Nugenix Review : Is It Really Worth Your Time & Money ?

Medically reviewed by Maria Sarino, MD FACT CHECKED

This Nugenix review will talk about my consumption story of this free testosterone booster.

Being a fitness enthusiast, I like to experiment with my supplements. Hence, I always make sure that I try a number of supplements and review them.

In this way, I am able to help you in making right choices and not try junk supplements. This is so because, of late, there has been an acute increase in the number if junk supplements.

Also, I have personally seen people consuming junk piercing needles and going through all sorts of pains to in order to get the physique of their dreams.

In totality, if you are looking for an authentic testosterone booster, then you should definitely read this Nugenix review till the very end.

As I have tried to give out every small little details about this free testosterone booster.

Having said that, let me start with some of the basic first.

nuhenix_bottelNugenix is a free testosterone booster that could help you in boosting testosterone levels in your body.

According to the manufacturer, they have used pretty effective and exclusive 8 key ingredients that are clinically proven in increasing the testosterone levels.

The researchers performed hundreds of tests in order to finalize the complete formula. Hence, you may find that this testosterone booster is pretty effective in its core functionality.

Over and above that, this free testosterone booster is manufactured by Adaptive Health. They have a great reputation of manufacturing some quality products.

As a result, you could rate this product easily amongst the top quality products.

How Nugenix Works?

Before I deep dive into explaining the core functionality of working of Nugenix, you would need to understand, what is SHBG.

SHBG is a hormone that binds itself to testosterone. Hence, the level of testosterone is decreased within the body.

Which ultimately creates a scarcity of free testosterone present inside your body. Hence, the Nugenix manufacturers created a substance which binds itself to SHBG.

As a result, SHBG will not be able to bind itself with free testosterone present in your body. Ultimately, your body will have increased quantity of testosterone present to work with.

Your body would be able to use it for various bodily functions and other day-to-day activities.

Ultimately the free testosterone level inside the body will improve in your body.

Ingredients In Nugenix

nugenix ingredients

  • Vitamin B6
    This is one of the essential vitamins that turn the food that you consume into an energy.

    For this very reason, if your metabolism is not good, in that case a number of nutritionists recommend you to increase your vitamin B6 intake.

  • Vitamin B-12
    Another great vitamin to have in your diet. As this one promotes a healthy cell generations along with DNA and RNA generation.

    Hence, once you have adequate amount of vitamin B-12 in your body, you will feel energized. Also, it is recommended for anemia patients.

    You should also increase your Vitamin B-12 intake if you feel tired and worn out all the time.


  • Zinc
    This is one of the most amazing nutrient that I love. Personally speaking, I make sure that I am consuming zinc added fruits and vegetables  on daily basis.

    This is because, it is one of those elements that enhance the metabolic state of your body.

    Also, it makes sure that the level of testosterone is maintained in your body. But you need to make sure that you are not only dependent on Zinc for maintaining your testosterone levels.

  • Nugenix Free Testosterone Complex
    This is a patent complex that is only used in the manufacturing process of Nugenix.

    Hence, the specification of this substance is not known.

    At the same time, the manufacturers have made sure that they let the consumers know that they are using L-Citruline Malate, Testofen, Fenugreek seed extract in this exclusive substance.

My Consumption Story Of Nugenix

With Nugenix as well I ordered a complete 6 months of subscription. So that I could be a regular consumer and hence, would be able to evaluate its effects over a longer period of time.

With all the enthusiasm, I started with the consumption of this free testosterone booster. I am pretty regular with my gym schedule.

Hence, I wanted to maintain the same rhythm with this one as well. From the initial days of my gym schedule, I have been pretty consistent with my diet schedule.

I do not consume junk on a regular basis, occasional cheat days are exceptions. In totality, I do not mess around with my food habits.

As far as the Nugenix consumption goes, my first couple weeks were pretty ordinary. I did not notice any changes.

I knew some substances take time to show some results. Hence, I continued with the consumption of Nugenix. I was on a regular gym schedule like normal days also, there were dietary changes from my end.

Even then, I failed to notice any changes after a period of a month. This is where I got a little worried. I researched about this substance.

As a result, I understood its true working functionality. This is when it clicked that this “free testosterone booster” might not work for me at all.

Let me explain the same in the next segment where I am going to talk about a whole category of people who could really skip this free testosterone booster and try overall natural testosterone boosters like TestoGen.

Who Should Skip Nugenix

First, you need to go for a SHBG test.

If your SHBG count is on a lower  side, in that case you can skip this free testosterone booster.

This would mean that, your body is producing a lower level of testosterone and hence, there is not enough presence of testosterone that could bind with SHBG.

As a result of which, you would be needing a true testosterone booster. Hence, you could try something like TestoGen.

When I read all about Nugenix, I was pretty disappointed that I spent my hard earned money in purchasing a subscription of 6 months supplement.

But for this very reason, I am writing this Nugenix review, so that you are aware that if you should try this testosterone booster or not.

Nugenix Alternatives

Personally speaking, I loved TestoGen as a testosterone booster.

I consume testosterone booster when I feel like I have reached some sort of halt.

You can say that, TestoGen is kind of my “go-to testosterone booster” that works for me every time.

Hence, if you were to take my opinion, you may check out TestoGen for sure.

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