Provestra Review: Shocking Truth About This Female Libido Enhancer Revealed

Medically reviewed by Maria Sarino, MD FACT CHECKED

This Provestra review sheds light on my consumption journey. It starts from the point when I dreaded each and every moment of sexual intercourse to enjoying every twist and turn of the same.

Hence, if you are someone who is sailing in the same boat as me prior to the consumption of Provestra. Then you need to read this article until the very end.

I have included my personal experiences, how Provestra works, its ingredients and benefits of Provestra.

Ultimately you will get to know about my consumption journey in the Provestra review.

Without wasting much of your time, let me start with some of the basics about Provestra.

provestraThe manufacturers claim that it is pretty helpful in increasing vaginal sensation and claim that it is female libido enhancer.

At the same time, it is known for enhancing orgasm intensity. Along with it, it plays an important role in providing the all-important lubricant.

They also claim that it is one of the best instant female arousal pills over the counter.

The lubricant part of pretty essential during sexual intercourse. Hence, you would be able to enjoy the sexual act to the fullest.

The manufacturers also claim that they have included all the natural ingredients. As a result, there are very few chances of any kind of side effects.

On the authenticity part, according to the manufacturer, Provestra is the doctor’s recommended substance. A number of doctors recommend this supplement to their female patients.

As a result of which, their sexual desire is improved drastically in a step-by-step manner. All this is achieved naturally with the help of natural ingredients.

In totality, you might say that Provestra might enable you to not only enjoy sex. But you will also slowly start enjoying it.

How Provestra Works?

Let us now take a look at how exactly Provestra works.

According to the manufacturer, the researchers have zeroed down on the proprietary blend of nutrients, vitamins and different ancient herbs.

Hence, the combination of these blend works towards improving any kind of imbalance in female sex hormones or other hormones that a female is going through.

As a result of which, all the sexual glands are aligned. The glands start functioning properly that leads to improvement in the sexual desire.

The manufacturer also claims that most of the females start noticing changes within 30 days of regular consumption.

There will be an improvement in the sexual sensation. Enhancement in the lubrication part and ultimately an intensified orgasm.

All these changes will lead to a better sexual experience.

Hence, if the consumer is regular with the daily dosage, there will be a gradual upward movement in the sexual intimacy.

Ingredients In Provestra

According to the manufacturers, they have used a proprietary blend of ingredients. All the ingredients are natural and there is no inclusion of any kind of synthetic or artificial enhancers.

Let us take a look at the ingredients individually.

  • Theobromine

    This is used in increasing the blood flow in your body. Hence, with the inclusion of this substance, your genital area will receive proper blood flow.

  • Ginseng

    This one is an old Indian herb used to improve metabolism and improve nutrient absorption power. Also, it is pretty instrumental in improving your mood.

  • Ginkgo Biloba

    This one is an old Chinese herb used in increasing the blood flow. Improves the intensity of the orgasm and ultimately improves the overall sexual performance.

  • Red Raspberry

    This is an amazing antioxidant substance that improves overall health. It helps in strengthening the reproductive system as well

    A number of consumers claim that it also helps in reducing the symptoms of PMS. At the same time, you might notice that it helps in naturally balancing estrogen.

  • Licorice Root

    This one directly interacts with the sexual hormones. This ultimately improves the hormonal imbalance that is not letting you enjoy the sexual act.

  • Ginger Root

    Another great natural substance. This one of pretty useful in improving the metabolism and increasing the immunity power of your body as well.

  • Indole-3-Carbinol

    This one is present in cruciferous vegetables. Hence, if you are not eating vegetables then the manufacturers have added this one for you.

  • Damiana Leaf

    This one has aphrodisiac effects. Hence, you may say that Damiana leaf has great importance in the ingredients list.

    It also enhances oxygen levels as a result of which, the sexual intensity and sensitivity are also increased.

  • Black Cohosh Root

    This one is a native North America’s herb. Also used in the treatment of menopausal symptoms. It also tries to maintain estrogen levels.

