Meta Slim Complete Review: Is This Really A Healthy Weight Management Support?

Medically reviewed by Maria Sarino, MD FACT CHECKED

If you are looking for Meta Slim Complete review before you plan to purchase it, then your search ends here. This is because, in this writeup, I have talked about the consumption experience of a 35 years old female.

She has brought forward some crucial aspects of her consumption experience and results in this Meta Slim Complete review.

Not to miss, let me assure you that this article has been reviewed by or medical experts post which it is being published.

metal slim completeMeta Slim Complete could be regarded as a female weight loss supplement that is formed from a whisk of 12 natural and pure ingredients.

According to the official website and the manufacturers of the supplement, all these ingredients could help you shed off that stubborn weight that you might be carrying.

They have formulated this product only after conducting in-depth research regarding the ingredients. Hence the supplement might help to transform your body accordingly and bring you closer to your dream physique.

The supplement used in Metal SLim Complete have been extracted from Japanese secrets to target your root cause of weight gain. The manufacturers say that it may help you in your rapid weight loss process to make you look slim.

Besides this, Meta Slim Complete has a berry flavor that could make its consumption easier and tastier for you. You could find it in a powdered mixture consisting of different phytonutrients that may help to balance your hormone levels and fight weight gain.

According to the manufacturers, this supplement is formulated under strict safety standards and it is gluten-free GMO-free, and additives free as well.

How Does Meta Slim Complete Work?

The major root cause of the weight gain problem in females could be their female hormones. Women who are over the age of 35 years might find it difficult to lose weight.

This process is known as weight loss resistance hormonal syndrome (WLRHS). The major functioning behind the supplement is that when you age, your body may align with an increase of the estrogen hormones.

This could make it very difficult for you to slow down your metabolism and lose weight. Another important factor that prevents you from losing weight and enhances the hormonal imbalance in your body is stress.

At the same time, your weight control strategies may also have an effect on your hormonal systems.

As a result, to combat all these problems you may take something that could help to maintain the hormone levels in your body to facilitate weight loss. Weight loss could be possible if the level of estrogen in your body is reduced.

For this very reason, the manufacturers state that the Japanese doctors formulated the Meta Slim Complete product. Which consists of an exclusive blend of natural ingredients that could support your weight loss process.

Ingredients Used In Meta slim Complete

When you take up one scoop of Meta Slim complete, then it contains three proprietary blends of different robust ingredients. Let us have a look at these ingredients.

  • Chromium

    Chromium is an ingredient that might provide you with different benefits. It may help to augment the functioning of insulin in your body.

    Insulin is a hormone that might regulate the metabolism and storage of protein, fat, and carbohydrates in your body. So any supplement that contains chromium could help to enhance the sensitivity of insulin in your body.

    It may even truncate the fat percentage while increasing the lean body mass in your body.

  • Camellia Sinensis Extract

    Loaded with a number of antioxidants and nutrients, Camellia Sinensis Extract is used in traditional Indian and Chinese medicine for many centuries. The extract consists of catechins that might help to combat various ailments. It could deal with weight issues, metabolism problems, and heart health risk factors.

  • Garcinia Cambogia Rind Extract

    The major purpose of including Garcinia Cambogia ingredient in Meta Slim Complete is because it consists of Hydroxycitric acid. This acid could support your appetite suppression and weight loss process. It also has certain anti-diabetic properties that could help to deal with-

    Increasing insulin sensitivity.
    Truncated levels of leptin and insulin.
    Improving blood sugar levels.
    Reducing inflammation.

  • Momordica Charantia

    This ingredient is also referred to as bitter melon. The extract has different antidiabetic and hypoglycaemic effects. So it could lower the blood sugar levels in your body and even treat the patients suffering from type 2 diabetes.

  • Green Coffee Bean Extract

    Green coffee bean extract has a group of antioxidant compounds known as chlorogenic acids.

    According to different scientists, these compounds might have a number of positive health effects. Besides this, these compounds also have several anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that could help to regulate the insulin and glucose levels in your body.

  • Gymnema Sylvestre Extract

    Also known as ‘gurmar’, the meaning of this ingredient in Hindi is the destroyer of sugar. It could truncate your cravings for sugary foods and deal with your blood sugar levels. The ingredient also has several antidiabetic properties.

  • DIM (diindolylmethane)

    DIM is a compound that could be found in different vegetables like cauliflower, broccoli, and cabbage. This ingredient has anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties. Due to these properties, it may help to regulate the estrogen levels in your body by preventing its drastic swings.

  • Alpha-lipoic acid

    Alpha-lipoic acid is an antioxidant that is naturally produced in the body. It could normalize your blood pressure levels.

