Male Extra Review: Revealing My Shocking Results

Medically reviewed by Maria Sarino, MD FACT CHECKED

In this Male Extra review, I have talked about my personal experiences on how this male enhancement pill made it easy for me to overcome my low sexual desire.

It also helped me in enhancing my libido levels. As a result of which my wife was pretty impressed as I was able to satisfy her after a long time.

Hence, if you are someone looking for something similar, then you need to read this article till the very end.


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In this personal Male Extra review, I have discussed some of the basic information about Male Extra and on top of that, I have discussed my personal experiences of consumption.

Due to work pressure and lack of physical exercise, I started gaining some weight and my sexual desire saw a huge dip.

As a result of which the relationship between me and my wife was also deteriorating by each passing day.

When I discussed all these scenario with my boss, he recommended Male Extra. I could not have imagined even in my wildest dreams that my boss will recommend me something like this.

He insisted me that I at least give it a try for a period of three months. Hence, I started my consumption.

Before digging in further, let me discuss some of the basic information of Male Extra then I will continue with my personal consumption story.

Male Extra is one of the unique male enhancement pill that could help you with bigger, harder and stronger erections for best performance.

According to the manufacturers, they have researched and developed a unique formula which is not present in anyother male enhancement pill.

It also helped thousands of consumers with their issues related to orgasms and stamina.

A number of users of Male Extra have reported that, it is one of the quick acting male enhancement pill and has effective results.

Also, its ingredients and formula is pretty safe and is side effects free. Hence, it could be used by anyone who is looking to enhance their sexual life.

When it comes to concrete results, the ingredients that are used in the manufacturing process are backed by scientific research hence, there inclusion in Male Extra provides an edge over other male enhancement pill.

Male extra

How Male Extra Works ?

The working process of Male Extra is pretty easy to understand.

One of the main process through which, Male Extra works towards increasing the erection strength is increasing the nitric oxide levels in your blood.

Hence, nitric oxide helps the blood vessels to widen and help them relax. Ultimately, it allows a better blood flow to be carried out though nerves and veins.

This results in improved oxygen content throughout your body and each organ is able to work at an optimum levels.

Once, there is a better flow of blood to your penis, Male Extra will help you maintain the erection for longer period of time.

Also, there will be proper supply of nutrients as well. Hence, the generation and re-generation of cells will be improved.

There will be a delay in fatigue and stamina is also increased at the same time. Ultimately you will have a better performance in bed and would be able to satisfy your partner to the fullest.

Ingredients In Male Extra

The success of Male Extra is only because of its ingredients.Let us take a look at them:

  1. Pomegranate

    It is all the antioxidants properties that are essential for your body. A number of research shows that, it is pretty effective in increasing the natural flow of blood to various organs.It also helps in delaying fatigue and protects nitric oxide from free radicals. This also makes sure that there is a nice presence of nitric oxide in our body.

  2. L-Arginine HCL

    It is one of the effective amino acid that helps in improving the overall sexual health. If there are any erectile problems, those would be taken care by the inclusion of this amino acid.

    Also, it helps in easing inflammation of digestive area and hence promotes better absorption.

  3. Cordyceps

    It is an old Chinese herb that has been used by ancient Chinese people in order to promote sexual desire in men. It has got amazing anti-aging properties.

    Also, it helps in boosting the testosterone levels which will ultimately help in the production increased sperm count.

  4. Zinc

    This has been an all-rounder kind of nutrient. It helps in increasing the metabolic rate. Promotes better digestion. Also, boosts immune system.

    In various studies, zinc has been known to improve sexual performance in rats, who have DNA very close to that of humans.

  5. Niacin

    This is also known as vitamin B3. It helps in improvement in the erection quality and the erection duration as well.

    It also helps in increasing the relaxation part and promotes the expansion of nerves to promote better blood flow. Reduction in fatigue and tiredness is also another example.

  6. MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane)

    It improves the over all quality of life. Improves the mood and makes your concentration powerful. It is also known as promoter of better blood flow.

    Generation of new cells and replacing the dead ones is also a part of the functionality of MSM.

  7. L-Methionine

    It is one of the essential amino acid that is required for the growth of the body. It helps in blocking the creation of hormone histamine. This reduces the chances of quick ejaculations.

    Hence, you would be able to last longer in bed and would be able to satisfy your partner to the fullest.

Male Extra Success Story

Once my boss suggested this male enhancement pill, I decided to give it a try and ordered my consumption the very next day.

From the following week, I started with the consumption. I made sure that I am not breaking the consumption cycle.

As, this was one of the best chances to improve my relationship with my wife and probably save my marriage from being wreak.

For the first two weeks, I did not feel even a pinch of change, then also I decided to continue with the consumption.

From the initial part of the third week is what made me feel something good was about to happen. As my erections were pretty good and I was able to last long in the act as well.

I was instantly excited seeing the results in the third week. In the following week, I was even more exited as I started seeing a great improvement in my confidence level as I was able to satisfy my wife to the fullest.

My wife also complimented me on seeing good erection levels and my long lasting stamina in bed.

Finally, I was feeling like a stud again, as I could see the satisfaction in the eyes of my wife.

Listed below are some of the benefits that I noticed with the proper consumption of this amazing male enhancement pill.

Benefits Of Male Extra

These could vary from person to person, listed benefits are the ones that I noticed in myself.

male extra benefits

  1. Rock Hard Erection

    This was one of the first thing that I noticed in the third week of consumption. I was kind of exited by seeing such a good erection.

    I was also able to stay hard for longer period of time. This is what satisfied my wife till the very end of the act. The look of satisfaction was just amazing in her eyes.

  2. Huge Orgasms

    Post the regular consumption, my orgasms improved drastically. With increased blood flow due to the presence of natural ingredients, my orgasms saw a great improvement.

    This was one of the most satisfactory things for me. Also, I was actually able to control my orgasms. This provided me an extra edge.

  3. Enhanced Libido Levels

    Another great change that I noticed in myself was that, suddenly my libido levels saw a great improvement. Initially, due to office work and all day’s hard work drained me out and I literally had no energy left.

    Hence, earlier, I used to just doze off as soon as I reached home, but now, I had energy in me for a great sex. For this very reason, my wife was even satisfied.

  4. Improved Performance

    All these above points helped me in over all improving the sexual drive. I was always in the mood of great sex. Sometimes even my wife was surprised with the level of performance that I used to deliver.

My Dosage Schedule With Male Extra

When it came to dosage, my boss told me to stick to the recommended dosage levels.

Hence, I made sure that I am following what the bottle says.

From the day 1, I took 3 Male Extra capsules and maintained the same level of dosage till this day as I write this personal Male Extra review.

Side Effects

Personally speaking, I never even thought about any type of side effects.

This was due to the fact that my boss recommended me this, and he was taking these pills since past 1 year.

He mentioned that, it always worked for him and for this very reason he is continuing his consumption cycle.

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