically reviewed by Maria Sarino, MD FACT CHECKED

Finding one of the best male enhancement pills in 2023 that actually works could be really difficult. For this very reason, I bring the list of the best male enhancement pills that I have tried on myself and they worked for me.

All the pills claim to have potential sexual benefits like increasing the size of the penis, increasing your sexual stamina, and increasing your sexual libido, but only a few work.

Hence, you might want to go through this list and see if you are able to find something beneficial.

Popular Male Enlargement Pills in 2023




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Max Performer

Max Performer

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Male Extra

Male Extra

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  1. Performer8

    Performer8Personally speaking, I always try to look for herbal supplements. Using Performer 8 was one step in that direction itself.
    With regular usage, I was able to enhance my sexual stamina and long-lasting power that made me last longer in bed.

    At the same time, my erection levels improved multiple folds. This made me really thank Performer8 male enhancement pills.

    Since Performer8 contains all the natural ingredients, it also helped me improve my semen quantity which was accompanied by the improvement in vitality.

    The best part that I personally liked about Performer8 was that I was able to control my climax, this gave me a sense of control and power.

    Sometimes, I used to face the issues of premature ejaculation prior to the usage of Performer8. Thankfully this issue improved and I never saw myself ejaculating before the actual climax that was controlled by me most of the time.

    Benefits Of Performer8

    • Performer8 has all the herbal ingredients.
    • Non-GMO & Soy-free.
    • May as well increase natural testosterone levels.
    • Could also increase the sexual focus.
    • Also helped me boost confidence and self-esteem.

    Natural Ingredients Used In Performer8

    • Muira Puama Extract
    • Ashwagandha
    • Ferrous Bisglycinate
    • Maca Root Extract
    • Panax Ginseng
    • Horny Goat Weed
    • Pine Bark Extract
    • Glucuronolactone
    • Grape Seed Extract
  1. VigRX Plus

    VigRX Plus is backed by various clinical studies and the formula used in this product can be helpful in treating your sexual disorders.

    Not only will this product increase your libido and sex drive but the makers claim that VigRX Plus also helps in achieving and maintaining erections.

    This product contains various elements which are known to increase the flow of blood and also helps in better sexual arousal.


    Benefits Of VigRX Plus

    1. It can help in increasing sex drive.
    2. It might be effective in boosting sexual functions.
    3. VigRX can be effective in improving the flow of blood.
    4. It might be able in providing its users with erections which are harder and long lasting.
    5. It has been backed with clinical studies.

    Ingredients Of VigRX Plus

    1. Epimedium Leaf Extract
    2. Asian Red Ginseng
    3. Damiana
    4. Muira Puama Bark Extract
    5. Cuscuta Seed Extract
    6. Ginkgo Biloba Extract

    VigRX Plus is a great product to get started with because even if the product does not work well on your body, you can get your money back.

    The use of Bioperine formula makes the absorption of ingredients used in this product much faster and efficient.

Get 10% Discount on VigRX Plus With Coupon: CHOICES10

  1. Max Performer

    Max Peformer BoxesWe have Max Performer which takes the #2 spot on our best male enhancement pills list for 2023.

    Max Performer is produced and sold by a company called Silver Blade Nutrition, based in London, UK.

    Some of the benefits of Max Performer include:

    • Bigger, Thicker and Rock Hard Erections That Last
    • Increased Libido and Desire For Sex
    • Increased Stamina and Sexual Performance
    • Stronger Orgasms that Last Longer
    • Increased Sexual Confidence
    • Satisfy Your Lover Every time.

    Silver Blade Nutrition have created a unique blend of highly potent ingredients that work together to deliver maximum results.

    Some of the ingredients include:

    • Horny Goat Weed
    • MACA
    • Red Korean Ginseng
    • Cordyceps
    • Bioperine
    • Selenium
    • Zinc

    Max Performer is the best male enhancement pill on the market in 2023.

    For best results we recommend using Max Performer for at least 3 months.

