ProSolution Pills Review – Is It Really Trusted To Buy ?

Medically reviewed by Maria Sarino, MD FACT CHECKED

There are a number of Prosolution reviews present on the internet. But they only talk gibberish about technicalities and bookish language.

There is absolutely no personal reviews and stories involved in those Prosolution reviews.

Well, keeping them aside, I am writing this article, through which, I will try to share my personal experiences and will also share step by step progress as I went ahead into the Prosolution consumption cycle.

Prosolution pills

Also, I have tried to share my research which benefited me in selecting this amazing male enhancement pill.

Hence, if you are someone who is looking to improve their sexual health, increase libido, improve erections and need help in lasting long in bed.

Then you need to read this article till the very end. As I am pretty sure that you would be able to decide for yourself, if this male enhancement pill is an ideal choice for you or not.

Having said that, let me begin by sharing some of the basic information about Prosolution, then I will proceed with my personal consumption story.

The believers of ProSolution Pills claim that it is one of the best male performance pill that is trusted by thousands of men.

It is used for bigger, longer, harder and long lasting erections. By using this male enhancement system, you may be able to supercharge your sex drive.

To go along with this, number of orgasms also see an increment with the regular dosage.

Hence, if you are looking to improve your sexual performance, then you can definitely try this male enhancement pill.

A number of consumers have reported that they have seen an optimal increase in their sexual performance as there are natural ingredients involved in the production.

How ProSolution Works ?

This section will cover the process of working of ProSolution. Hence, if you want to indulge yourself in the technicalities of this male enhancement pill then you can go through this section.

According to the manufacturers, ProSolution works on improving two aspects of sexual health.

The overall improvement involves both, physical and psychological aspects. Hence, it tries improvement in sex drive and erection quality.

how prosolution works

At the same time, there is an increment in the oxygen levels because of good nitric oxide levels. In some of the cases, if there is any deficiency, it also acts as a virility enhancer.

With the help of natural ingredients, there will be an increase in stamina and you would be able to satisfy your partner to the fullest.

Also, the manufacturers have conducted various studies and clinical trials. As a result of which they were able to zero down on specific set of ingredients and their quantity.

This is one of the main reason of the success of this male enhancement pill. Let us now take a look at the ingredients involved in the manufacturing process.

Ingredients Of ProSolution Pills

  1. Solidilin

    This is one of the main compounds in ProSolution. It is also known for improvement in the sexual performance.

    Also, there is an inclusion of L-Dopa which gives the pleasure signals to the brains. Hence, this is pretty important compound.

  2. Korean Ginseng

    This is an age old herb that has been used by Chinese men since ages. It is directly involved in the improvement of erections and sexual health as well.

    It boosts the immune system, lowers the blood levels and improves the energy levels as well.


  3. Butea Superba

    Inclusion of this shrub provides the improvement in the over all sexual experience. This enhances the libido levels naturally and helps in boosting the testosterone levels.

    Since this is naturally extracted substance, it does not have any kind of side effects as well.


  4. Momordica

    This is better known as bitter gourd. It has got amazing antioxidant properties. This one is used by an Indian household as a vegetable since ages.

    It is a great blood purifier and help in absorbing more oxygen in blood. As a result of which, there will be good amount of photosynthesis taking place this helps in generation if new cells.


  5. Apigenin and Amla

    Loaded with vitamin C, this is a total immunity booster. It helps to increase the sperm count. Also, there is an amazing vitamin that could help in fat loss as well.

    This also takes care of the fungal issues in the urinary tract as well. In totality, it improves the over all sexual functionality.


  6. Arjuna

    This is a part of a plant that is used for various issues in the medicine of Ayurveda. It has got a number of amazing properties like, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antimicrobial.

    It also improves the cardiovascular health and improves the overall sexual performance.

  7. Cordyceps

    These are known for its anti aging effects. They are also known as immunity boosters as they increase the metabolic rate with the human body.

    This one is also pretty beneficial in fighting inflammation. Hence, it is also good for overall health improvement.

  8. Zinc Oxide

    This is also one of the essential mineral that is involved in the manufacturing process. It aids the metabolic rate and increases the absorption power of human body.

