Mass Gainer Review: Does It Really Help In Stacking Lean Muscle Mass?

Medically reviewed by Maria Sarino, MD FACT CHECKED

In this Mass Gainer review, I have talked about one of my dear friends who was mocked for his weight. He narrates how exactly he started his journey and what exactly made him use Mass Gainer.

He also mentions the sequence of events and the results of the later part of this Mass Gainer review.

Hence, if you are someone who is looking to gain some weight or if you want to help someone who needs a weight gain, then you should definitely read this piece by my friend till the very end.

Mass GainerCrazy Nutritions’ Mass Gainer is a supplement that may support muscle growth. It could also be considered as a meal replacement shake, as per its makers, that could aid in muscle recovery and also tastes good.

According to its official website, Mass Gainer is said to be packed with 695 calories,50 grams of protein, and 100 grams of clean carbohydrates which may help in gaining muscle size. Also, it might be able to do so without any rise in blood sugar levels, stomach gas, or bloating.

The manufacturers of Mass Gainer claim that this product comes packed with ingredients like Digezyme, AstraGin, and Carb10, which may be beneficial in digestion, better nutrient absorption, and regulating sugar spikes, respectively.

They further claim that Mass Gainer is said to be free from any fillers like MaltoDextrin hence, there may also be lesser chances of any side effects when it comes to regular consumption.

How Does Mass Gainer Work?

As per its makers, Mass Gainer’s formula tries to work by providing you with an increase in muscle size, more strength gains, and better recovery. It is packed with an ingredient called creatine monohydrate which is thought to improve strength and increase lean muscle mass.

Not to miss the claims made on the official website that Mass Gainer may as well help your body muscles recover at a quicker pace during exercise.

DigeZyme is used in the formulation of Mass Gainer as mentioned on their website. This could be termed a powerful digestive enzyme that might help in the normal functioning of the digestive system and may as well support food digestion.

On the other hand, a number of nutrients also try their best to help your body with better absorption of nutrients in the body.

Not only this, Mass Gainer, as per its makers, contains AstraGin which has been shown to improve athletic performance and may also help in improving body composition.

Mass Gainer may try to work by providing energy to the body as per its ingredient profile on the website. It contains sufficient amounts of carbohydrates that could be considered an excellent source of energy and it may do so by turning glucose into energy.

Ingredients Used In Mass Gainer

Mass Gainer by Crazy Nutrition comes in two delicious flavors- Chocolate and Vanilla and they come power-packed with whole food sourced ingredients that have quicker digesting properties. The following are the ingredients present in Mass Gainer-

  • Whey Protein Blend

    Whey protein is considered to be an excellent source of high-quality protein and Mass Gainer contains a blend of whey protein isolate and whey protein concentrate.

    Because of this blend, Mass Gainer may contain all the essential amino acids and could be effective for muscle growth and maintenance if used along with strength training.

  • Carb10 (Pea Starch)

    Carb10 comes from pea starch which may aid in proper digestion.

    Pea starch is said to be a rich source of amylase, which may give it a good thickening and gelling property, and is considered to be in high nutritional benefits such as being gluten and lactose-free solution.

  • Gluten-Free Oat Flour

    Another ingredient present in Mass Gainer is oats flour.  It may help you feel full for longer and could also help you in managing bad cholesterol levels. As it’s gluten-free it may also aid in digestion.

  • Sweet Potato Flour

    Sweet potato flour is considered to be a rich source of Vitamin A, Vitamin C and carbohydrates, and other nutrients and it may have a low glycemic index that could help in blood sugar management.

  • Flaxseed Powder

    Flaxseed is a versatile ingredient that is said to be rich in thiamine, which may play a key role in energy metabolism and cell function. It is also a good source of protein, fiber, omega-3 fatty acids, and copper.

    It may also help in maintaining blood sugar levels which could make flaxseed powder a good choice to use as an ingredient in Mass Gainer.

  • Senactiv

    Senactiv has been clinically studied that could improve exercise recovery and could also enhance exercise performance. It may also promote a quicker muscle repair process after an intense exercise session.

  • DigeZyme

    Digezyme may help in reducing toxicity levels in the body which may arise due to the consumption of such foods which are said to be difficult to digest. Digezyme may as well help in maintaining digestive health.

  • Creatine Monohydrate

    Studies show that creatine monohydrate is very safe to consume and that it could be considered the safest ingredient which may aid in enhancing exercise performance.

Why Did I Choose Mass Gainer?

I am an Economics graduate and for my leisure time, I have recently joined a golf club. Within a week or so, I made 2 amazing friends who were pretty cool to hang out with.

One day we all decided to head out for lunch, post our golf session. While we had just started having our lunch, amidst our conversation, one of my friends, commenting something not very good about my physique.

It was about how my build was, about how skinny I looked. He also said how I ate but never gained an inch and called me lanky and what nowt. I felt that there was nothing to joke about when it comes to a person’s physique or appearance.

He had no idea that I was always conscious about how I looked since childhood. To make fun of something I am sentimental about, was not funny at all.

This continued for a few more weeks. now and then he used to mock me by making sly remarks regarding my physique. One day he called me rawboned and for the first time, I decided to take a stand.

Over lunch one day, he tried to do it yet again. Right when he had just started calling me out comparing me to a matchstick, I banged my hands on the lunch table and left the venue in utmost anger and sadness.

That was the day I got my golf club membership canceled so I do not get to meet that person for the play or even for lunch. I made up my mind to change how I looked and it was time for leveling up.

