Massive Male Plus: It is Legit Or A Pure Scam?

Medically reviewed by Maria Sarino, MD FACT CHECKED

This Massive Male Plus review includes a detailed case study based on my consumption cycle.

I am fond of trying different kinds of male enhancement pills. One day while I was searching for something on the internet, I found out about this pill.

Once I started reading, I came to know about it and instantly became interested in trying this for a period of few months.

Hence, this Massive Male Plus review may help you if you are looking for something similar. Having said that, let me begin with some of the basic stuff about Massive Male Plus.

massive_male_plus_reviewMassive Male Plus is a male enhancement pill that aims to increase the length of your penis massively so that you could satisfy your partner during the sexual engagement.

This male enhancement supplement is gaining popularity among people suffering from several sexual concerns such as small penis size, low stamina, loss of libido, etc.

The makers have claimed that this product comprises ingredients that have properties aiding overall male sexual health. All these ingredients might help you increase the size of your erectile chamber, thereby leading to an increase in your penis size.

This could even lead to a massive and longer erection. The manufacturers of Massive Male Plus have clearly stated that this product doesn’t aid fertility in men, however, it has various benefits that contribute to improved sexual health, an increase in the size of your penis being one of them.

Who Could Use Massive Male Plus?

These days, a number of people struggle with one of the other sexual health problems which create havoc in their relationship or marital life.

The feeling of not being able to satisfy their partners make men feel more miserable and embarrassed about themselves.

Eventually, they lose their confidence. Massive Male Plus is an effective formula and a one-stop solution for such men. If you need a boost to intensify your sex life, this product could be the best remedy to opt for.

The makers have confirmed that many users of this product have experienced a rise in the levels of energy, increase in libido, stamina, and erection size. All you are required to do is to swallow two pills every day with your meals.

The ingredients present in this product enter the system, thereby treating all the sexual problems that you have been long suffering from. Research has stated that this supplement is to be used for at least two months to show the best results.

Following are the claims of the makers about the use of this product:
• Increase in the girth of the penis
• Increased stamina
• Increased endurance
• Erections that are bigger and sustainable
• Increased staying power
• Increased production of testosterone.

How Massive Male Plus Works?

The working functionality of Massive Male Plus revolves around two of the most basic principle of enhancing overall sexual health.

The following points discuss the same.

  • Increasing The Testosterone Levels

    If you look closely at the ingredients that are involved in the manufacturing process. You will find out that most of them are naturally inclined towards increasing testosterone levels.

    As a result, you might say that one of the processes of working Massive Male Plus works towards increasing the testosterone levels in your body.

    This could lead to an overall improvement in your sexual health.

  • Enhancing The Blood Flow To Your Sexual Organs

    Another great process to improve the erection quality is to enhance the natural blood flow to your penis area. This could also make you last longer during the act.

    As a result of which, you would be able to satisfy your partner to the fullest. The increase in blood flow could really enhance the oxygen levels and hence, the cellular activities could increase.

    This whole process results in a really effective and overall improvement in sexual health.

Ingredients Used In Massive Male Plus

The company that has created and manufactured this product suggests that it is made using a combination of natural ingredients that help to make your body better and prepared for a sexual engagement.

Listed below are the popular ingredients present in this pill:

  • Saw Palmetto Berry

    This ingredient is considered the most widely used male enhancement ingredient. Saw Palmetto Berry could treat the problems such as erectile dysfunction as well as the loss of libido.

  • Tongkat Ali

    Tongkat Ali is touted as a natural aphrodisiac that aids male enhancement along with increasing libido and sexual craving in men. The use of Tongkat Ali barely leads to side-effects. It is a popular ingredient for the treatment of male sexual problems.

    At the same time, this governmental paper also approves of the fact that Tongkat Ali is just amazing for relieving stress.

    Hence, it could provide you with all important stress-free life which could ultimately improve your sexual stamina.

  • Red Ginseng

    The presence of Red Ginseng or Asian Ginseng in Massive Male Plus could help increase male stamina while engaging in sex. Red Ginseng is also believed to be regulating testosterone hormone and lowering stress levels.

    Red Ginseng could also be used to treat erectile dysfunction issues. There is a piece of suggestive evidence for the same.

    As a result, it could increase the amount of blood flow to your penis. Hence, you would be able to last long.

  • Chinese Hawthorn

    This herb increases blood flow in the penile chambers which affects your erection and makes it stronger, bigger, and more sustainable. The bigger the erection, the stronger is your performance in bed.

  • Epimedium

    This is an active component present in Horny Goat Weed. Just like the other ingredients used in this supplement, Epimedium too helps to increase the flow of blood in the penile chambers, thereby leading to a bigger and harder erection.

