Oxitrim Review: Does This Metabolic Enhancer Really Work?

Medically reviewed by Maria Sarino, MD FACT CHECKED

This Oxitrim review will tell you all about the time when I consumed this substance for a period of 8 weeks. At the same time, I have also explained what all things made me choose Oxitrim.

Not to miss, I have also included some of the basic stuff about this supplement in this Oxitrim review.

As a result, if you are looking for something in similar lines, you could definitely read this Oxitrim review until the very end.

There are high chances that all your doubts regarding this supplement will be cleared.

oxitrim reviewOxiTrim is a non-stimulant weight loss supplement that may help you shed off extra fat from your body. This supplement includes all the ingredients that encourage boosting your metabolism.

The increased metabolism later enhances the fat burning process among one and all. This supplement is designed and manufactured by ASR Research.

The health and fitness brand came into being in the year 2012. Since then, this brand has associated itself with the production of some sought-after health and fitness supplements.

The company has become one of the fastest-growing nutrition names in a short period. The brand has marketed this product as a non-stimulant supplement and many claims have been made regarding the effectiveness of this product.

Why Did I Choose Oxitrim?

According to the manufacturers, OxiTrim’s use is not restricted only to helping a person lose weight. This supplement may as well boost metabolism tremendously.

Another claim of the company regarding this supplement is that it may decrease your waist size. This product is manufactured to enhance the rate of activity of your body.

Hence, it could also provide a perfect solution for weight gain and fat retention. The decent blend of ingredients in this supplement may help you lose weight in no time. 

All these points really made me try Oxitrim. Another reason was that, I wanted to change my supplement for cutting cycle and try something new, as a result, I thought of taking Oxitrim.

How Does Oxitrim Works?

According to the manufacturers, the two main ingredients in this supplement try to work in combination to target the extra amount of fat present in your body.

This fat may start burning rapidly, hence in the process, it could help you in achieving the best body shape. The same ingredients may as well help in boosting your metabolism.

Eventually, you may feel more active and energetic throughout the day. The brand cannot stop itself from raving about the use of ingredients in this supplement.

However, these ingredients are no unique and are used by various other brands and manufacturers for the same purpose – losing weight.

Although many claims have been made regarding its effectiveness, none of them are verified by the FDA.

Oxitrim Ingredients

According to the manufacturers, it is the magic of the ingredients that makes OxiTrim a very sought-after product in the market.

The manufacturers claim that the decent combination of ingredients of this supplement works positively towards helping you lose weight. 

That being said, no proper evidence has been established regarding the purity of the ingredients used in this supplement.

Moreover, there is nothing unique about the components that OxiTrim uses as many other manufacturers, too, rely on the same old formula to aid the weight loss process. 

Here is everything to know about the composition of this supplement:

  • Vitamin D3

    Vitamin D3 is also known as the sunshine vitamin. This vitamin is vital for the body. According to various studies, it also helps in aiding the weight loss process in different body types. Another report has suggested that the use of Vitamin D in many supplements may enhance the positive effects of a calorie-restricted diet. Vitamin D deficiency may highly affect people with obesity. The use of Vitamin D3 in this supplement has been added in the form of Cholecalciferol.

  • Sphaeranthus Indicus

    It is one of the essential ingredients present in OxiTrim. This ingredient is a herb and is widely used in many alternative medicines, especially Ayurveda. Various ancient studies have laid down that this component may be helpful in treating the disorders such as mental illness, epilepsy, hemicrania, hepatopathy, jaundice, diabetes, cough, hernia, and skin diseases. The use of Spaheranthus Indicus in this supplement may speed up the process of weight loss.

  • Garcinia Mangostana

    Another primary component that OxiTrim includes is Garcinia Mangostana. Just like the former ingredient, this one too helps with the process of weight management in the body. This ingredient may be used separately or in combination with other effective herbs. The makers have added Garcinia Mangostana with Sphaeranthus Indicus in this supplement to boost its effectiveness in all body types.