    If you want the best results then look no further.

    Max Performer comes with FREE worldwide shipping on all orders, prices as low as $8 / week and a 100-day money back guarantee.

  1. Male Extra

    Male Extra is a decade-old formula and is one of the most popular male enhancement pills present in the market. Also, the most effective one with all the natural ingredients.

    It helps in increasing the flow of blood to your penis. This is achieved with the help of unique formula used in this compound which contains and makes use of Nitrous Oxide.

    Male extra

    It could be taken by men belonging to all age ranges, however it is recommended that one should consume it only if he’s 18 years of age or older.

    The main ingredient of the product is L-Carnitine HCL which helps in increasing the motility and count of sperm.

    It also improves the flow of blood because it also contains a specific Amino acid. The manufacturers claim that other ingredients used in the product are also completely natural.

    It is also effective in lowering the blood pressure levels.

    Benefits Of Male Extra

    1. The product is proved to be safe by clinical results.
    2. There are no known side effects related to its use.
    3. You always get a 60-days money-back guarantee.
    4. One should use this product for up to 6 months for best results.
    5. You can always get a heavy discount on the product if you purchase from the official website.

    Ingredients Of Male Extra

    Some of the other ingredients used in the product are:

    1. Pomegranate
    2. Niacin
    3. Zinc
    4. Cordyceps
    5. L-Methionine
  1. Viasil

    Viasil is another amazing addition to this list of top male enhancement pills for the year 2023. Since, I love trying different pills, I like to see the effects for all of them, In this regard, I tried this pill as well. Frankly, I was amazed with the results. As I was able to feel the same old libido levels within the two weeks of consumption. Viasil Hence, personally I can tell you that this amazing male enhancement pill is one of the best ones for improving the erections.

    Benefits Of Viasil

    • Natural Ingredients
    • Quick Results
    • Enhances Libido Levels
    • Rock Hard Erections
    • No Side Effects Whatsoever

    Ingredients Of Viasil

    • Horny Goat Weed
    • Zinc
    • Citrus Sinensis
    • Panax Ginseng root
    • Pomegranate
    • Tribulus Terrestris
    • Ginkgo Biloba
    It also has a free instant erection gel that could also help you in maintaining the erections. This is just amazing. You will have the benefits from inside with the usage of Male Enhancement Pill. From outside, you will have the support of this amazing gel that they have.

What Is Male Enhancement Pill ?

Male enhancement pills are scientifically prepared pills that could help a man in improving their overall sexual health.

The name and the composition of the product could be different but almost all of these products that I have listed work in the exact same way, this what is experienced myself along with penis extenders.

Thus, it is important to have knowledge of how a product may actually be of help to you. When it comes to the formula used in the compound there should be enough scientific explanation of the formula as well as its effectiveness and how these products will affect your sexual health.

How Do Male Enhancement Pills Work?

Most of these enhancement pills work in the following ways:

  1. By enhancing the flow and circulation of blood around the area of your Penis

    The penis is the main sexual organ in men and it is extremely important that our penis receives enough flow of blood and the circulation of blood is good.

    This is because it could help in a stronger and harder erection which may last for a much longer period of time.

  2. It may increase the level of Testosterone in our body

    When it comes to maintaining and improving sexual health in men, Testosterone may play an important role.

    Low levels of Testosterone might develop some symptoms which may affect your sexual performance in bed. 

    It might also decrease your sexual libido or sex drive and may lead to poor and weak erections. Not to miss, low testosterone levels may even decrease your body’s sperm count.

  3. It could increase the level of our body’s Nitric Oxide

    Nearly every enhancement pill today tries to increase the levels of Nitric Oxide in your body. Not only increased levels of Nitric Oxide could help in better erections and increased libido, but they may also help in improving various cognitive functions of our body.

Probable Side Effects Of Male Enhancement Pills

No drug is a full-proof solution. Every single medicine manufactured might have one side effect or the other. The main thing is to identify them and make sure that you are not the one who has to suffer.

