ProBiology Gut+ Review: Is It Really One Of The Best Gut Probiotics?

Medically reviewed by Maria Sarino, MD FACT CHECKED

This ProBiology Gut+ review has been truly a family affair as far as consumer experience is concerned. I came across this girl who consumed ProBiology Gut+ and later she recommended the same to her aunt as well.

She also tells in this ProBiology Gut+ review how she was able to improve her and her aunt’s daily lifestyle issues. You might want to read this one until the very end, if it was ProBiology Gut+ that improved their lives or if it was something else.

probiology gut+According to the manufacturers, ProBiology Gut+ is the latest probiotic+prebiotic formula that claims to improve gut health. As per their claims, they believe that ProBiology Gut+ may do so by reducing stress levels and could also help in improving digestion with its regular usage.

As per the official website, Probiology Gut+ is developed by top scientists and nutritionists that have worked together to formulate this substance.

They mention that the manufacturing process involves the usage of clinically proven bacteria strains that are believed to work together to improve the gut.

As per the information given on the official website, their premium formula for Gut+ consists of a patented capsule protection technology.

MAKtrek Bipass technology is said to be derived from brown seaweed extract which they believe could protect the good bacteria from stomach acid.

The manufacturers also affirm that ProBiology Gut+ is made with zero preservatives and requires no refrigeration. Not only this, but they also say that their product is gluten-free and soy-free as well.

Now that we have a small idea about what ProBiology  Gut+ is, let us now talk a little bit about its works and how ProBiology Gut+ is effective.

How Does ProBiology Gut+ Work?

According to the developers, ProBiology Gut+ is an all-natural dietary product that may try to work by providing your body with all the essential prebiotics as well as probiotics that could effectively boost your intestinal health.

As per the details on the website, it contains a certain combination of good bacteria strains, that they proclaim may also try to work by eliminating gut problems and may aid in digestion by making food absorb in an optimum way.

When the balance of good bacteria and bad bacteria is disturbed, it might lead to gut issues like gas, bloating, and constipation. ProBiology Gut+, as proclaimed by the makers, stabilizes probiotics in the intestine and may boost its health.

According to the information given on the website, ProBiology Gut+ contains 40 billion CFUs delivered by 4 live+ potent strains of good bacteria without any stomach issues.

Let us now dive straight into the ingredient profile.

ProBiology Gut+ Review: The Ingredients And How Do They Help In Managing Gut Health

ProBiology Gut+ has worked with nutritionists and scientists that have worked together to form a formula that has a combination of four premium bacterial strains that they believe could work together to improve gut health.

The ingredients present in the Probiology Gut+ may include-

  • Lactobacillus Paracasei

    Lactobacillus Paracasei when taken with other probiotic strains, may help in improving the intestinal barrier and could also improve gut health and improved digestion.

    It may also boost the immune system as well as could also provide anti-inflammatory benefits and improve skin health too.

  • Bifidobacterium Lactis

    Naturally occurring in the gut, this ingredient in ProBiology Gut+ may help nurture and support the immune system and digestive health which may also help in improving skin health as well as the respiratory system.

  • Lactobacillus Acidophilus

    Also referred to as L-acidophilus, they are used as probiotics which may help in putting back the good bacteria in the intestines, and by doing so, it could also help even out the good gut bacteria and could also address the IBS symptoms like gas and bloating.

    More on Lactobacillus here.

  • Lactobacillus Plantarum

    It may improve the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract and could also help in improving the food digestive rate whereas it could also help in decreasing the inflammatory response. Lactobacillus Plantarum may also help in flushing out toxins from the body, thereby aiding in bloating, stomach upset, and cramping issues.

  • MAKtrek Marine polysaccharide complex.

    Patented by ProBiology, this ingredient is present in ProBiology Gut+ that could work as a shield to protect probiotics so that they may not get dissolved by the stomach acid. This brown seaweed extract contains polysaccharides, that may provide better absorption of good bacteria.

  • Fructooligosaccharide

    It is considered a natural prebiotic fiber and as they are not digestible they move from the small intestine towards the large intestine, where they are said to support the growth of healthy bacteria in the digestive tract.

Why Did I Choose ProBiology Gut+ For My Aunt?

After doing extensive research on the internet I came across Probiology Gut+. Though I do not bet on probiotic products as I have been disappointed in the past regarding the same.

I have made bad choices in choosing the ideal probiotic product for me, but ProBiology Gut+ has changed my perspective entirely.

I was suffering from IBS for a long time. The irritation that I used to feel down there was unbearable. Not only this, now and then I would feel bloated and gassy without even eating extra spicy food or anything.

But with regular consumption of ProBiology Gut+, my irritating bowel syndrome issue was readily addressed. Within a few weeks, I wasn’t feeling bloated any longer and my bowels have also been regularised.