  • Ashwagandha

    Ashwagandha happens to be one of the most beneficial Ayurvedic herbs. The use of this ingredient is prevalent in many alternative medicines. The Ayurvedic and Chinese system of medication still relies on Ashwagandha in treating many health disorders. This component helps with restlessness, anxiety, insomnia, and other mental discomforts. It is also a potent ingredient for men’s health and comes with other numerous health benefits. The makers have added Ashwagandha in OxiTrim intending to boost metabolism.

How I Finalized Oxitrim?

Personally speaking, I chose Oxitrim just to experiment with the fat loss supplement. At the same time, I was kind of bored as well using my regular supplements.

Hence, I decided to perform some basic research about this one. When I checked the official website of the manufacturer, it looked pretty authentic.

There were lots of positive things mentioned on the website itself. The most important things were ingredients for me. As a result, once I checked the whole list, I was kind of revealed that all the ingredients are natural.

All these things did not raise any red flags when it came to Oxitrim. This is when I ordered the supplement and within a week it got delivered to my doorstep.

I was kind of happy that I am going to start a new supplement’s consumption cycle. At the same time, I was a little nervous as well.

My Oxitrim Dosage

My dosage with Oxitrim was really as per the recommendations by the manufacturer.

The only difference was the initial period under which, I decided that I will start taking these slowly. This was just to mitigate any risk of side effects.

I did not want my body to face any issues due to the new supplements.

My Consumption Results With Oxitrim

When I started with the consumption of Oxitrim, the couple of weeks were really plain. There were no signs of any weight loss.

This made me a little worried as most of the fat loss supplements start showing results post the first week of consumption.

Nevertheless, I continued with the consumption hoping that it starts showing effects in the latter phase of consumption.

To my dismay, even after 5-6 weeks of consuming Oxitrim regularly, I was not able to lose any substantial amount of fat.

Not to miss, I was already in the cutting phase. Hence, I was on the workout regimen which supports losing fat levels.

At the same time, I was on a low-fat diet because I wanted to shed those extra layers of fat that I accumulated.

Overall, I was pretty disappointed with this supplement. I used it regularly for a period of 8 weeks. Post that I stopped using it.

Probable Side Effects With Oxitrim

A lot may be said about the side effects of this supplement. Firstly, all the claims made by the makers regarding the effectiveness of this supplement aren’t backed by the FDA.

This supplement doesn’t include any exclusive formula to address the problem of excessive weight gain or obesity in individuals. Moreover, the ingredients of Oxitrim aren’t tested enough for positive results in both men and women.

Here are the cons and the side effects that you may experience after relying on this supplement:

  • The makers say that this product starts working effectively after a few rounds of consumption. However, these claims are false. OxiTrim does not provide immediate results when it comes to fat-burning or weight loss.
  • The results of the supplement may not work in the favor of all. Many users have already suggested not experiencing any change in their fat loss process. It makes the product a hoax for many of them.
  • The supplement is expensive when compared to others in the market. None of the ingredients in this supplement is exclusive to make it so expensive when compared to all its counterparts.
  • Some users have complained about getting addicted to this supplement which is not a good sign. Addiction to this product is a big warning that you must not rely on its consumption.
  • You may experience some side effects such as nausea and vomiting, stomach upset, headache, or lack of sleep after the consumption of this supplement.
  • This supplement makes a lot of promises and claims that it works on all body types. However, it is not true. Not all the claims made by the manufacturers regarding this product could be agreed upon.
  • It may be harmful to consume this supplement without consulting your doctor.

Oxitrim Alternatives

Anyhow, I had to cut down my fat levels. As a result, I decided to switch back to my favourite and one of the best thermogenic fat burner supplement Phen 24.

Needless to say, PhenQ really started its effects on my body. From the second week itself, I was able to notice a great number of benefits.

I was able to increase my number of reps for every exercise. My energy levels really went up. These all things collectively lead to a decent fat loss.

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