Prime Genix Testodren Review: Does This Really Work As Claimed?

Medically reviewed by Maria Sarino, MD FACT CHECKED

In this Prime Geneix Testodren review, I have talked about some of the basic yet essential information when it comes to this substance.

At the same time, the main USP of this Prime Genix Testodren review is the addition of a consumption story. As a result, the consumer has also talked about his consumption results as well.

Hence, if you are interested in the same, then you might want to stick with me until the very end.

PrimeGenix manufactures Testodren. They also manufacture a host of other supplements. Some of them are DIM 3X, Pre Workout+, and a few others as well.

On the other hand, do not confuse SizeGenix with these. The manufacturer of SizeGenix is Superbalife Internation, LLC.

What is Testodren?

Prime Genix Testodren, as claimed by its makers is one of the best natural testosterone boosters substance that is clinically shown to increase natural testosterone in the blood.

If someone heads over to their official website, you may notice that the official website also mentions the fact that Testodren may also help you improve your free testosterone levels.

It contains a natural supplement known as Fenugreek, which, according to a few studies might help in triggering Testosterone and increasing its levels over a course of time. For this very reason, the manufacturers claim that Testodren has no side effects in most cases.

It may also improve mood, sex drive, physical strength if used consistently for a period of time, as said its makers. At the same time, the makers also affirm that Testodren is designed to uplift mood, quality of life and improve energy.

How Does Testodren Work?

Talking about the working of Testodren, it has a fenugreek compound that is evidenced to naturally trigger the production of testosterone in the body.

Fenugreek is said to be full of nutrients and according to many studies such properties, it makes it an anti-oxidant. Protodioscin is a compound of Fenugreek present in Testodren which helps enhance performance in men, as shown in many types of research. 

According to a few researchers, this compound helps in increasing testosterone levels in men thereby enhancing their performance as well.

Though there is more evaluation and research needed to ascertain the relationship between Fenugreek and testosterone, the benefits cannot be overlooked.

More has been talked about its relationship with serum testosterone here.

Ingredients In Testodren

As shown on their website, Testodren is made using one single ingredient only. This ingredient is a compound derived from Fenugreek.

Manufacturer also try to establish the fact that Protodioscin is most recommended for enhancing male health and vitality. Its properties may include libido enhancement and testosterone boost.

It might help in developing healthier and stronger muscles and better prostate health. A healthier testosterone count may result in increased fertility in males.

Protodioscin present in Testodren may alleviate poor mood swings which may lead to heightened energy levels and better athletic performance.

How I Got My Hands On Testodren

My uncle used to be a strength trainer back at a young age and is now a school teacher. Due to his excessive sedentary lifestyle now, he had gained a considerable amount of weight, and this had taken a toll on his life.

Seeing all this, I thought of getting his complete body checkup done. As the reports came, it was found that my uncle became borderline diabetic and the doctors said if it won’t be controlled in the future it could raise more serious health issues.

At the same time, his testosterone levels were way below the desired limit. This was just a red signal to me and to my family as well.

The relationship between low testosterone and type 2 diabetes has been discussed here.

To control this, the doctor advised me to make him start following healthier habits like morning brisk walks and exercising.

He also asked me to hire a nutritionist so that a proper healthy diet along with the addition of testosterone boosting foods could be done.

I told a friend about my uncle’s condition, he told me about Testodren. He also told me that this suggestion came from his personal experience as he had been giving this supplement to his father and elder brother for quite a while now and both were benefited from it. They had similar issues to that of my uncles’.

He told me that due to aging, my uncle is suffering from exhaustion and he feels burnt out. This might be the reason which has resulted in his weight gain, dullness, and fatigue.

He also told me that generally happens when there is a lesser amount of testosterone production in the body. A lower testosterone level may cause problems like a lesser amount of muscle mass, loosening of available muscles, lower energy levels.

The usual cognitive function of the body might also be hindered.

But with consistent and proper usage of Testodren, these issues might get fixed.  After hearing all that, I wanted to buy one for my uncle as well. but before that, I wanted to make sure about the product so I turned to the internet and began my research.

