ProSolution Gel Review: Does This Gel Really Work As Claimed?

Medically reviewed by G. Liakeas, MD FACT CHECKED

This ProSolution Gel review is not a piece that is full of opinions. Instead, this is a write-up based on the actual user experience of ProSolution Gel.

At the same time, you would be able to know more about some of the basic things when it comes to this gel. As a result, you could say that it is one of the most comprehensive, authentic, and valuable ProSolution Gel reviews present on the internet.

Manufactured by Leading Edge Health Inc., ProSolution Gel is asserted to work as a topical male performance enhancer product. The manufacturers say that their product could aid in boosting sexual performance and in reaching absolute pleasure during sex.

As per the makers, ProSolution Gel could support enriching the size and erection of the penis that could help maintain rock-hard erections for a longer duration so you may be able to sense absolute satisfaction during sex.

They say ProSolution Gel could be considered a fast-acting natural alternative to prescription drugs and is believed to affect erection quality, functioning, and control.

According to the researchers of ProSolution Gel, they have added L-arginine content in ProSolution Gel, a powerful amino acid.

This amino acid could help increase the upsurge of blood flow to the penis and is believed to enhance erection hardness and an improved orgasm.

They affirm that ProSolution Gel ProSolution Gel skips the digestive system by delivering an intense, natural formulation through the skin utilizing several permeation enhancers, allowing the components to reach your most sensitive penile tissues faster.

How Does ProSolution Gel Work?

The makers of ProSolution Gel have claimed that their product contains high-quality natural ingredients that they believe to be very effective in improving sexual health without any side effects.

The exclusive and natural formulation of ProSolution Gel is said to be done by professionals and experts who performed extensive research and came to a conclusion that erection and penile blood are directly linked to nitric oxide levels,

It contains a blend of potent ingredients like L-arginine, bearberry extract, mango butter, and vitamin c. All these ingredients significantly boost nitric oxide levels in the body.

An enhanced nitric oxide level would improve blood flow in the genitals, and it could result in longer erections. Not only this, it might as well improve stamina and libido, resulting in more satisfying orgasms.

Thus, It includes L-arginine in the formulation so as when applied topically, it could instantly get absorbed in the penile tissues and enhance sexual performance.

Ingredients Present In ProSolution Gel

ProSolution Gel, according to its creators, is made with the finest grade natural components and includes no petrochemicals. According to the product’s official website, it contains the following ingredients:

  • L-Arginine

    L-Arginine present in ProSolution Gel is a type of amino acid that could help in increasing nitric oxide in the body. It might help in dilating the blood vessels which improves blood flow in the penis that may boost erections.

    More Info could be found here.

  • Aloe Vera

    This ingredient present in the ProSolution gel could help in the quick penetration and evenly spreading of the gel all over the concerned area and like arginine, it might as well help in increasing the amount o nitrogen produced in the body.

  • Bearberry

    This astringent herb is present in ProSolution Gel, which has been used for urinary track-related issues for centuries long.  It could help in improving orgasm strength.

  • Algae Extract

    Algae extra may help in providing suppleness to the epidermis of the skin and it could also be effective in better penetration of ProSolution Gel and its formulation giving you an amazing feel upon applying it.

  • Mango Butter

    Mango butter has been known as an aphrodisiac by many cultures and a male performance enhancer as well. It has been used by the makers in the formulation as it is considered a high-quality lubricant.

  • Menthol

    This ingredient in ProSolution Gel may help in warming up and stimulating the genitals, which could help in making you stay longer in the act. It is said to boost staying power.

  • Vitamin C

    ProSolution Gel contains Vitamin C which could help in increasing sex drive and frequency of intercourse. The study here shows that vitamin c could increase intercourse frequency.

Why Did I Go For ProSolution Gel?

I have always been mad at trying lubricants that provide me with short-term benefits; believe me, I have disappointed my girlfriend several times.

I needed to change my sad and not-so-happening sex life, which required a much-needed overhaul. Upon research, I stumbled upon ProSolution Pills and ProSolution Gel while looking for solutions to my problems.

While checking all the details related to its formulation and efficacy, I also read the positive feedback pouring all over the internet. I wanted something that could make me last longer and satisfy my girlfriend.

Upon reading more about ProSolution Gel, I discovered that it could help me last longer and satisfy my girlfriend.

I placed an order and started using it about thrice a week before engaging in sex, and I could feel the difference already,

I previously had issues maintaining an erection while having sex, but ProSolution Gel addressed it.

One day, over lunch, my uncle and I were having a conversation, and I asked him about his life, as it had been a while since I met him. He told me that his relationship was falling apart, and there was nothing he could do to save it.