    In men, it is also known to be increasing the sperm count naturally. Also, it is really beneficial for boosting the testosterone levels.

  9. Reishi Mushroom

    This is one of the unique ingredient that is involved in the manufacturing process. It increases stamina and boosts energy.

    It has got some amazing properties like anti-viral and anti bacterial. This one is also an anti oxidant substance.

  10. Curculigo

    This herb is adaptogen and aphrodisiac. Also, used in Ayurveda since ages. For this very reason it is pretty popular in India as it helps in boosting the sexual health in men.

  11. Drilizen

    This is one of the proprietary compounds used in the production of ProSolution. It stimulates the glands that secrete luteinizing hormone.

    As a result of which, there will be increase in the production of testosterone. Which ultimately helps in the over all well being of sexual health.

  12. Bladderwrack

    This is a sea weed that could be used to increase the Iodine content in your diet. Which will help in secretion of thyroid hormone which will help in the fat loss process.

    This ultimately helps in improving the overall sexual health.

My Journey With ProSolution

With increasing age and stress levels my urge for sexual act has been diminishing since long time. But I did not care much.

Until recently when my wife expressed her concern with me in this regard. Hence, I wanted to make sure that I am ready for my wife, and I am able to satisfy her.

I tried really hard but, it was not happening. As a result I discussed this problem with one of my office people.

He instantly referred me to the official website of Prosolution. I gave him looks as I have heard lots of horror stories of male enhancement pills going wrong.

To this he assured me that, he himself has been consuming this pill since last 1 year and it has been working for him and there were no side effects.

I took my time for research as I do not believe anyone but me or any kind of professional.

Hence, I contacted my doctor friend who was also okay with me in trying this male enhancement pill.

As a result of which, I started with the consumption from the very next week.

For the first two weeks there was nothing. I could not feel any changes. It was from the third week that I noticed an erected penis in the morning.

I was amazed by seeing that sight and that morning I had a great intimate morning with my wife. To my surprise she complemented me and told me that she can see improvements in my performance.

This made me feel wonderful and energized. This was because, I was on the right track and it is just matter of regular dosage before I am back to my old performance levels as a twenty-year-old.

As I went further in the consumption cycle, my performance saw great improvements and I was able to satisfy my wife.

I would also like to mention the fact that I also started consuming ashwagandha for improving my stress levels as well. This could also have helped me in improving my overall health.

Changes During The Prosolution Consumption

  1. Rock Hard Erections

    This was one of the first improvements that I noticed in me. As I went ahead in the consumption cycle, my erections saw great improvements.

    Also, I was able to last long. This was only possible because of the natural ingredients involved in the production of Prosolution.

  2. Thicker Erection

    According to my wife, her level of satisfaction was a level higher when compared to sexual experiences that she had in twenties with me.

    This was a huge compliment for me and I knew that I should give all the credit to Prosolution.

  3. Enhanced Stamina

    There was a huge uptrend in the stamina levels. I am  able to last long and continue my act till my wife is satisfied.

    I personally feel that, I was able to control my erections in a better way and ejaculate only when I wanted to.

  4. Increased Libido Levels

    Prior to the consumption cycle, my libido levels were really low. I always felt tired and worn out.

    For this very reason, I was not able to initiate sexual tension between me and my wife as a result of which her dissatisfaction with me started to increase.

    All those things changed when I started with the Prosolution consumption.

Having said all that, you might want to note that I also included some of the best male fertility boosting foods as well. This is because, I wanted to increase sperm count as well.

My Dosage Schedule With ProSolution

My office friend suggested that I should stick with the official dosage recommendations.

Hence, I never deviated from those dosage schedules. Also, I never missed even a single dosage day, which made my energy levels high.

I started with two capsules per day and continued the same dosage levels, and I am pretty satisfied with the results till now.

Recently I came to know about ProSolution Gel as well. I have started using that as well. My experience has been excellent with the same.

Side Effects

I was really worried about the side effects.

As I have read and heard tons of horror stores that involve male enhancement pills.

To all that, my friend showed me his subscription bills in which he ordered the subscription of six months twice in last year.

Also, he told me that he never felt any kind of side effect.

On the contrary, he always feels energized and is always in a great mood

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