Plexaderm Review: Is This Really Worth Your Time & Money?

Medically reviewed by Maria Sarino, MD FACT CHECKED

In this Plexaderm review, I will be investigating the claims which Sheer Science makes in regards to Plexaderm.

I will also be testing all these claims quite rigorously and I will be presenting you with our final results in the end.

In the end, I will provide you with a conclusion based on the claims made by the company and my findings.

At the same time, in this Plexaderm review, I have added some of the basic details about this product.

plximage latestPlexaderm is manufactured by a company named Sheer Science and it is often marketed by its manufacturers as “ an anti-aging and revitalizing cream”.

You can often spot this product on the television as it is a part of many advertisements and one can also spot it very frequently on those shopping channels.

However, a product should have some scientific evidence attached to it before one can start trusting the claims it makes.

Plexaderm Ingredients

Following are the ingredients which are used in the manufacturing process of Plexaderm:

  • Water

    Water is one of the main ingredients that is being used.

  • Sodium Silicate

    Sodium Silicate is a very well-known and one of the most used products in the cosmetic products industry because it is a natural pH Adjuster. In Plexaderm it is used because of its alkaline nature which helps the pH levels of Plexaderm to remain neutral. The irritation potential of Sodium Silicate is recognized by the CIR Panel or Cosmetic Ingredient Review Panel. However, in spite of its irritation properties, it was declared to be safe for human use.

  • Magnesium Aluminium Silicate

    Magnesium Aluminium Silicate is also one of the very well-known and very used products in these types of products because they act as a thickener for these products. It can cause some irritations in your skin and in your eyes but there is nothing to be worried about because just like Sodium Silicate, Magnesium Aluminium Silicate has also been declared to be fit for human use by the CIR(Cosmetic Ingredient Review) Panel.

  • Cellulose Gum

    Cellulose Gum is an all-natural ingredient because it has been derived and extracted from plants. Just like Magnesium Aluminium Silicate, Cellulose Gum is also used for thickening purposes in Plexaderm Cream. Apart from this, it has got some other important beneficial properties and it has also been declared to be safe for human use by the CIR Panel.

  • Acetyl Hexapeptide-8

    This ingredient is used for the purpose of our skin’s restoration and it is also used in these types of products because of its ability to bind water. It is known to be an effective ingredient but it is not so effective to treat wrinkles because it cannot penetrate the layers of our skin to help in the curation of problems lying deep in our skin.

  • Yellow 5 and red 40

    These ingredients are used to provide Plexaderm with its color and both of these coloring agents are deemed to be safe for human use by the CIR Panel.

  • Phenoxyethanol

    Phenoxyethanol is a very well-known and very popular ingredient in the cosmetic industry because cosmetic products make use of this ingredient as a preservative. It is generally considered to be safe for most users, but if you are someone with sensitive skin, you might face some irritations because of this product.

  • Ethylhexylglycerin

    Ethylexylglycerin works in sync with above mentioned Phenoxyethanol and their woking properties are nearly identical but it does not mean Ethylexylglycerin has no properties of its own because it has got some properties such as softening of our skin because of which cosmetic industry makes the use of this ingredient. Although it is considered to be safe for most individuals, some individuals have reported some allergic reactions.

How Does Plexaderm Work?

The manufacturing company of Plexaderm claims a lot of things and the benefits you can have if you use their product. So before we dive deeper into this review, let us take 5 minutes and have a look at the claims made by the company regarding their products and let us provide you some explanations for the same.

  • Reduces Visible Signs of Wrinkles

    According to the manufacturers, Plexaderm is capable of flattening the skin and reducing eye-bags under the eyes because of the inclusion of a shale mineral in its manufacturing process. Slae Minerals are used to refer to the silicate chemicals/minerals which are extracted from the clay of these shales.

    This shale mineral is none other than Magnesium Aluminum Silicate which we already discussed in the previous subheading.

    Magnesium Aluminum Silicate is used in Plexaderm because of its thickening properties. If we talk about theoretical applications, yes, it might be effective in reducing new wrinkles from appearing on our skin. Plexaderm also has some water-retaining properties because of which it is able to retain moisture in a specific area.

    However, the problem which we are facing here is trying to tell you the difference between “Reducing the signs related to Wrinkles” and “Reducing Wrinkles altogether”.

    Lexaderm might have some minute effects on reducing the signs related to wrinkles but when it comes to removing them altogether, Plexaderm is not effective at all. At max, this product might help you in covering up your wrinkles for a maximum of a few hours but nothing more than that should even be expected.

  • Reduces Under Eye-bags

    One of the most common signs/indicators of aging is the development of under-eye bags on our face because our skin loses elasticity as we age. These under-eye bags coupled with Dark Circles and Puffiness are common problems that are targeted by most cosmetic products. However, it is not always the aging that causes these problems, but these problems can also be caused because of your lack of sleep or genetics.

    Plexaderm is not so potent that it can actually penetrate the layers of our skin and treat these problems at their root level. Thus, they might be effective in covering these problems for a few hours but under no circumstances is it able to cure them permanently. It is also ineffective in treating puffiness.

  • Reduces Signs of Aging

    No matter how hard we try, we just cannot prevent aging, and as we age, so will our skin. However, the aging of our skin is triggered by some other factors too like damage caused because of sun, genetics, choices of our lifestyle, and various other factors.

    There are some treatments and some products which are capable of reducing these obvious signs of aging but Plexaderm is not one of them because, at its best, it can cover these signs for a maximum of a few hours. Thus it does not have the capability to reduce or even delay these aging signs, forget about treating/removing them permanently.

What Plexaderm Can Do?

Plexaderm will start to cover up the signs of aging on your skin within 15 minutes after you have applied it to a particular area. Some of the users have reported that after applying Plexaderm, the smoothness of the area under their eyes and area around their forehead increased.

Thus, Plexaderm might be effective in increasing the smoothness in some areas of our skin when we touch it.
However, one important point to notice here is that these results are not very potent but are very modest.

There are many other options available for maintaining our skin which is not only much more effective but they also cost a lot less than Plexaderm treatment.

We can also take some preventive measures to maintain the overall health of our skin like following a healthy lifestyle and applying sunscreen when we head out in the open sun.

How To Use Plexaderm?

One of the biggest questions which most of the users face is how should they apply Plexaderm so that they can receive the best results. Following methods are suggested by us when it comes to the use of Plexaderm:

  • Pat your face dry after cleansing it.
  • On the tips of your fingers, pump a very very small amount of Plexaderm.
  • Using your fingers, apply it evenly under your eyes but make sure that you avoid the contact of your eye and this cream.
  • Wait for at least 15 minutes so that the product can set completely on the area you have applied it.

Side Effects Plexaderm

There is a very very slim possibility that the use of PLexaderm can cause some side effects on your skin.

However, you should carefully read the label pasted on the packaging of this cream if you are allergic to some ingredients.

If this cream comes in contact with your eyes, it might cause some irritation or soreness at max. It is recommended that in such cases, you should immediately rinse your eyes with water.

Plexaderm Usage Experience

Personally speaking, my aunt has used Plexaderm for about 3 to 4 months.

According to her, it is not at all worth it. She also mentioned that her time and money were wasted.

There were no changes and not even a single promise was met. Hence, she was not at all happy with the results.

At the same time, she was using plain coconut oil and mentioned that it worked like a charm for her. Hence, she has been using just the plain coconut oil from that time onwards and pretty happy with the same.

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