Ostarine (MK 2866) Review: Is This Really Worth All That Risk?

Medically reviewed by Maria Sarino, MD FACT CHECKED

In this Ostarine (MK 2866) review, I am going to talk about the time, when I consumed Ostarine MK2866 without much research.

I have tried to include my experiences in a step-by-step manner. At the same time, I have included my results as well.

You would be able to find an authentic and first-hand user experience of this SARM in this Ostarine (MK 2866) review.

OstarineOstarine is a type of SARM (selective androgen receptor modulator) that is also popularly known as Enobosarm or MK2688.

Ostarine is mainly produced for people who have muscle-wasting diseases such as osteoporosis.

Now, it has been researched whether it could give other medical benefits. Ostarine may help in reducing body fats, at the same time, it could also help in increasing and preserving muscle mass, and raising energy levels in most cases.

It could also help you by giving an endurance boost that lasts for a long time. This is why those extra hours in the gym may be possible.

Having said all that, you might want to note that the believers of Ostarine (MK2866) consider it one of the best SARMs out there.

How Ostarine MK 2866 Works ?

The working procedure of Ostarine is completely based on the anabolic functionality.

Ostarine basically combines with protein and could make you, workout even harder. It may also make your muscles mass grow at a faster pace as you hit the gym on a regular basis.

At the same time, Ostarine could also improve your recovery time. Hence, the muscle recovery process could see an increased pace.

Who Should Use Ostarine MK 2866 ?

Ostarine may help your androgen to bind together within your body. Ostarine could help our body in two ways which make your body gain muscle quickly.

  1. Gaining Muscle Mass

    Ostarine was primarily designed to help people with the issues like muscle wasting. The diseases could be referred to as muscular dystrophy or osteoporosis. As a result, it helps them reduce the muscle-wasting process.

    Hence, as soon as the bodybuilding world came to know about the same, they started looking at Ostarine as a bodybuilding supplement.

  2. Burning Fat

    Another reason why MK2688 is popular is that it could help burn that extra fat stored in our body.

    On the other hand, Ostarine could prevent muscle wasting hence, the muscle mass stays intact in most cases whereas the fat sees a reduction.

My Personal Take On Ostarine MK 2866

Since I have been working out for several years, my body is used to wear and tear.

Frankly speaking, for all this time, I never concentrated on being a buffy fellow and having a muscular kind of physique. On the contrary, my body has a natural knack for staying slim.

As a result, this time around, I wanted to enter into the bulking cycle. To achieve that bulky physique that is 

Hence, I started with a calorie-surplus diet. This started working for me. But soon realized this was not enough to maintain a bulky physique.

I discussed the same with my trainer. He immediately recommended that I try Ostarine MK 2866 for a 10-week cycle.

My Results With Ostarine MK2866

I started with the consumption and the first two weeks were pretty normal. During my workout, I was able to increase the weight and number of reps per exercise.

Slowly and steadily, everything started to fall in place. I was able to notice bulkiness and shape of muscles.

On the diet front, I also included foods for bulking and for my snacking habits, I included bulking snacks as well. At the same time, to meet my protein requirements, I started consuming Tri Protein every now and then. I did not consume Tri protein regularly, but yes, I did take help from the same.

Finally, with so much hard work and a couple of hurdles, I was able to achieve a decent bulky physique. I flaunted the shape of my muscles.

Since I am an experienced bodybuilder, I was able to take in Ostarine and my body was able to cope up with the dealing mechanism of the anabolic environment.

I did experience a couple of side effects in the consumption cycle which completely halted my exercise routine for a couple of weeks or so.

As a result, If you are new to the bodybuilding world, then it is my advice that you stay away from this substance. I will never recommend Ostarine MK2866 or any SARMs for that matter to anyone. As it could harm your body permanently.

At the same time, an owner of the sports nutrition company was sentenced for adding Ostarine, which is not approved by FDA.

Hence, you may notice people have already faced the consequences of consuming or distributing Ostarine for regular consumption.

Dosage Information - Ostarine MK 2866

In the initial phase, I was really unaware of the ill effects of Ostarine. For this very reason, I continued with the consumption. At that point of time, I was consuming somewhere around 10 – 20 mg per day.

Although after a period of 8 weeks or so, I started facing issues with my digestion hence, I had to stop the consumption.

This is when I started with my research on the issues one could face during the consumption of any kind of SARMs and Ostarine MK 2866 in particular.

Side Effects - Ostarine MK 2866

As mentioned above, I faced a couple of side effects.

  • Once I had a very bad loose motion that lasted about 2 days, I was not able to digest anything. I had to be admitted to the hospital and was admitted for a couple of days. Post that, I had to take the rest of another week to start my gym schedule again.

  • Another one was at the time when I was about to end my cycle. I had a very bad acne issue on my face. At the same time, some kind of black marks appeared on my face out of nowhere.

  • Lastly, there are high chances that, you could also face a dip in testosterone levels when consuming Osatrine MK 2866. Hence, there may be other side effects associated with this issue as well.

Hence, these were a couple of side effects that I faced. As a result, I concluded that Ostarine is not at all safe even when consumed in smaller quantities.

Let alone the decision to consume it on a regular basis for a longer-term perspective. Also, according to this warning letter by FDA, Ostarine is not all approved by them and does not fall in the definition of a dietary supplement.

As a result, Ostarine is not at all recommended to anyone for even short-term usage without the prescription of a doctor.

Ostarine MK2866 Alternatives

As mentioned above, SARMs should only be used for research purposes. Therefore, the FDA has not given any approvals for any consumption regarding SARMs.

Hence, it is best to avoid it entirely, switch to clean eating and maintain a healthy diet.

Personally speaking, after I suffered the side effects of Ostarine, I completely stopped consumption. From that point in time, I never even thought about retaking it.

In between all this chaos, I got my hand on a few decent Ostarine alternatives that did not seem fishy to me. With the help of a quick overview, my interest started to build toward Ostabulk and Osta 2866. This was when I decided to dive deep into the research about these two and choose one.

After a few weeks of research, reading a bunch of reviews, and going through the ingredient list, I was still unable to decide. But then also I had to choose one. So, as a result, I decided to start consuming Osta 2866 by Crazybulk.

Not to miss, time and again, I also use these SARMs alternatives as well. This is because they have never disappointed me when mimicking the results of original SARMs.

Also, you might want to note that I could not notice any side effects regarding these SARMs alternative consumption. Hence, I use them turn by turn, so I do not feel monotonous when consuming clean supplements for natural bodybuilding.

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