Pre Lab Pro Review: Does It Live Up To The Hype?

Medically reviewed by Maria Sarino, MD FACT CHECKED

In this Pre Lab Pro review, one of my gym mates talks about his first pre-workout consumption experience. He narrates the circumstances that led him to Pre Lab Pro and how he started using the same.

On the other hand, he also opens up about the results he could observe after using Pre Lab Pro for a decent period.

Having said all that, you might want to note that several details about Pre Lab Pro have also been added in this review so that you can understand more about this substance.

Pre Lab Pro reviewMakers market Pre Lab Pro as a pre-workout nutrition drink that can enhance smooth energy.

According to the makers of this product, it could significantly boost athletic performance and muscle power. They also claim that Pre Lab Pro could enhance focus and cognitive functions effectively.

As per the maker’s claim, Nootropic could be efficacious in supplying the required energy to the mind and the body; furthermore, they assert that Pre Lab Pro could be potent in extending endurance.

The official website mentions that Pre Lab Pro has no artificial ingredients. Also, makers claim that the ultraclean ingredient is of high quality and could be easily digested and absorbed into the body; hence it could be inefficient in providing any adverse effect to the body.

The makers also added that this product has a great fruit taste which could be one of the reasons for consumers’ preference.

Its ingredients could be beneficial in relieving stress and also could significantly improve blood flow in the body, as per the information on the website.

How Does Pre Lab Pro Work?

As per the official website of this product, beetroot present in it contains dietary nitrate.

It could be effective in providing pre-workout energy. It may also extend endurance and stamina post-workout, significantly accelerating muscle recovery.

Makers mention the product’s unique and natural ingredients, which may support providing muscle strength, energy, and efficiency.

They also claim the perfect functioning of the brain with increasing cognitive functions such as learning, memory, and decision-making through this product.

Caffeine, an organic ingredient, could aid in boosting focus, relaxing alertness, and providing more energy to the body. Caffeine is also present in coffee and is used for weight loss by several gym enthusiasts.

L-Theanine, which is present in this product maker, asserts that this is effective in reducing caffeine’s side effects, which could affect health and enhance stress, such as jitters and anxiety.

According to the manufacturers, this product supports homeostasis and might work in maintaining complete body hydration and electrolyte balance through the Himalayan salt.

They also added that the after-consumption effects could significantly improve energy and uplift mood.

Furthermore, as per the information available on the official site of this product, it contains essential vitamins and minerals which could be beneficial in fulfilling nutrient deficiency in the body.

Ingredients Present In Pre Lab Pro

  • Beetroot Powder

    The natural 1500 mg beetroot extract is present in this product. As it is a natural nitrate it could enhance the blood flow in the body along with blood vessels.

    Beetroot extract is present in powder form. It could significantly increase strength and endurance.

    It contains betalains a natural pigment and antioxidant compound that may also be effective in muscle soothing and recovery according to the makers.

    They also assert that it could work as fatigue resistance and may also improve neuromuscular performance.

  • Setria Performance Blend

    Setria Performance blend contains the nutrients L-Glutathione and L-Citrulline of around 2200mg.

    Both nutrient blends could be efficacious in boosting strength, stamina, and endurance as per the official website.

    L-Glutathione supports a strong immune system along with reducing fatigue. Makers also claim the nutrient L-Citrulline could be advantageous in maintaining muscle efficiency and boosting muscle recovery.

  • Caffeine

    This product contains caffeine an organic ingredient of 80 mg which is an ideal dose according to the manufacturers.

    They also asserted that this dosage may reduce the potential side effects of caffeine.

    Per the official website, it could also help in improving cognitive functions by enhancing focus and attention.

    Also, the moderate consumption of this ingredient enables fat burning and increases muscle strength.

  • L-Theanine

    160mg of L-Theanine is present in this product. As per the maker’s claim, this amino acid could help in enhancing cognitive clarity and improving the other brain function by significantly regulating the brain chemicals.

    Also as per the website, it could support caffeine effectiveness and at the same time reduce any of its side effects such as jitter, stress, and anxiety. It could help in uplifting the mood and relaxing the alertness.

  • L-Tyrosine

    Another amino acid present in the product could be effective in providing pre-workout energy as per the makers.

    With nootropic benefits, it may enhance caffeine stimulation by improving the physical and mental functions of the body.

    It is present in 400 mg quantity and could also boost the focus.

  • Himalayan Pink Salt

    Himalayan Pink salt is a unique ingredient present in this product. It could support maintaining the fluid level in the body.

    According to the official website, this could also help in maintaining hydration post-workout.

  • Vitamins D3

    Vitamin D3 is a potent ingredient present in this product. It could help in improving bone health, and muscle strength along with muscle recovery and better immune function.

  • Vitamin B complex

    This product contains Riboflavin, Vitamin B12, Vitamin B9, and Vitamin B6 blend. The Vitamin B complex could be beneficial in improving overall health.