I am very close to my aunt. One day while on call, we were having a lovely conversation, she mentioned that she wanted to talk about something personal.

She told me that she has been experiencing a lot of irritation down around her vaginal area which usually happens when she is off her menstrual cycle.

She also told me that she feels bloated all the time and that her husband doesn’t like her that way and how bad she feels about it.

I told her that this may be due to a change in the normal balance of vaginal yeast but she shouldn’t worry about it too much as I already knew the perfect solution for it.

I had already, read about the effectiveness of the ProBiology Gut+ and all the appreciative feedback all over the internet from women who have experienced an improvement in bowel movements and their vaginal health.

For this very reason, I suggested she try ProBiology Gut+ and ordered a package for her.  Read below to find how was her experience when she consumed the product for a few months.

My Aunt's Consumption Experience

My aunt shared her consumption experience when she came to meet me after a few months. I could already notice that she looked happier and fitter than before.

She told me that when she started her ProBiology Gut+ consumption, from the third week she experienced better digestion and that resolved her problem of bloating that troubled her.

On the other hand, when it comes to her issues with vaginal irritation, that was also somewhat gone.

After telling me all this, she also told me that after a month of ProBiology Gut+ consumption, she also dropped two dress sizes and that she felt slimmer as her metabolism problem was effectively addressed by regularly consuming ProBiology Gut+.

Her husband appreciated her for her new look and she said that she was glad that I suggested she try this product as it has changed her life for good.

ProBiology Gut+ has helped my aunt in improving her overall health and well-being and she says how she wished she had known about the product way sooner than she did from me.

How Did She Use ProBiology Gut+?

Who to better trust other than the makers themselves? Hence, for her ProBiology Gut+ consumption, she followed the dosage information given on their official website.

She told me that she took two capsules every day for the benefits she got. One during the day, and another during the night.

For the optimum results, she took 2 capsules daily and it was also advisable not to exceed consuming more than two capsules each day.

ProBiology Gut+ Benefits

  • She Experienced Reduced Stress Levels

    Stress was an issue for her. But with regular consumption of ProBiology Gut+, my aunt’s overall gut health improved and she also tried meditation too which equally worked for her.

  • It Improved Her Digestion

    Another amazing benefit of ProBiology Gut+ that she got was her constipation problem was effectively addressed which helped  regularise her bowel movements and overall improved her digestion.

  • It Has Also Strengthen Her Immunity

    With consistent consumption of ProBiology Gut+, she was able to experience lesser sick days which was because her immunity had also strengthened.

  • Improved Her Vaginal Health

    One of the most effective benefits she got from the regular consumption of ProBiology Gut+ capsules was that the irritation that she felt down there was eliminated with time which has improved her overall vaginal health.

Natural Ways That Helped Her Boost Gut And Vaginal Health

I discovered through some internet research that there may be natural ways to improve digestion health, which was a true game-changer for me and I suggested the same to my aunt as well.

Chronic stress may result in poor gut health because it reduces blood flow, which leads to slower nutrient absorption.

My natural talent is being a huge overthinker, which has resulted in a lot of stress inside me over time. To deal with this, I tried different stress management techniques, such as meditation and other breathing techniques, which helped me. At the same time, when I came to know about ashwagandha benefits for women, I also started its consumption on regular basis.

Not to miss, I also improved my diet and start consuming some of the best and high fiber foods that could help my stomach improve digestion.

My aunt got benefited from it too as she told me the other day that meditation is doing wonders for her and how it is helping her remain calm in all situations and this has made her a happy person.

I made sure that I would convince my aunt to follow my routine of garden walks, so that she may be able to manage her bowel movements because post lunch and dinner walk aid in the movement of food along the intestine which helps with indigestion.

She even told me that she also incorporated into her routine, for her gut management was cutting back on sugar, eating more healthy fats and fiber, and staying hydrated throughout the day.

Final Takeaway From This Review

With regular consumption of ProBiology Gut+, she was able to improve her vaginal health, which was the main concern for her, but with a balanced gut bacteria, she was able to experience clear bowel movements and a lesser amount of bloating too.

Previously there would be times, because of the lesser amount of fiber in her diet resulted in a slower metabolism, she faced frustrating constipation situations, and even after spending a lot of time in the washroom, nothing used to help.

But now being consistent with ProBiology Gut+ and following a fiber-rich diet, she experienced faster metabolism and bathroom regularity.

Finally, I would like to mention that throughout my ProBiology Gut+ consumption review, everything fell in place for my aunt from better digestion to even better moods and improve vaginal health.

She is very pleased with her results and she even mentioned buying another package for herself already. Now she claims that I am one of the smart people in her life as I was able to improve her day to day lifestyle.

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