Phen375 Review – Is It Really Useful For Weight Loss ?

Medically reviewed by Maria Sarino, MD FACT CHECKED

In this Phen375 review, I have tried to bring forward my research about this supplement. At the same time, I have also included instances from my consumption journey.

As a result of which, if you are someone who is looking to reduce your fat levels or is searching for a product that could help you in your weight loss process, then this Phen375 review is just for you.

At the same time, I have included some of the basic yet essential details about Phen375. These details are pretty much important for you to know if you are even thinking of consuming this product.

Having said all that, let me get started with this write-up.

Phen375 could be termed as an appetite suppressant. It is generally used by fitness athletes, it could also be used by patients who are suffering from Obesity.

Phen375 is generally included with a regular workout and a balanced diet to achieve the best results.

It is available in the form of oral pills, which are only produced in FDA-approved laboratories. As per the manufacturer, these pills are completely made up of natural ingredients.

As a result, they may never show any kind of serious side effects in most cases. The natural and herbal ingredients present inside this supplement may help a lot in recovering from poor conditions like increase cholesterol, suppressed immunity, high blood pressure include overweight.

Phen375 also tries to suppress hunger so that calories intake may be reduced. Post that, it may also help you in increasing metabolism and may as well boost your body functioning so that you could remain refreshed for a longer time.

At the same time, the thermogenic process may also take place so that Phen375 may be able to burn the stored fat from the body in search of energy.

That’s how your body may be able to remain protected from unwanted diseases which might originate from the stomach and whole digestive system.

Phen375 Review

Why Did I Consume Phen375?

I have been a business professional all my life. As a result, it was really necessary for me to maintain my appearance and I was very conscious of how exactly do I look.

This really changed when I was laid off about a year ago. This incident hit me really hard and I stopped taking care of myself.

I indulged myself in heavy drinking and intake of banned substances became a new normal for me. As I liked being high all the time.

Seeing all these changes in my health conditions, my father requested his friend to take me in as a manager in his shopping complex.

My father’s friend laid down the condition that I had to lose a few pounds and I should again look like a complete business professional.

As a result, I decided to do all that he has asked for as I wanted that job and I was really desperate about the same.

Hence, I searched on the internet and came across Phen375. As a result, I decided to start the consumption as soon as possible.

How Does Phen375 Try To Work?

Phen375 may work similarly to an oral drug named Phentermine.  There is a difference in Phen375, it comprises natural elements. Just after taking the first pill, it may start playing its role to suppress your hunger.

Therefore, you may never feel too much hungry after your workout session, and there are high chances that you will eat comparatively fewer calories than yesterday. And that’s how Phen375 may work on the condition of obesity.

Being overweight may give rise to several diseases like High cholesterol, High blood pressure, skin diseases, hair loss, joint pains, etc. Consuming this pill could automatically shift you to a calorie deficit diet plan.

After that, the metabolism-boosting ingredients try to work on their role in synthesizing stored fats to fulfill the high demand of energy in your body for muscle recovery.

Due to this process, the adipose tissues in your body might automatically start losing their fat molecules, and those fat molecules might get diluted into energy which could be required during intense exercises.

The increased metabolic rate may as well allow your body to burn more calories in a short span of time along and it could also boost your morning mood to exercise with even more energy and stamina.

Phen375 Ingredients

All the ingredients used in producing Phen375 are obtained from natural and herbal sources only. Now, let us learn about the work of each element separately:

Phen375 Ingredients

  1. L-Carnitine

    This is a type of ammonium compound that is already present in mammals, plants, and bacteria. It is widely responsible for the metabolic rates in one’s body. While supporting the energy to metabolic processes, it forcefully transfers the fatty acids into the mitochondria of the cells for converting those acids into energy.

    Including L-Carnitine in your regular diet or supplement increases the rate of fat dilution for energy production. It provokes us to increase the magnitude of our regular workout.

  2. Caffeine Powder Anhydrous

    Caffeine Powder Anhydrous is extracted from the seeds and leaves of the coffee plant but here ‘Anhydrous’ means without water, i.e. the water content is dried from the seeds and leaves to make this ingredient more concentrated.

    Caffeine plays a critical role in suppressing hunger and unwanted food cravings, and this protects us from the intake of surplus calories by spontaneously filling our stomachs.

  3. Coleus Forskohlli Root

    Plectranthus Barbatus is a plant which is commonly known as Coleus, and the Forskohlii is found in the roots of that plant.

    This ingredient in Phen375 provokes the production of two important enzymes known as Lipase and Adenylate Cyclase. These two enzymes increase the rate of fat dilution.

