Modere Trim Review: Is It Really A Scam or Does It Work?

Medically reviewed by Maria Sarino, MD FACT CHECKED

This Modere Trim review could be of help to you if you are thinking of trying this weight management product.

You might want to note that, my sister-in-law used this one, and hence, this Modere Trim review is an account of her usage experience and results.

Also, I have tried to cover some of the basic product details about Modere Trim. This might help you to understand the product and what exactly it is and what does it contain.

Not to miss, this Modere Trim review should not be taken as medical advice or an alternate to any medicine.

Modere trimAs per the manufacturers, Modere Trim could be a weight support supplement that may help you achieve a trimmed and toned body.

They claim that the formula might work by reducing and cutting down the unwanted fat levels and may as well tone your muscles; hence it could make your body feel fit, healthy, and sculpted.

As per the official website, what makes this supplement popular throughout the fitness world is that it could be a one-of-a-kind product that tries to make use of two popular technologies, namely, Collagen/HA Matrix and Conjugated Linoleic Acid so that it may improve the body’s metabolism and may as well reduce unwanted fat from the body.

The makers also suggest that using ingredients in this supplement may be helpful to make your skin more radiant and youthful.

As per the makers, they have designed this supplement so that it can boost fat metabolism in the body and could turn your body into a fat-burning machine.

In addition, the two formulas used to make this supplement might also burn unwanted fat from the body at a comparatively faster pace.

The best thing about this supplement is that the fat-burning process is not artificial. According to the manufacturers, Modere Trim makes use of all-natural formulas and ingredients so that it can increase metabolism in the body.

They further suggest that this supplement may also block and slow down fat storage. Hence, the food you eat may turn into fuel and may not even store itself in your body, which may help to manage your weight properly.

The makers of this supplement further suggest that Modere Trim may as well tone all the saggy muscles of your body, thereby making them tighter.

Apart from this, the supplement could also be effective for your skin. The infusion of collagen in this supplement may tighten your skin to a great extent.

Features Of Modere Trim

The manufacturers claim that this supplement may help you with the following:

  • May accelerate fat reduction and inhibits fat storage

    If the claims of the makers are to be believed, both the formulas in Modere Trim may accelerate the reduction of fat in your body. According to them, this supplement doesn’t let the fat get stored in the body and uses it as fuel instead. As the fat gets transformed into fuel, it may help you tone your muscles, especially when you pair up the consumption of this supplement with an exercise routine.

  • Could promote youthful-looking skin and flexible joints

    Modere Trim includes collagen as one of its ingredients. Various studies and reports have laid down the advantages of collagen for youthful and radiant skin. Collagen could help to tighten the skin and hence, the consumption of this supplement may help you retain your skin’s tightness and radiance. Alongside this, the supplement may as well increase the flexibility of the joints.

  • Zero Sugar

    This supplement doesn’t contain sugar. It is available in a variety of flavors. Mango is the most preferred flavor of Modere Trim that may provide the supplement a good taste, hence, suitable for all.

  • Formulated with scientifically studied CLA and Multi-patented, award-winning collagen/HA matrix technology:

    What makes this supplement different from the others present in the market is that it is a combination of two technologies, Collagen/HA Matrix. There are high chances that no other supplement in the market has used this formula to burn fat and to restore muscle growth. The technology that this supplement uses may be termed as the USP of Modere Trim.

Modere Trim - Supplement Facts

This supplement is a combination of two different formulae that work naturally to cut down the fat levels from the body, thereby making it look fitter and toner.

Here is an insight on the composition of Modere Trim:

  • Conjugated Linoleic Acid

    Many studies and research have been carried out on the use of this formula/ingredient. Some of them have claimed that this ingredient may reduce the amount of fat from your body.

    If paired with a regular workout routine, you may end up burning a great amount of fat after the consumption of Modere Trim. Having said that, more research and studies are required to be carried out to support the claim made by these studies.

  • Liquid Biocell

    The brand has exclusively created this ingredient and then infused it into the supplement. Liquid Biocell is made using Chicken Sternal Cartilage extract. According to the manufacturers, this ingredient is highly beneficial for your overall body.

