Morning Complete Review: Is It Just Another Hyped Product?

Medically reviewed by Maria Sarino, MD FACT CHECKED

When going through this Morning Complete review, you will learn about one of my friend’s maternal uncle’s experiences using this daily wellness drink manufactured by ActivatedYou.

At the same time, I am mentioning other things I found out on the official website about this daily wellness drink in simpler words so that even a person with a basic understanding of the English language can understand properly about Morning Complete.

Morning Complete ReviewMorning Complete is manufactured by ActivatedYou, which claims to be a unique wellness support blend designed to support regular digestive function.

According to the manufacturers, regular usage of Morning Complete could ensure daily energy levels are maintained throughout the day.

They declare that Morning Complete contains prebiotics and probiotics, which could help restore gut health when taken regularly.

The makers claim that it comprises five different nutrient blends that could boost metabolism and help reduce stress.

The makers also establish that regular consumption of Morning Complete could promote healthy blood sugar levels already within the normal range and good liver and cellular activity.

According to the official website, Morning Complete is an easy-dissolve formula that could help keep up with busy days without any energy crashes.

How Does Morning Complete Work?

Morning Complete tries to optimize nutrient intake through its green superfood blend with spinach and kale, which could boost overall wellness.

As per the official website, Morning Complete contains turmeric and bitter melon extract, which could help boost metabolism and thereby might aid in maintaining body weight.

The makers claim that Morning Complete is formulated so that it could also help improve liver health by lowering lipid absorption through Gymnema Sylvestre leaf extract.

According to the official website, this product promotes a healthy morning routine by stimulating energy levels naturally with the help of ingredients included in the manufacturing process.

Ingredients Present In Morning Complete

The following natural elements are considered by the Morning Complete makers-

  • Prebiotic And High Fiber

    According to the manufacturer, if someone is aiming for a high-fiber diet, then also Morning Complete may help them. They also claim that prebiotics are the fiber that could help in providing good bacteria to the intestine. In Morning Complete, it comprises organic tapioca fiber and cinnamon bark, around 4.05 grams of prebiotic fiber.

    Cinnamon bark and organic tapioca fiber could work together in improving bacteria quality and good bacteria growth.

  • Green Superfoods Blend

    Around 735mg of green superfood blend is considered by the makers in the Morning Complete mix.  The extracts added are spinach, broccoli, kale, alfalfa leaf, mulberry, berberine HCl and barley grass.

    Barley grass could help in controlling blood sugar levels and might also help in managing insulin resistance.

    Berberine HCl on the other hand could help in lowering cholesterol levels and might as well help in killing bad bacteria.

  • Metabolic Enhancing Blend

    The metabolic-enhancing blend in Morning Complete includes green tea leaf extract, ginger root, white tea leaf extract, turmeric root extract, bitter melon fruit extract, and black pepper.

    Green tea has polyphenols and is also included in Morning Complete which could aid in weight loss, whereas turmeric might serve as an anti-inflammatory.

  • Antioxidant Blend

    100 mg of the antioxidant blend includes Lycium berries, pomegranate fruit extract, and polygonum cuspidatum root extract in every serving.

    The pomegranate root extract has several benefits, including an antioxidant effect, which could help improve overall health in the long run. Antioxidants in Morning Blend could help in delaying cell damage and could also help in lowering oxidative stress.

  • Sugar Balancing Support

    100mg of sugar-balancing support is considered that contains fennel seed, pine bark extract, and Gymnema Sylvestre leaf extract.

    According to a study, Gymnema Sylvestre could aid in lowering blood sugar levels and may also help in supporting the health of the pancreas.

  • Cellular Function And Liver Support

    Morning Complete contains milk thistle seed extract and aloe vera leaf. As per a study, milk thistle could support diabetes as it might help in regulating blood sugar levels.

  • Probiotic Blend

    10 Billion CFU whereas nine varieties are added by the makers in the Morning Complete blend. These nine varieties include-

    • B.Coagulans
    • L.gasseri
    • L.plantarum
    • L.rhamnosus
    • B.bifidum
    • B. longum
    • L.acidophillus
    • L.casei
    • S.thermophilus

    The probiotic blend could help improve the digestion in the body and bacteria like B-fidium could support gut health by reducing IBS symptoms and inflammation and constipation pain.

Other Ingredients: Natural Flavors, Guar Gum, Citric Acid, Rice Hull Concentrate, and Monk Fruit Extract.

Why Choose Morning Complete?

My maternal uncle is a 45-year-old that resides in Austin with his calm family of five. He has been moving around quite a bit over the past ten years, so life has been like a roller coaster ride.

Let me share a fact from his youth, he was always blessed with excellent health and genetics, and people used to admire his sculpted physique.

He used to be excellent in everything, including academics and sports. He said he wouldn’t mind being referred to as the favorite person of their sports teacher.

Since he switched from doing fieldwork to working at a desk, everything turned out to be static, and the routine work felt highly hectic.

He got into the habit of overindulging in fast food, and his weekends consisted of getting wasted at various bars while chowing down on fatty cuisine.

Moreover, he used to schedule his weekends based on how he felt and developed terrible eating habits. He also neglected his physical health, which worsened the situation.