Keeping the same thing in mind, I am listing down some of the most common side effects that one could notice.

Not to miss, these are probable side effects, which means not everyone may suffer from them.

Natural Ways For Male Enhancement

The unhealthy lifestyle followed has been a negative aspect when it comes to sexual health.  Hence, it is adequately and sadly reflected in sexual health.

Suppose you have a problem with your sexual performance and cannot maintain proper sexual activity in bed. In that case, you are among many looking for a solution and are willing to keep your partner happy.

There are a few zones you could explore for finding an answer to your issue, as I have discussed several male enhancement pills in the market that are effective, you might want to look for easier and more natural options that could be explored as well.

It is an accepted fact that the sexual performance and the endurance of your penis depend on practically two things, the circulatory system and the energy or stamina you contain.

Thus, natural methods could be explored to provide you with harmless and effective results through traditional medicinal studies and personal experience.

  • Reduce Stress

    It is believed that the impact of stress on sexual health is a known and experienced logic that stress could increase your heart rate and blood pressure, but not in the required manner. These vitals impact both sexual desire and performance.

    Psychologically speaking, stress could also subdue your erection or even your ability to reach orgasm.
    Several ways could be implied to reduce stress.

    Exercising, yoga, and meditation are found to be effective in this arena. You could even talk to your partner about stress.

    Prevent yourself from picking bad habits like drinking or smoking under the pressure of stress for this too could affect your sexual performance.

    Hence, in totality, managing stress could be a great option for your sexual life.

  • Get Rid Of Bad Habits

    Habits like consumption of alcohol and smoking are found to be a hindrance to your sexual performance and in long run, there is a chance where these habits could lead to impotency in men.

    Although, it could be said that a little red wine could improve circulation aiding your performance but too much consumption of stimulants could narrow blood vessels and this might reflect on your sexual health.

    All in all one should attempt to get rid of or at the best limit the consumption of these products.

  • Get Some Sun

    You might have read about melatonin. This hormone is known to subdue our sexual urges, which means the concentration of this content is inversely proportional to sexual desire.

    Sunlight could resist your body’s production of melatonin and thus could increase your sex drive, which is almost essential during winter months when melatonin production is at max. Thus, exposing your skin to the sun might help you with your sexual drive a great deal.

  • Good Quality Sleep

    Several types of research are done in the field, and a good amount considers quality sleep could be linked to libido in several possible ways. We already know sleep is good for mood and energy, so this does not appear to be a fetched relationship.

    It is believed that women have a profound sexual desire after a good night’s sleep, and longer sleep hours are known to comprehend better genital arousal. There are several tips to sleep better that you could follow.

  • Practicing The Start-Stop Technique

    This method is helpful for several people who could not hold their ejaculation and thus could not last long during their sex drive.

    This technique requires you to stop sexual activity when ejaculation seems to be at hand. Here you need to breathe deeply and then start slowly. This could prepare you for longevity.

    This method could help you gain control over your ejaculation, and you might feel more comfortable during sex and might not have a quacky experience.

  • Eating Fruits

    There are a few fruits that you could consume to improve overall sexual health. There are several dietary ingredients that, when consumed, could help you with blood flow and thus aid in a better sexual experience.

    These are-
    Onion and Garlic- They are in a bad light due to the smell it brings to your breath, but they could be useful in increasing blood circulation.

    Bananas- This fruit has rich potassium content, which could impact your blood pressure in several ways, such as reducing it. This could aid several sexual parts and thus could boost your sexual performance.

    Spicy food like chili and pepper, too, could reduce hypertension and inflammation, and as a result, it could increase blood flow which might result in better sexual performance.

    Also, the meat of tuna, salmon, pork, and veg diet, like avocados, kidney beans, etc., could be a great aid to sexual performance as well.

  • Redefine Your Relationship

    Several couples experience a fall in sexual desire at different levels and points in their relationship. This might happen when you have been with someone for a long time and feel things are not going as well as expected.