    Apart from making your joints stronger and improving your muscle tone, this ingredient may as well be beneficial for your stamina, physical performance, as well as skin.

    Other ingredients present in this supplement include vegetable glycerine, purified water, citric acid, natural flavors, xanthan gum, malic acid, fruit and vegetable juice, potassium sorbate, sunflower seed oil, rebaudioside A, and mixed tocopherols.

Modere Trim - My Sister-In-Law's Usage Experience

My sister-in-law was really anxious as she was not able to lose weight even after 2 years of her pregnancy. As a result, she was searching and researching various supplements.

Although, I could have suggested to her something I did not know anyone that had any expertise in post-pregnancy weight loss.

Hence, I was also a newbie in this field. This is when one of her friends suggested to my sister-in-law that she should try Modere Trim.

As a result of which, she asked me that if I could look into the supplement and see if it was okay for her to consume it.

After a few days of research and reading various Modere Trim reviews on the internet, I felt that this was okay to be consumed and there were no major side effects.

Hence, she started with consumption. I actually forgot about this one and continued with my life. But suddenly after 3 months one day, my sister-in-law mentioned Modere.

As a result, I enquired about the results and if she stopped taking the dosage? To which she replied in a bit sarcastic manner, that she has been taking the dosage regularly and there was no effect at all.

I was literally shocked to hear all these things. I requested her to stop the consumption immediately. And let me take a look and analyze what could be done now.

She still wanted to lose weight but was not able to do so because Modere Trim wasted her time and money and there was no weight loss.

I also felt a little guilty that I gave a thumbs up to this supplement but alas, it did not work at all for her. Hence, I decided I need to seriously do something about this situation.

Probable Side Effects With Modere Trim

Keeping all the claims and features of this supplement aside, it may lead to some side effects. The side effects of Modere Trim may vary from person to person.

Listed below are the common side-effects that you may experience after the consumption of this supplement:

  • Modere Trim includes CLA that comes with several potential side effects. You may refer to this study where its effectiveness is determined for a weight loss journey. Not to miss, here are some of the pros and cons of CLA.
  • Some users have complained about constant fatigue and jitters after the consumption of this supplement.
  • Too much consumption of Modere Trim may as well lead to the side-effects such as nausea and stomach upset.
  • The supplement starts showing its effectiveness only when it is paired up with a workout. Hence, if you are not a regular gym-goer, you may not find this supplement effective.
  • Some users have suggested an increased risk of bleeding after the consumption of this supplement.
  • The makers strictly suggest not to overdose its usage as it may lead to severe side effects and trigger allergies and other reactions.
  • As this supplement includes Chicken Sternal Cartilage extract as one of its ingredients, vegans and vegetarians cannot consume it.
  • The makers have bragged about the many advantages of using this supplement. However, more studies and research are required to be carried out to prove its marketed benefits.
  • A number of users have claimed that this supplement isn’t the most powerful or efficient product available in the market. Hence, they had to switch to other substitutes of this supplement that are more effective and affordable than Modere Trim.

Modere Trim Alternatives

I discussed this whole scenario with my gym mates and people with little knowledge about diet and supplementation.

Most suggested standard supplements for fat loss and a regular gym routine. But, again, this is because now it was around two and a half years post-pregnancy.

As a result, I suggested PhenQ to her. Over and above that, I ordered the supplement from the official website of PhenQ and gave it to her.

I made sure that I told her about the gym routine and 10 minutes workouts as well. After a month of this dosage, I followed up with her. Again, she was highly pumped up with the results.

She mentioned that she had already lost a few pounds and thanked me for all the help. She also told me that she plans to continue this routine and will try to lose weight.

Personally speaking, I felt delighted as I was able to help her in losing some weight.

Recently I met her at a wedding party. She looked stunning and was also sounding really confident as she had lost most of the weight that she had put on. When I was chatting with her, I came to know that she also started consuming PhenQ PM so that she is also able to lose weight during her night time.

Alternatives To Modere Trim
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