Upon forcing him to tell the reason, he said to me that his personal life had been a mess and his aunt had been sad and disappointed, especially during intimate moments, as he would never be able to satisfy her and make her happy.

He told me that he had been feeling that he was losing stamina. Upon opening up with me, he shared every small and intimate detail.

He said that sex had not been great at all as he could not last long, lowering his confidence levels.

After listening to his problem, I told him that it is not something that cannot be fixed and enlightened him about my issues and how a product helps me improve them.

That’s when I told him about ProSolution Gel. I exclaimed that this naturally formulated gel was everything you could ask from an authentic performance enhancer.

But, I also asked him to make a few natural changes in his lifestyle, which could facilitate using ProSolution gel, which could help improve his overall physical and sexual health.

For this, I asked him to include cardiovascular exercises like running and try and meditate, too, to keep stress at bay. So he assured me that he would follow the same.

I also asked him to switch to healthier eating habits and consume fruits and vegetables like bananas, onion, and garlic with his Prosolution Gel application, which would help him lead an active and healthy life.

He was skeptical about ordering the product for himself, so I offered my pack to give him a shot at it and discontinue if it did not work for him. I told him that ProSolution might work for him as it did for me.

Thus, after knowing that it would cause no harmful effects as it’s an all-natural ingredient-based product, he took the gel pack from me to try it on for a few weeks. Please read below to learn about his experience with the product.

ProSolution Gel Usage Experience

I met my uncle after a few weeks, and he appeared content which made me happy too. We went for coffee, and while we were just about to finish having it, I asked if the  ProSolution Gel worked.

He told me that the gel started working instantly on him, and at the moment of application, he felt an immediate cooling sensation with instant arousal.

He also told me that the cooling sensation made him excited about the intercourse, and he was not able to contain it. It also gave him stronger erections and helped in enhancing his stamina too.

He told me that even though my aunt still gets mad at him for trivial matters, they both work it out together, and somehow the intimacy was rekindled as he couldn’t thank me enough for introducing him to ProSolution Gel.

Thus, ProSolution helped my uncle improve his sex life with his partner, and now he is a confident and happy man.

Benefits Of Using ProSolution Gel

  • Enhanced Stamina And Sexual Desire

    With a regular application of  ProSolution Gel, he was able to experience a longer duration of erection and an increased blood flow helped in increasing sex drive.

  • Increased Confidence and Sexual Chemistry

    A messed-up intimate relationship could trouble you manifold. Thus, with constant use of ProSolution Gel, one could experience increased confidence in the bedroom. It could result in a sensual increase in sexual chemistry.

  • Rapid Arousal

    Another benefit of ProSolution Gel could be the instant arousal felt within 5 to 10 minutes of applying the gel to the intimate area. The makers claim that their product could start working from the moment it has been applied on.

  • Enhanced And Improved Orgasm

    The ingredients could benefit in providing longer and harder erections which could add to better lovemaking sessions and even better orgasms after.

How To Use ProSolution Gel

ProSolution Gel is incredibly simple to use. The application information is available on the official website. No prescription is required to apply this easy-to-use Prosolution Gel.

I used to pour some gel on my hands, then apply it to the shaft of the penis, according to the directions on the official website.

According to the producers of ProSolution Gel, it can be massaged directly or with the assistance of a partner, and results can be expected nearly instantly.

Additional Changes That I Made While Using ProSolution Gel

Several natural therapies can aid in boosting sexual health. I followed some simple ways and used ProSolution Gel regularly, and I made my uncle do the same because it might relieve him too.

I kept active and did cardiovascular workouts like jogging and brisk walking, which helped keep my heart healthy, and a good nature contributes to a better sex life by preventing you from running out of breath.

Second, I ate a lot of fruits and vegetables like bananas, garlic, and onion, which improved blood circulation and enhanced sexual performance.

Another benefit was the stress-relieving meditation I practiced. Regardless of how underappreciated stress management is for sexual health, it worked for me, and I was able to have fantastic sex with my partner with no tension flowing through my thoughts.

As a result, while ProSolution Gel enhanced my uncle’s sexual performance in the same manner it did for me, these simple methods enabled us to enjoy a better sex life while also keeping our lovers happy and content.

Final Takeaway From This ProSolution Gel Review

To summarise my exclusive ProSolution Gel review, the product worked for my uncle just as well as it did for me, and he has become a devoted user of the gel.

He also claims that ProSolution Gel was a lifesaver for him and helped him save his relationship, which was on the cusp of collapsing.

Apart from introducing ProSolution Gel into his life, I also urged him to follow a few healthier habits that boosted both his physical and sexual health, and he is now a happy man who intends to maintain these positive improvements in his life.