My curious mind landed upon various reviews and feedback made by its users around the world, most of them praised the product and I was convinced that it was a noteworthy testosterone booster.

According to their official website, Testodren naturally increases testosterone levels or T-Levels and has no side effects as it’s said to be prepared using natural ingredients.

They also say that it improves energy levels, overall athletic performance and it could help in making stronger muscles. The manufacturers claim that it could help in improving focus and concentration, and would help in increasing stamina as well.

After thorough research of this product, I made up my mind that being all-natural and with no side effects and with so much praise and the proven result of my friend’s father and brother,  it should benefit my uncle as well.

My Experience With Testodren

I told my uncle about Testodren over the phone and he asked me about the product’s official website and other details. At the end of the conversation, he also mentioned that he might take the opinion of a nutritionist as well on this one.

Post that only, he will try and start the consumption. I was pretty relieved that he also thinks that he should take professional help when it comes to consuming a new substance.

I also told him about my friend whose father and brother happen to be regular users of the product.

My uncle, hearing all the benefits got impressed knowing about the effectiveness of the product with consistent usage. He also read on their official website in detail about it and agreed to give it a try.

After ordering the product, I assigned a nutritionist for my uncle to help him with his diet schedule and a fitness trainer who could push my uncle towards his lost love for strength training and could also guide him with the consumption of the product.

That particular nutritionist as well gave a green signal when it comes to Testodren’s consumption.

After a few weeks of consistent consumption, my uncle told me that he could feel slight changes in his energy levels.

According to my uncle, his weight started reducing at a steady rate with regular consumption and staying consistent with his nutrition plan and exercise routine.

My uncle told me that he was able to sleep better. This was not the case earlier. Hence, he mentioned that his sleeping pattern has improved as well.

My uncle also told me that his focus and concentration had improved and the problem of borderline diabetics was resolved and the range came under the normal reference range.

He also shared with me that he does not feels anxious anymore and almost felt like a brand new man with increased energy levels and better stamina. He started going for morning walks and jogging.

Though he loves to have cheat meals every once in a while, now he structures that around his nutrition plan and exercise routine and binges only on Sundays.

Looking at the results he gained with Testodren along with a proper exercise and diet plan given by the nutritionist. Now when he has been able to observe positive changes in his body, he has decided to stay active and consistent with this new routine throughout his life.

Dosage Followed With Testodren's Consumption

When it comes to following a schedule, my uncle is a champ. Hence, I can confidently say that my uncle followed a proper diet provided by the nutritionist.

At the same time, he also started an exercise schedule as well. All this was followed by the regular consumption of Testodren.  The standard dosage of Testodren is one capsule per day. The same details of dosage and how to take are on their official website as well.

He used to take one capsule per day along with breakfast. My uncle’s results started showing after several weeks of consistent consumption of the Testodren along with proper workouts and a balanced diet.

Benefits Of Using Testodren

As claimed by the manufacturers of the product, Testodren has a lot of benefits for the optimum functioning of the body.

According to my Uncle’s experience consuming Testodren for a few weeks, the following were the benefits that he got from it

  • Testosterone Levels Got Increased

    My uncle told me that according to his latest reports his T-levels or testosterone levels were improved and he could feel full of energy and stamina

  • Weight Loss

    My uncle told me that his weight was reducing and felt energetic and focused on his work and chores.

  • Lesser Amount Of Stress

    With a lesser amount of stress, my uncle has experienced better focus in his work and does it in a happy mood.

  • No Mood Swings

    Since my uncle has been using this product, his anger issues have been tackled and he no more feels anxious about small things like he used to.

On A Final Note On Testodren Review

My uncle feels happy and he says that he feels energized as if he used to feel in his twenties. He also mentions that he was now leading a healthy and active lifestyle which could have also played a major role in helping him in uplifting his mood and he no more feels sad and gloomy.

He often says that he feels like his energy remains the same throughout which was not the case before. 

He is now planning on starting home workouts for people in the neighborhood and says he will continue usage of this product with a proper diet and exercise program.

At the same time, he now wishes to help even his friends by guiding them about regular proper nutrition and how to lead a happy and peaceful life.

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