When it comes to having a satisfying, healthy birth experience, what you know can make all the difference.

At CiC, we empower women to make informed decisions about their birth experience through educational tools and access to providers. We offer written materials, including reports and research; we create programming such as the Classroom Edition of the Business of Being Born; and we host workshops where expecting parents can learn from parents and providers simultaneously in an interactive setting.

During our workshops, you’ll meet happy parents who made choices that they felt empowered by, and providers who can answer your medical questions. If you are a first or second time parent, are a little unsure about pregnancy and birth, or simply want to explore your full range of options in a safe environment, our workshops are a friendly space where you can get the information you need to make the best birth choices for you and your family.

Our educational guides and videos are developed to provide women all around the country with information about their rights and options in childbearing. Browse our library of resources, sign up for a workshop, or order the Business of Being Born: Classroom Edition today to start learning about the beauty of birth.