  • Muira Puama

    This herb helps to enhance sexual desires and sexual activity in men. The use of Muira Puama in the pill may help you regulate your stale sex life.

  • Damian

    This ingredient helps to relax the penile muscles that further accelerates the flow of blood in your private parts.

  • Gingko Biloba

    The production of nitric oxide by this ingredient helps in vasodilation or widening of blood vessels that further improves the blood flow in the penis, hence, leading an improved performance. Another ingredient, Oat Straw, too, increases the production of nitric oxide, thereby leading to a sustainable erection.

  • Tribulus Terrestris

    Another aphrodisiac present in this product is Tribulus Terrestris. This ingredient boosts the production of testosterone in the body that further leads to an increased libido.

  • Cayenne Pepper

    The use of Cayenne Pepper in the product may treat the problem of Erectile Dysfunction.

  • Catuba

    Catuba is a traditional herb that stimulates the blood flow in the penis. It may as well enhance your erection.

Apart from the above-listed ingredients, Massive Male Plus also comprises Vitamin A, Vitamin B3, Plantains, Mgongoraa, and Entego.

The makers assert that the combination of these ingredients may help you achieve an outstanding erection along with increasing the size of your penis.

Massive Male Plus Review: Revealing My Shocking Results

Initially, before ordering this male enhancement pill, I did my research and spent some time researching about the product.

As a result, I wanted to be sure that, I am ordering the right product for myself and with regular consumption, I achieve the desired result.

Hence, post researching its ingredients, working functionality, and other users’ review I ordered a six months subscription package for myself.

Frankly speaking, I was pretty excited. This was because of the inclusion of all the natural substances. At the same time, I was pretty confident that it will work for me.

Keeping all these things in my mind, I started with the consumption.

In the first couple of weeks, there were no changes. Everything was normal, no growth in erection also I was not able to last long during the sexual act.

My girlfriend also mentioned the same thing. As she was also involved in this case study. I took her each and every word really seriously.

Anyhow, I continued with regular consumption. I was hoping that I might be able to get some results. Hence, another month went by and there were no movements in terms of erection quality.

My sexual performance was also at the same levels. Since I had already consumed some great male enhancer pills in the past, I am well aware how exactly results need to be.

There were no changes. At the end of three months, four months and five months, everything remained same and at the same level.

I was really disappointed and so was my girlfriend. According to her, it was a plain simple trash pill that was only made to suck the money out of people.

As a result of which, I decided not to consume Massive Male Plus for the sixth month.

Massive Male Plus Consumption Update

When Massive Male Plus did not work for me, I was pretty surprised. This is because, when I talked to one of my friends, he gave me a pretty positive response in this regard.

This is when I told myself to bring the consumption of alcohol down. As it might be creating some sort of issues with the ingredients involved.

Hence, I made sure that I drink only once a week and check for results.

From the time, when I made the changes, the second week gave me some initial results. I was please with the same.

As I write this, I am in my fourth week of consumption post reducing the alcohol consumption and I am super happy that Massive Male Plus has started working for me and giving me great results.

Massive Male Plus Side Effects

If the claims of the company are to be believed, this product might not lead to any side-effects as the pills are composed of all the natural ingredients.

Personally speaking, I also did not face any kind of side effects when I was consuming these. However, there is always a risk when you start taking supplements and medicines regularly.

You could suffer from the following risks or side-effects after the regular use of this product:

  • Massive Male Plus could lead to allergies. The allergy may arise out of the inclusion of one or two ingredients present in the product.
  • If you start exceeding the recommended dosage of this supplement, you could suffer from several discomforts such as headaches, nausea, etc.
  • This supplement is not to be consumed if you are on medication for any health issues. Both the medication may interact with each other and lead to unwanted risks and side-effects.
  • Massive Male Plus is not to be consumed if you are suffering from heart, kidney, or liver disease.
  • You must not include this Massive Male Plus in your routine if you are under 18 years of age.

A number of users have complained of several side effects after the regular use of this supplement, allergic reactions are the most common of all.

It is therefore recommended getting in touch with your doctor first and start taking Massive Male Plus after an affirmation from him.

At the same time, if there are any visible side effects, you should stop the consumption immediately and contact the closes doctor or a physician.

Final Words On Massive Male Plus

After getting to know about my consumption story update, you might be able to understand that in the initial phase Massive Male Plus did not work.

This was due to my excessive drinking habit. As soon as I reduced my regular drinking schedule to once a week, I started noticing some amazing results in terms of better erection, long-lasting stamina, and wild orgasms.

As a result, I was finally able to satisfy my partner during the sexual act and she was more than pleased with my performance.

I was able to see in her eyes that she was a satisfied girl in bed. That is all I wanted with Massive Male Plus.

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