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Childbirth does not comprise a major portion of sex education curriculum, nor is it a major topic within reproductive justice conversations. What most people do not realize is that the U.S. maternal health system is one of the most expensive, and yet our outcomes are among the worst. The picture just gets worse as media representations of birth promise pain, danger, and crisis. The Business of Being Born: Classroom Edition (BoBB:CE) builds on the enormous success of Ricki Lake and Abby Epstein’s documentary, The Business of Being Born, to expose students to the issues surrounding childbirth in the U.S. The goal is to arm future policy makers, practitioners, educators, and parents with health awareness and confidence through film, discussion, activities and technology applications. This program is a non-profit collaborative effort to educate the next generation on maternity issues.

How you can work with us:

* Host a special screening of The Business of Being Born: Classroom Edition in your school community.
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BoBB:CE includes: BoBB CE Cover

* 30 minute version of the original documentary film.
* Birth by the Numbers, a 20-minute presentation by Professor Gene Declercq.
* Interviews with two celebrity mothers discussing their birth experiences.
* Toolkit to facilitate discussion of maternity issues.
* Online Pre-and Post-Assessment Surveys.


*Please note that discretion is advised: Classroom Edition contains nudity during birth scenes, and strong language at minute 16:19.