Nerve Renew Review: Is This Really A Potent Neuropathic Solution?

Medically reviewed by Maria Sarino, MD FACT CHECKED

This Nerve Renew review contains a real-life usage experience of my aunt in law. She was suffering from nerve issues in her legs and shoulders.

Hence, she was recommended these capsules by my schoolmate who is a medical practitioner. As a result, my aunt started consuming these.

Having said that, if you are someone who is suffering from nerve issues or is thinking to start the consumption of these capsules, then this Nerve Renew review is just for you.

You might want to read this article till the very end. This might help you in deciding for yourself. Also, I have tried adding some of the basic details about this supplement as well.

nerve_renewNerve Renew is a product manufactured by LifeRenew. This supplement claims to reduce the nerve pain caused in the body, thereby providing you relief and reducing the symptoms of nerve damage.

Neuropathy or nerve damage happens to be a common side-effect of diabetes and many people fall prey to the same.

Neuropathy often leads to other kinds of discomfort such as lack of sensations, burning sensations, tingling, pins, and needles, etc.

Nerve Renew is an all-natural supplement that may help you reduce the pain and discomfort caused in the nerves, thereby relieving you from the excruciating pain so suffered.

The makers of this product also claim that it helps to improve the common neuropathic symptoms, hence, allowing all the individuals to lead a normal life.

This product is the result of a combination of all the natural ingredients which work on the body without causing any negative effects or complications.

The makers of this supplement have suggested that New Renew could improve the coordination of nerves in the body to give you a better balance.

The product could also help to reduce the numbness that you experience in your hands and feet. This neuropathy supplement works by improving the function and overall health of the nerve endings.

Nerve Renew includes various vitamin supplements that together work by permitting for the ingredient to enter into your cell membrane properly and effectively.

The supplement then provides all the important nutrients to the cells, thereby retaining their ability to function properly.

All the pain signals so experienced may be reduced upon the regular usage of this product. Nerve Renew is touted as an effective supplement for all patients suffering from neuropathy.

How Nerve Renew Works?

When it comes to understanding the working process of Nerve Renew, it does not require the brains of a genius to do so.

The manufacturers have added Vitamin B1 which is in the form of benfotiamine. This is one of the kinds of substances that is directly absorbed by your body’s cells.

This absorption of vitamin B1 becomes really important. As per the manufacturer, other forms of vitamin B1 supplements do not work as per the requirement.

As other forms are passed through to your urine but the same is not the case with benfotiamine. The importance of benfotiamine could also be recognized by a number of different governmental studies as well.


The manufacturers did not stop at this. They also added methylcobalamine in order to increase the efficiency of Nerve Renew.

This is also a type of better absorbing vitamin B1. It helps in nerve regeneration.

The third most important ingredient in this formula is R-Alpha Lipoic Acid. This aids in enhancing the antioxidant properties of Nerve Renew.

Hence, it could be concluded that the main hero in this formula are the ingredients that the manufacturers have chosen to include in the manufacturing process.

Nerve Renew

The makers have confirmed the use of all-natural products in this supplement. According to them, Nerve Renew has been manufactured using a combination of B Vitamins.

Vitamin B is one of the most important nutrients that address the problem of peripheral neuropathy and treats it successfully along with reducing the constant pain.

Higher doses of Vitamin B are very effective in the reduction of pain to a great extent. Listed below are the ingredients present in this supplement:

  • Vitamin B1 (Benfotiamine)

    Vitamin B1 helps to regenerate damaged nerves and improve the overall health of the nerves. This nutrient also helps to decrease the risk of complications associated with diabetes and makes sure that oxidative stress does not have a negative impact on the nerves.

    According to this governmental paper, Vitamin B1 is also essential for proper functioning of nerve cells.

  • Vitamin B12 (Methylcobalamin)

    This is an important nutrient that helps to regenerate nerves, including motor nerves in the body.

  • Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin)

    Vitamin B2 helps to slow down the growth of nerve damage. This vitamin also helps to regenerate the damaged nerves in the body.

  • Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine HCI)

    This important nutrient reverses the process of nerve damage in the body. It also helps in enhancing vascular supply functions and regulates amino acid levels in the body. The entire process then aids in the regeneration of the nerves.

  • Vitamin D (Cholecalciferol)

    The role of Vitamin D in the body is to encourage the circulation of the blood. This nutrient is also responsible for maintaining and monitoring the function of the nervous system in the body. Furthermore, Vitamin D also helps in the vascular repair and alleviation of nerve pain.

  • Stabilized R-Alpha Lipoic Acid

    This acid prevents the damage caused to the nerve, thanks to its composition of antioxidants. Stabilized R-Alpha Lipoic Acid also aids blood circulation and nerve conduction.
    Nerve Renew also includes a combination of herbal ingredients that work positively on your body, in one way or the other.