  • Allium Sativum

    Allium Sativum could augment the production of nitric oxide in your body. This increase in the production of nitric oxide may dilute your blood vessels, thus reducing the blood pressure.

  • Inulin

    Inulin is yet another prebiotic fiber that may truncate the level of cholesterol and triglycerides in your body.

  • Cinnamon Bark 20:1 Extract

    This ingredient is a natural extract that could reduce the levels of triglycerides, LDL cholesterol, and total cholesterol in your body. At the same time, it may maintain the level of HDL cholesterol.

  • Sunfiber

    This ingredient could help to deal with a plethora of problems like insulin, blood sugar levels, and excess fat. It may even assist you in improving your metabolic health and digestive function.

    Sunfiber consists of Prebiotic fiber. Thus, these are the different ingredients that are blended into Meta Slim completely.

Why Did I Choose Meta Slim Complete?

I had always been very conscious about my weight. My weight gain issue started to stress me when I crossed the age of 35. This is when I saw how I was gaining weight quite quickly.

Then I started talking about this issue with my gym friends and colleagues. One of my gym friends told me that the weight gain could be because of the imbalance in the hormone levels due to my rising age. This is when she suggested Meta Slim Complete.

According to her, she saw an advertisement on the internet that Meta Slim Complete could improve the hormone levels and at the same time act as a weight management system.

I also visited the official website of Meta Slim Complete and read a little about this supplement. Post which, I decided that I will be purchasing this product.

This was because I told myself that even if a few things mentioned on the official website came to be true it might be a good supplement for me. As a result, I ordered it.

Meta Slim Complete: My Consumption Results

Once my product came, I started consuming it according to the guidelines given by the manufacturer.

Due to this, I had even focused on altering my diet and workout schedule. However, after consuming the supplement for two weeks, I did not notice any results.

Instead, I was eating a healthy diet frequently, I saw a slight increase in my weight at this point. But then I decided that I should give a few more weeks for the supplement to show results on my body.

However, presently it has been more than two months since I had been consuming this product. It did not help me regarding my weight loss process in any way.

On the other hand, according to the manufacturers, the supplement consists of different ingredients that could even regulate your blood sugar levels and truncate your cravings for sugary foods.

However, I could not see any such positive results in myself. As a result, as I write this, I have decided to completely stop the consumption of Meta Slim Complete.

Meta Slim Complete: Side Effects That I Faced

While I consumed the supplement, I could see many disadvantages or side effects. Here are some of them-

  • First of all, I could not see any reduction in my weight even though I consumed this supplement according to the manufacturers’ guidelines and directions for more than a month.
  • Instead, due to a change in my diet, I could sometimes see a frequent increase in my weight even after consuming the supplement.
  • This supplement did not prove to be effective in terms of other benefits as said by the manufacturer. Hence it did not help to regulate the blood sugar levels in my body or even truncate my sugary cravings.
  • Sometimes, I also faced severe headaches and I had to go for medication in order to concentrate on my work.

My Dosage Schedule With Meta Slim Complete

When I purchased the Meta Slim complete supplement, I was advised by the manufacturer regarding its consumption.

According to the instructions given by the manufacturer, l used to consume this supplement with water. The supplement is in the form of powder.

Hence, I used to mix one scoop of powder of the supplement with eight ounces of water. One scoop consists of seven grams of the supplement. I used to mix one scoop with water and make a drink out of it for daily consumption.

Meta Slim Complete Alternative

Since I was quite frustrated by the results of Meta Slim Complete, I started researching another supplement that could help in my weight loss process.

Just a few days ago, one of my cousins told me about Leanbean. She had used this supplement and had seen remarkable results.

According to her, Leanbean is a weight loss supplement that helped her with the metabolic system of her body and thus, burns fat.

She mentioned that it has been one of the best appetite suppressants for her. As a result, she was able to keep her additional cravings aside.

Which ultimately has resulted in her proper weight management.

As a result, by seeing her weight management avhievement, I was pretty impressed. Hence, ordered it for me. Took some healthy eating advice from her along with some basic exercising tips.

It has been a week and I have started feeling a lighter already. Also, I guess exercising every day has been helping me for the past 1 week.

I plan to continue all the three parameters of supplementation of Leanbean, healthy eating, and exercising daily. By doing so, I am pretty positive that I would be able to lose a decent amount of weight.

Final Words On Meta Slim Complete Review

In totality, Meta Slim Complete has been a wastage of money and effort for me. I was quite excited to try out this supplement and hence followed all the guidelines given by the manufacturer.

Since I was so disciplined about the consumption of the product, I expected to see some remarkable results in terms of my weight loss process. However, all this was a myth for me.

Surprisingly, when I repeated the same things with Leanbean, I am able to see some decent results.

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