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Toolkit Cover DesignWhat’s unique about our Classroom Edition? The original documentary has been trimmed to better fit within a typical academic class period. Additionally, the Toolkit was designed by graduate students under the guidance of Maternal and Child Health Professor Eugene Declercq, at the Boston University School of Public Health. We now offer a University Toolkit as well as a new High School Toolkit!

  • Pre- and Post- Assessment Surveys: Prepare students for the topic and assesses the efficacy of the video in raising awareness about childbirth options.
  • Discussion Questions and Activities: Arranged by academic topic, questions are designed to facilitate post-viewing classroom discussion.

How much does the Classroom Edition cost?

The digital download of the package (the film, celebrity interviews, “Birth by the Numbers” presentation, and toolkit) is just $24.99. The hard copy of the DVD and toolkit are just $29.99 (plus shipping and handling).

What kinds of classes are screening Business of Being Born: Classroom Edition?

  • Nursing
  • Human Development
  • Public Health
  • Sociology
  • Anthropology
  • Women’s & Gender Studies
  • Family & Consumer Studies
  • Biology

What are others saying about the Classroom Edition?

“Thank you for making this classroom version! I think it is something that will definitely stick with my students. The discussion afterwards was very lively and we discussed the different cultural constructions of birth. I really wanted them to have another perspective and be able to consider some of the problems with birth in this country. I think it is a very important and influential documentary needed at this period of time in the US.”

– Sociology and Anthropology Professor

“The Business of Being Born: Classroom Ediiton was incredibly enlightening . . .I also learned the difference between a doula and a midwife and that both are undervalued and underutilized in the U.S.”

– Student at Virginia Commonwealth University

How is BoBB:CE useful in childbirth education classes?

#5: Just 30 minutes long, BoBB:CE is a convenient tool to expose parents-to-be to some of the challenges of having a normal birth in the U.S., alerting them to options they may not have considered.

#4: BoBB:CE speaks to the importance of partner advocacy and emphasizes the normalcy of birth.

#3: BoBB:CE is a great homework assignment as soon as your students register for your classes. This offers them a chance to check in with themselves and find the root of their fears and anxieties, and also excitements, about birth.

#2: If most of your students are giving birth in a hospital, BoBB:CE can help you frame certain questions around the policies and procedures that are commonplace (such an induction, IV, EFM, cesarean section).

#1 BEST REASON: There’s a very good chance your students have NEVER seen birth. BoBB:CE includes 4 safe, wonderful birth scenes in New York City homes and hospitals.

*Please note that discretion is advised: Classroom Edition contains nudity during birth scenes, and strong language at minute 16:19.