  • Feverfew Extract

    This herb is touted as an effective remedy for relieving pain. It also helps to reduce inflammation caused in the body. Feverfew extract in this supplement may help you treat your problem of chronic nerve pain.

  • Oat Straw Extract

    This herb comprises a Vitamin B complex that helps in relieving the pain and increasing the immunity of the body. Such property of oat straw extract may be helpful in addressing the pain associated with neuropathy. According to some studies, oat straw extract may as well reduce the feeling of anxiety in the body.

  • Passion Flower Extract

    This herb comes with several anti-depressant and anti-anxiety benefits. It helps to increase the levels of GABA in the brain, hence, providing a calming and soothing effect to the mind as well as the nervous system.

  • Skullcap Extract

    The extracts of this herb help to calm the overactive nervous system which is done by increasing the flow of blood to the brain. Skullcap extracts may as well have anti-inflammatory benefits.

Nerve Renew Review - Real Life Experience

My aunt-in-law started with the consumption with all the hope and a positive mind. She was suffering from nerve issues at shoulder points and legs.

Hence, it became really difficult for her to walk properly. But according to her, Nerve Renew was a ray of hope for her. She already tried a couple of medicines that did not work for her.

A number of doctors gave her few medication courses, and she completed a few of them, but nothing worked for her.

The first week went by and nothing really changed for her. Except, now she got a warm feeling on her shoulders but the nerve issue was still the same for her.

According to her, in the second week, she was able to walk a little easier. As her foot now felt like a normal foot.

Her nerves were more relaxed than ever. Frankly speaking, when she told me all these things, I instantly became really happy and thanked my medical practitioner friend.

But really soon, everything went back to the way it was prior to the starting of the medication process. From the starting point of the third week, the warmth in the shoulders and the easiness in her foot went away.

She complained to me that she came back to the same condition from where she started. This made me disappointed.

Although she continued with the consumption of Nerve Renew for another 4 weeks there were no visible changes.

Hence, she decided to give the consumption a break.

Nerve Renew Usage Update

After initial positive results, she was not able to feel any benefits. Hence, I decided that I need to talk to my friend who recommended nerve renew.

My friend mentioned that my aunt needs to couple the consumption Nerve Renew with a little bit of exercise.

As a result, my aunt started with an hour of evening walk and some basic shoulder movement exercises. This is when she again started the consumption of Nerve Renew.

As I write this update, it has been 3-4 weeks since she started with the basic exercise and Nerve Renew consumption, my aunt has reported positive benefits.

According to her, the issues she faced with the shoulders and legs have started to decline. Hence, she is pretty happy now.


Probable Side Effects With Nerve Renew

Although, the consumption of Nerve Renew did not have any side effects on my aunt. Here are some of the probable side effects that you might notice.

A number of users on the internet users have already complained about the different side-effects after the regular consumption of this supplement.

I have curated some of them. The List below contains some of the common complaints associated with the use of Nerve Renew:

  • The use of this supplement could lead to gastric problems and loose bowel movements. This may happen because of the presence of B6 in the product. Many users have complained about gastric problems after the consumption of this supplement in high dosage.
  • The regular use of this supplement may lead to dizziness and loss of coordination in the body.
  • In many cases, Nerve Renew might not lead to long-term results. Hence, it need not be taken as a permanent solution to your problem of neuropathy. It may show you the results for some days, however, after a while, the product stops working.
  • A number of people exclaim that the product does not reduce numbness caused in the legs and feet. On the contrary, many users have experienced increased numbness in their bodies after the consumption of Nerve Renew.
  • This product may prove to be working for some people, while others may not experience any improvement in their bodies at all.

Is Nerve Renew Safe?

From the day my aunt-in-law started with the consumption and to this day, she did not face any side effects.

Although after a couple of weeks Nerve Renew, never really comforted her. This is when she started with a few basic exercises.

Post this, she was able to again notice some benefits. Her issues with the legal and shoulders started diminishing. As a result, I can say on behalf of my aunt that, for her Nerve renew was really safe product.

Having said that, you should definitely consult your physician before starting the consumption of Nerve Renew.


Final Words On Nerve Renew

My aunt was facing nerve issues for a very long time. She was not able to recall the time when she first started facing issues.

Post recommendation from my medical friend, my aunt started with the consumption. This is when my aunt saw some positive benefits.

She added a few physical exercises as well with the consumption of Nerve Renew, as a result, her issues with her legs and shoulder started diminishing.

According to her, she has been feeling the same as old times with no issues in her legs and she can walk freely and there is absolutely no nerve pain in her shoulders as well.

Nerve Renew really benefited my aunt.

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