    It could also help in the production of red blood cells in the body. It may enhance the cognitive function of the body by ensuring mental wellness.

  • Minerals

    Pre Lab Pro contains essential minerals such as potassium and Iron. Potassium could be effective in maintaining blood pressure balance. It could support healthy nervous system function along with better muscle control.

    Iron could efficaciously enhance strength and stamina along with improving energy levels of the body.

Why Did I choose Pre Lab Pro

My life was pretty much simple before shifting to a new place. But then, I  decided to join a new job in a different country. So I moved there with my family.

I was experiencing different things out there and facing different challenges simultaneously. I had to get up early every morning to catch my bus and reach the office on time. Sometimes I even had to skip breakfast for that. After returning home, my energy almost used to drain out.

Gradually this was getting worse. I started feeling more burnt out and stressed. I was not able to spend quality time with my wife and children. Frequent mood swings and fatigue were affecting my physical and mental health.

My wife was concerned about my health. So she asked me to follow a proper diet and exercise. I started doing that. I used to eat healthily, avoid junk and try doing exercises. Initially, it was going well, but gradually I could not be consistent with it.

At that time, I thought of joining a gym because it could be a better option for improving my health and being consistent.

I used to go to the gym in the morning. I assumed it would help me, but I used to feel more tired and less energetic post-workout. That was also hampering my work schedule.

Whenever I tried heavy lifting, I had extreme muscle pain and backache. I discussed these issues with my gym trainer. He suggested that I should be more focused on improving my diet.

According to him, a high-protein diet would surely help me. Adding to this, he also asked me to try a workout that he referred to as Pre Lab Pro. He mentioned that this nootropic pre-workout has been effective for many users, and there is a high chance that it might work for me.

He shared the details of the product with me. Then, briefing them about its ingredients, he mentioned that he was also an active user of this product and recommended it to several other gym trainees. I was pretty impressed with its natural ingredients. But before including it in my diet, I decided to do in-depth research.

I visited the official website of the product to get the details. Then, after reading more about its ingredients and customer reviews and talking to a few consumers within my gym, I was convinced to try it.

My Experience With Pre Lab Pro

The best thing about this nootropic pre-workout was that I did not have to depend on any third-party vendors. Instead, the manufacturer had their official website, and I placed the order on the same.

This gave me extra confidence that I would be using an authentic product, not some junk product that may harm my body due to low-quality ingredients.

After receiving the product, I read its product details and dosage. After that, I decided to consume from the next day before going to the gym in the morning.

In the initial few weeks, I didn’t experience any significant changes in my body, but there was a slight change in my energy level. Post-workout my energy was not wholly drained out, but still, I had little fatigue.

I also included protein-rich food and snack items in my diet. On the other hand, I used to consume this pre-workout before my workout every day. Slowly and gradually, after a few more weeks, there were noticeable changes in my body.

I started to feel more energetic and less tired. I used to feel supercharged before and even after the workout session. In addition, I was able to maintain a healthy balance between my professional and personal life.

My concentration levels improved during my working hours, and there was a noticeable improvement in my confidence levels, as complemented by a few of my office colleagues.

Being consistent with product usage, I was also able to improve my cognitive function. It also contributed to my overall health improvement and stabilized my mood swings.

Now it’s been a month, and I’m actively using this product. As of now, I didn’t face any of its side effects. So I have decided to continue its consumption in the future by adequately following up on my healthy diet and workout.

Benefits Of Pre Lab Pro

  • Enhanced Energy

    After consuming it for a few weeks I experienced a significant difference in my energy level. It also helped me in muscle recovery post-workout.

  • Improved Stamina And Strength

    Before using this product I was not able to do the heavy lifting but after consuming it for approximately a month my strength and stamina were boosted. I used to feel more motivated and active also.

  • Improved Memory Power

    My mental health was affected poorly, I used to feel more burnout but after its continuous usage, I was able to improve my cognitive function. I feel relaxed and calm and also my memory power is boosted efficiently.

  • Reduced Fatigue And Stress

    As my energy level increased with its constant usage, so I was also able to reduce my stress and frequent fatigue. I could able to do my work at the office and also at home effectively and efficiently.

Dosage With Pre Lab Pro

I used to consume this product in the morning before going to the gym. I properly followed the dosage recommended by the makers of the product.

Usually 15 to 20 minutes before going, I used to mix one scoop of powder in plain water and immediately drink it.

Sometimes I consume it throughout my workout sessions. I do take care that I was taking the adequate dosage of this pre-workout. I was not increasing the dosage for just sake of getting the maximum results.

Final Verdict On Pre Lab Pro

I always thank my gym trainer for introducing me to Pre Lab Pro. But, at the same time, I’m glad that I chose Pre Lab Pro. Now it’s been a few months, and I’m actively using the same.

Following a proper high-protein diet and regular gym along with consuming this product, I significantly improved my energy level, strength, and stamina.

I’m able to perform the different exercises without getting fatigued. As a result, I’m now much more confident about this product and will surely add this to my health regime.

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