  • Vitamin A

    It maintains the overall sexual health and maintains the proper blood flow. Also, it is beneficial for the skin.

    ingredients provestra

My Consumption Journey With Provestra

Post my first breakup, I was a mess. I seriously did not even want to look at a guy’s face. I was so much angry at men in general.

Couldn’t’ believe that I was in a relationship for about 6 years with a guy from the time of high school. And everything was done and dusted when I found him cheating.

I was literally a mess for about a year or so. Post that, my best friend proposed to me, and I was not able to decide what to do. To which I finally said yes.

Everything was happy and smooth for about the first 3-4 months. Things starting to change when he started to get physical with me.

Mentally and physically I was not ready for the same. But deep down I knew that if I stopped myself here, then there are high chances, I might not be able to settle with anyone else.

Hence, I tried to indulge in a physical intimacy but it failed drastically. My body was not ready for anything.

I had to cross this barrier hence, I started searching on the internet for the solution and found Provestra.

Hence, I started with the consumption. I decided not to give a miss to any of the dosage. Hence, I was pretty regular with the same.

I still remember I started feeling a relaxation feeling from the start of the second week itself. My mood improved a lot.

I was at ease and there was strange positiveness inside me. Hence, in the third week of consumption, I decided to test the results.

Hence, I asked my current boyfriend for the stay over. He understood, and he made intimate moves, and I was able to feel each and every thing.

I was happy that my body is able to accept.

In totality, I was able to benefit a great deal out of this amazing female libido enhancer.

Provestra Benefits

  • It Helped Me Increase Libido

    My libido levels came back to normal levels. This was in the initial phase of consumption. Post the fourth week of consumption, I was kind of wanting sex.

    This was an amazing change that I wanted my body to undergo. For this very reason, I was able to indulge in intimacy with my new boyfriend.

  • Enhanced Orgasm Intensity

    Another amazing change that I noticed after the three weeks of regular consumption was the enhanced orgasm intensity.

    Although prior to this, in my previous relationship, I was able to reach orgasm. But nothing came close to what I was feeling after consuming Provestra.

    Personally speaking, I was able to enjoy sex and play an equal part in the act and was also able to tease my boyfriend with certain moves. This made him go wild.

  • Re-ignited Sensation

    The sensation part was pretty amazing. I was able to feel each and every move that was made. Over and above that, I was able to enjoy the moves.

    This was pretty refreshing. It made me realize that I was missing something in my previous relationship. During the intimate act, I could literally feel each and every cell of my body,

    They seemed to me as if they were happy about something.

  • Additional Lubrication

    I still remember the first time post my breakup when I tried to be intimate with my current boyfriend. The act got completely ruined. It was mainly due to the absence of lubrication.

    Post using Provestra, I was on cloud nine. I was able to enjoy everything and the lubrication part was taken care of by the inner fluids.

    Everything became enjoyable and smooth for me.

Provestra Side Effects

Frankly speaking, from the day one, I was nervous about Provestra.

As I have never consumed any kind of supplement until I started consuming Provestra.

I certainly thank GOD that I started with the Provestra consumption and was able to improve my sexual life.

There were no side effects that I faced. To this date, I am consuming the dosage as per the recommended limits and everything seems to be working perfectly fine for me.

Provestra Dosage

From the initial part of my consumption cycle, I was sticking to the recommended dosage of 1 capsule per day.

I never tried to go overboard with the dosage schedule.

Hence, I was pretty okay with following all the rules stated by the manufacturers.

Final Words On Provestra Review

Prior to using Provestra, and after my breakup, my life was literally hell. I was not able to concentrate on anything apart from that broken relationship.

This changed when my best friend proposed to me and I said yes. This is when my body did not accept the physicality of the relationship. Then I started using Provestra and things started to improve.

As I write this Provestra review, I am a satisfied user who was able to improve her relationship. At the same time, was able to enjoy the physical intimacy after such a long time.

All in all, I am pretty satisfied with the results that I got from Provestra’s regular usage. As a result, I am planning to use the same in the future as well.

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