He told me he remembers waking up one morning feeling incredibly gassy and constipated. He didn’t know what to do because it had never happened before, but he said he brushed it off because he thought it would pass soon.

After a few days, the same thing happened again, and even after eating breakfast, he felt buzzing and exhausted all day.

Even though it was unfamiliar to him, he began to worry about it as the issue prolonged for a few more days, and he began to fear that he wouldn’t be able to work or eat his favorite foods.

Everyone was at a family event, enjoying themselves, but he was still in pain and queasy from all the bloating and constipation.

His cousin-in-law seemed to notice it and asked him if he was doing alright healthwise, and they had a pleasant little conversation where he shared his issue with him.

He conveyed everything to him and told him that his problem was expected and he used to experience a similar issue in the past but not anymore.

My uncle asked how he reduced it when he told him about Morning Complete. He expressed how it worked for him in relieving constipation and bloating, which made him feel lighter and more active.

My uncle instantly got curious and asked for more details about it, but his cousin-in-law was too drunk to give in any more insights.

But my uncle told me he shared the official link with him so he could look for more information and know more about Morning Complete.

While reading more about it on the official website,  he discovered that it was a natural product with an army of good bacteria and nutrients that would naturally heal health.

Consequently, my uncle felt he should try it, and if it didn’t work for him, he would stop consuming it altogether. Therefore, he ordered Morning Complete from their official website.

Experience With Morning Complete 

When he ordered Morning Complete from the official website, he felt at ease, knowing that the order would be simple to make, arrive fast, and guarantee the product’s legitimacy and quality.

My uncle also studied the directions and dosage information as soon as he received the product since he was eager to use it.

He said that he didn’t see any change in the early going, but on the third day after starting the dosage, he shared that his bowel movements slightly shifted. He felt better and lighter after it.

In addition, he decided to meet his old friend, who was also a dietitian. My uncle’s dietitian friend recommended several things regarding his daily life routine and eating habits.

My uncle’s dietitian friend strictly warned him and ordered him to stop eating fast food. He also told my uncle to start including low-calorie, high-protein meals in his daily diet.

He was also determined to get his health back to where it was when he was younger, so he started meeting his old love, soccer. My uncle ignited his old passion for soccer and started going to games every weekend to keep his body active.

Getting active took some time because my uncle messed it up terribly. Still, over time, along with taking Morning Complete, he slowly transformed and adapted to a healthier and more active lifestyle for himself.

He gradually got rid of his digestive problems and began feeling better daily. He shared that nowadays, he has a decent amount of energy when he wakes up, and his lethargy has disappeared.

His everyday chores no longer felt like a burden for him, and they no longer caused him to feel as worn out and drained as they formerly did.

My uncle also started using the facilities provided to him by his society. As a result, he started swimming as well.

Swimming lessons were typically in the mornings, leaving him ample time and energy to comfortably work and deliver presentations at the office.

My uncle regained his sense of wellness and managed his weight, which had risen due to his desk work and terrible eating habits, by taking Morning Complete regularly.

He has been using it for over a month now and says he couldn’t be happier. Finally, his body was able to eliminate bloating and constipation without experiencing any adverse side effects.

My uncle also mentioned that he considered weight management a bonus, so he decided to keep consuming it in the future, along with maintaining his diet, nutrition, and active lifestyle.

Morning Complete Dosage: How To Consume

According to the official website, one could consume Morning Complete in a single scoop along with water, or it could also be taken with iced green tea.

My uncle followed the advised dosage method in the same way as laid down by the makers. Most days, he would consume it with water, but he stated that he also tried it with green tea as well.

Benefits Of Morning Complete

The following were the benefits that he personally experienced with regular consumption of Morning Complete along with a healthier diet and lifestyle-

  • Improves Gut Health

    One of the best benefits he experienced with regular consumption of Morning Complete was that the constipation issue that he developed was resolved with time. He used to have healthier bowel movements ever since he started having this product.

  • Reduces Stress

    Another benefit he had from regular consumption of Morning Complete was that it was quite supportive in managing his stress levels which were due to his work commitments and change of places.

  • It Helps In Weight Management

    Morning Complete has been quite helpful for my uncle in getting back on track to a healthier life as earlier he was constantly indulging in high-calorie food and drinking.

    But, now he can see a difference in his overall health as he is able to gain a smaller stomach size and he hardly feels bloated at all which has also reflected in his waist size.

  • Improves Energy Levels

    One of his personal favorite benefits that he shares is that he attained with regular consumption of Morning Complete that he was able to gain his energy levels back and he goes on to state that it feels like he is a teenager again with that jolting energy throughout the day.

Final Words On Morning Complete

I’ll conclude by saying that my uncle was grateful to my cousin-in-law for introducing him to Morning Complete because it improved his life and helped him with his digestive troubles.

In addition to assisting with that, it encouraged his altered lifestyle. As a result, he opted to undertake adventure sports and always felt active, vibrant, and lighter.

He says he could work all day long without any problems and still have the energy to spend the evening with his family.

He was glad that he started using this product, and after seeing the significant effects, my uncle decided to keep it in my routine.

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