    Such issues should be resolved as soon as possible, for this could increase the sex drive of each partner. There are a few ways that could be administered. You could plan date nights with your partner. Try communicating over general and intimate issues. Activities outside the bedroom could also be helpful. You need to create space for quality and intimate time.

  • Focus on Foreplay

    In general, men consider penetration as the core of intercourse and sometimes choose to concentrate on nothing but this. We need to understand foreplay is, in every manner, equally important.

    In a study from 2017, the percentage of women who orgasm after intercourse is just 18%, whereas 33% considered stimulation for their clitoris to be necessary for orgasm and an overall intimate experience.

  • Try Masturbating To Aid To Sexual Drive

    There have been several misconceptions about the act, and it is considered harmful without much research to back any such claim.

    Masturbation is believed to be helpful with understanding your orgasm and controlling it and could also help you understand and improve your sexual stamina.

    This could be a great aid for people who face premature ejaculation, for it could help you experience the method to sustain your boner.

    Some people also claim that masturbation helps them understand how to reach orgasm, which could aid in a better experience while having sex. There are other proven sex tips that you could follow to improve your sexual life.

  • Drinking A Cup Of Coffee

    The easiest method one could try to boost one’s sexual performance is to have a cup of coffee. A study from 2015 says there is a reduced possibility of erectile dysfunction in people who consume 2 to 3 cups of coffee daily.

    Of course, you need to consume coffee in a limited amount, or else you could lose your sleep for the night, but a well-administered consumption might aid you in pharaonic proportions. It also shows positive effects, as per this governmental paper.

  • Ashwagandha

    Ashwagandha is a shrub that is used in various ayurvedic medicines. It is known to enhance the sex lives of men and is safe and powerful. It may significantly improve the sexual life of men by lowering stress.

    Stress is one of the most common reasons for the decline in sex drive and poor sexual performance. One of the major benefits of Ashwagandha is that it may help reduce stress. When stress is reduced, so is the blood pressure, which allows blood to flow to all arteries, hence may lead to a better sex drive and performance.

    Ashwagandha may stimulate the production of nitric oxide which results in the dilation of blood vessels that carry blood to the genitals. This may cause an increase in sexual desire and satisfaction. Ashwagandha may also increase the level of testosterone in the body.

    This may lead to better sexual drive in men. Ashwagandha may also reduce stress by inhibiting the growth of cortisol. It may also help in the retardation of natural testosterone reduction.

    This in turn might help keep the testosterone levels optimum for the body’s proper sexual functioning. Ashwagandha may also improve libido in men and hence, the sperm count may go up.

  • Maca Root

    Maca has grown its popularity in recent times as a natural remedy for certain health issues, including low sex drive and infertility. It can promote libido and fertility. Maca root is a part of the maca plant and may contain vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and fibers.

    Some evidence suggests that taking maca supplements may benefit those who have a low sex drive and low libido, as it may improve the sex drive and may increase libido. Maca may help improve fertility in men. It can improve sperm concentration or the number of sperm per millimeter of semen.

  • Yohimbe Extract

    The barks of Yohimbe contain a chemical named yohimbine which may increase blood flow and nerve impulses to the genitals. It can also reduce the sexual side effects of certain medications used for depression. Yohimbe may also help with erectile dysfunction.

  • Black Ginger Extract

    Black ginger is also known as Thai ginseng and has powerful nutrition components and health benefits. It may contain amino acids, antioxidants, and selenium. Apart from its other health benefits, it is known for promoting sexual health.

    Black ginger may increase libido. It could also promote nitric oxide production, which aids in penile erection and helps the muscle relax.

Final Words

Although, there has been limited research that shows the efficiency of male enhancement pills in improving sexual performance. Hence, it is always recommended that you take help from a medical professional that can diagnose the exact issue and guide you in the right direction.

You need to incorporate natural methods such as exercise and a balanced diet and eliminate habits like excessive drinking and smoking that are diminishing your sexual powers each day.

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