All About Birth: Workshops For Expecting Parents

Do you have questions about your pregnancy and birth? If so, Choices in Childbirth provides an easy way to gather the information you need to have the pregnancy and birth experience you want.

Our regularly scheduled workshops feature renowned experts as well as moms and partners sharing their expertise, insights, and stories. Each workshop allows for plenty of time for you to ask all of your questions.

If you are interested in bringing one of our workshops to your organization, please contact [email protected].

Location: New York City locations
Time: 6:15 to 8:30pm
Please click on the workshop titles to register.

March 23, 2017 | How to Have a Great Home Birth Join us for an evening of stories from new and experienced parents who recently made the decision to birth their babies at home in the care of a midwife. Have your questions answered about hospital transfer, billing, and the differences in birthing at home vs. a hospital or birth center. Hosted at the 14th St. Y.

April 27, 2017 | What to Know About VBAC & Cesarean Birth Hear diverse birth stories from panelists who birthed their first babies via cesarean and then went on to explore a range of options to prepare for and birth their second babies. Meet VBAC-supportive health care providers and birth workers in the city. Hosted at the 14th St. Y.

May 18, 2017 | How to Have a Great Hospital Birth Learn from this peer-led panel of empowering hospital birth stories…when things went according to Plan A, Plan B, or even Plan C. Hosted at the 14th St. Y.


How to Have a Great Hospital Birth Featured speakers: Barbara Sellars, CNM; Facilitated by Laure Sinnhuber-Giles
Prenatal Parenting: Practices for Better Bonding Featured speakers: Patti Wood, Grassroots Environmental Education; Ellynne Skove, Bright Start Babies; Nina Planck, Real Food for Mother & Baby; Facilitated by Mary Esther Malloy and Bonu deCaires
Breastfeeding & Beyond Featured speaker: Ellynne Skove, Bright Start Babies. Facilitated by Tanya Wills.
Is Home Birth Right for You? Featured speakers: Marcy Perlman Tardio, Loretta Jordan. Facilitated by Tanya Wills
What to Know About VBAC & Cesarean Birth Featured speakers: Dr. Jacqueline Collins, Sarah Pancake. Facilitated by Shara Frederick and Annette Perel.

Podcast: How to Have a Great Hospital Birth If you cannot attend our monthly All About Birth workshops, this podcast recording from “The Urban Doula” is just a taste, a way to hear Amanda and Alison’s empowering stories of hospital births, along with tips from New York City Certified Nurse Midwife, Elaine Keller-Duemig.

Thank you to our committee of professional childbirth educators who volunteer their time to facilitate our workshops and to our partners who generously donate their spaces.