    Consumption of Coleus Forskohlii also aids the production of testosterone in males. And due to this your body will recover rapidly from the wear and tear that occurs during HIIT cardio.

  4. Citrus Aurantium

    This ingredient is commonly known as Bitter orange and traditionally it was widely used to deal with indigestion, fatigue, insomnia, skin problems, etc.

    Aurantium actively participates in the appetite suppressing processes as well as it also works as a stimulant and increases the mobility of fat molecules or cells, to increase the rate of metabolism.

  5. Cayenne Pepper

    This source of this product is Red chili which is widely used to flavor the dishes. This compound has the ability to increase the overall body temperature which helps us to provoke the metabolism to burn more calories.

    Due to the rise in temperature, your body will consume more energy (converted from fat cells) as well as you will also lose more water weight due to heavy sweating.

    This governmental paper also supports the claim that consumption of Capsaicin may induce body weight reduction.

  6. Dendrobium Nobile Extract

    The above-mentioned ingredient is extracted from the family of orchids. Dendrobium contains different types of chemical compounds which help in moderating blood pressure, stimulating sugar level and reducing stress and fatigue.

    Thus, you can concentrate more on the morning workouts after a good sleep of 8 hours.

Probable Side-Effects With Phen375

Phen375 is a supplement that has the power and hence, it may bring remarkable changes to your body.

It is quite safe and easy to use in most cases. Also, there are high chances that you might not face any serious side effects of this supplement.

Some people confuse Phen375 with Phentermine. The consumption of original Phentermine is quite unsafe, longer use of this compound can give rise to serious problems.

Phentermine is already banned in many countries. That’s why I personally force you to never go with original Phentermine drugs.

This FDA document also confirms the link between Phentermine and various diseases like Primary Pulmonary Hypertension (PPH), Valvular Heart Disease, and others.

But, Phen375 is totally safe in most cases, it is highly consumed in North-American countries. It is also manufactured in FDA-approved facilities.

I have personally monitored myself while consuming Phen375 and I have never suffered any side effects because of its natural ingredients.

The only thing you required is to maintain a good sleep cycle, indulge in a heavy and intense workout, and consume only when you truly need it.

My Phen375 Consumption Results

I have been consuming Phen375 for quite some time now.

I was able to lose a decent amount of fat off my body. Not to miss, I also can feel that my stamina levels have seen a good improvement.

I am able to run for a longer period of time. Also, I am able to exercise for a longer period of time. Hence, all these little changes have brought about positive changes when it comes to overall health improvement.

Having said all that, after consuming it for a period of close to 7 – 8 months now, apart from the initial few weeks of changes everything reverted back to the same stage where I started.

Also, I faced the issue of kidney stones as well. This was pretty surprising as my family or my grandfather and grandmother did not have any such issues.

Physicians indicated that it might be because of excess mineral deposition in my kidneys which might be caused by the consumption of any supplement as well.

Frankly speaking, I was not consuming anything else apart from Phen375.

As a result, as soon as I got to know, I completely stopped the consumption and underwent treatment for these stones.

As I was not able to pass the urine and it used to really burn whenever I was going to the loo.

Phen375 Alternatives

After all these pains and the suffering that I had to go through, I was really really depressed with the weight levels that were rising again.

This was because I was not able to continue the gym schedule as well due to medical issues. At the same time, I completely stopped the consumption of Phen375 due to the side effects.

As a result, as soon as I was able to recover from the kidney stone removal procedures, I decided to seek help from a professional.

As a result, I took the consultation from a dietitian and she really understood my overall case and charted out a healthy diet routine for me.

At the same time, I enrolled myself under an expert at the gym that I had the membership off. He was pretty impressed with the diet that I was following.

He also added one substance named PhenQ to my daily routine. Hence, before consuming PhenQ, I consulted my dietitian as well and she gave the green signal to PhenQ.

As a result, now I made sure that I am following all these steps in my daily life. By doing so, I am pretty positive that I would be able to loos a good amount of weight and would be able to achieve my old physique and muscle strength.

Final Words On Phen375

Personally speaking, apart from the initial few weeks of positive results, I was never able to achieve what I wanted to with Phen375.

I thought that I was heading towards my old physique but I was wrong in this aspect. Although I was able to join the job provided to me by my father’s friend, I could not continue it for too long because of the constant pain of kidney stones.

Initially, I ignored those, but then it reached such a level that I had to the emergency room, and then only I came to know about the stones in my kidneys.

I completely hold  Phen375 responsible for all these things that happened to me.

But lastly, with the help of PhenQ, I am able to shed the weight that I gained during all these medical issues. Due to the pain of stones, I was not able to go to the gym.


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