The first thing that I did was I got myself enrolled in the gym. I even hired a personal trainer as I wanted proper guidance. He could guide me through my transformation journey from being a slim-jim to a cock-diesel.

I was pretty darn serious about changing my physique and building up some real muscle mass.

My day 1 at the gym went fairly well as working out under the guidance of a personal trainer has its perks. I did a few upper body exercises followed up by stretching and cooldown.

I asked my trainer about how I could put on muscle mass and gain strength so he advised me that I should start taking strength training seriously and that I should also start consuming proper meals.

According to him, I should immediately involve high protein foods and high fiber foods as well.

He told me that this will not happen overnight and I should focus more on compound lifting and lesser on cardio, accompanied by a proper diet and rest days.

I followed this schedule for a month or so. Though I could feel a few changes in my strength levels, there was no evident growth of muscle mass.

Experiencing all of this, I consulted my trainer again. I asked him if he could suggest to me some other way for muscle growth as my diet and workout were on point but not optimally working in favor of my goals.

He suggested that I should try Mass Gainer, a supplement by Crazy Nutrition as it could support me in my transformation journey.

Taking his advice into consideration, I checked the supplement details on the official website, and out of two available flavors chocolate and vanilla, I ordered vanilla as I was not a fan of chocolate.

I started using Mass gainer as per the usage details given by the manufacturers on the website. Read on to find out my experience.

Experience of Using Mass Gainer

From the day I started consuming Mass Gainer, I instantly fell in love with its bomb taste. I liked the vanilla flavor, plus it never made me feel bloated after consuming it post-workout sessions.

This no bloat experience was probably because Digezyme, which according to its makers, is used as an ingredient so that it might help in digestion and may as well prevent bloating.

Another thing that I liked about Mass Gainer is that it is free from any form of fillers and its formulation is sourced with whole food sourced ingredients.

Along with its regular consumption, I incorporated compound lifts and made them a priority in the gym over cardio as I was looking for muscle gain and strength building.

I consumed wholesome meals in a calorie surplus which could help me with healthy weight gain in the form of muscles.

I made sure that I eat an adequate amount of protein that may also help me in rebuilding muscle tissues.

Also, I used to skip my breakfast on most days. But when my trainer made me realize that I was doing the wrong thing by skipping breakfast.

This is when he gave a number of articles and writes ups on healthy breakfast ideas. From the very next day, I started to be a regular at the breakfast table. This was really a surprising move for my family as well.

Having said that, my trainer structured a proper diet plan which had high-quality protein foods like chicken, eggs, salmon, cottage cheese, tofu, tempeh, lean beef, brown rice, quinoa, peanuts, etc.

He advised me to take Mass Gainer along with the structured diet and strict workout schedule and I properly followed this routine. I had to prove to myself that with proper dedication consistency and hard work, anything is possible.

Mass gainer helped me in improving my overall gymming performance and I was able to increase the weight on the barbell.

At the start of the first few weeks of its consumption, I felt energized during my workouts and even after it.

After 4 to 5 weeks, I was able to notice a decent amount of change in my strength capacity lifting weights at the gym overall helped me gain muscle size and I noticed in the mirror that my physique was finally getting better.

I can finally say that my size got increased and so were my energy levels. My shoulder and chest muscles appear bigger and fuller. I am no more the old slim jim from before I started my Mass Gainer Consumption journey.

Though I am nowhere near my ultimate transformation goal, in the future I am sure I will be if I stay consistent with my diet schedule and proper workouts.

Looking at the benefits I got from Mass Gainer, like an increase in my muscle size and strength and an increase in my energy levels with its regular consumption I am pretty sure that I will reach my desired transformation goal in near future.

Benefits Of Consuming Mass Gainer

The following are the benefits which I personally got from regular consumption of Mass Gainer:

  • An Increase In Muscle Size

    Back when my friend joked about my skinny physique I felt really bad as I was always sensitive regarding my body.

    Since I started consuming Mass Gainer, after a few weeks, it helped me put up some amount of muscle size that has shaped my body without adding on any additional weight gain in the process.

  • An Increase In Strength

    With regular consumption of Mass Gainer, I was able to experience an increase in my strength which might make me strong and this could also help me stay free from any injuries aches, and pains. It does so by increasing power by providing up to 50grams of protein.

  • May Support Better Recovery

    Mass Gainer also helped me in muscle recovery which kept my muscles flexible. It also helped me in reducing muscle soreness after a workout.

  • More Energy

    With regular Mass Gainer consumption, my energy levels have been increased which has helped me to perform better physical activities which in turn could also help in keeping my heart and lungs healthy.

How Did I Consume Mass Gainer: Its Dosage

My consumption pattern was pretty simple. My trainer asked me to consume Mass Gainer after my training sessions and sometimes he even asked me to consume it as a pre-workout meal replacement shake.

It is usually taken on a daily basis, and according to their official website, Mass Gainer can be taken before or after a workout or even between meals or might as well be consumed as a whole meal replacement shake.

Final Takeaway On Mass Gainer Review

Personally speaking, I loved Mass Gainer and how it has helped me get closer to my goals.

I am happy with my results as it has helped me with recovery after my long gym sessions and it has also supported me with my strength gains as well.

I felt no bloating or digestion issues post-consumption and for me, Mass Gainer is a maltodextrin-free supplement, which was also a plus point.

In the future, I plan on continuing my mass gainer consumption. Not to miss, I have also made a habit of sticking to a healthy food routine that consists of high protein foods along with fiber and other essential nutrients.

At the same time, I make sure that I stick to a proper exercise regime so that I get better results and I get even closer to my transformation goals.

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