RadBulk Review – Is This Really A Good Alternative Of Testolone RAD-140?

Medically reviewed by Maria Sarino, MD FACT CHECKED

This RadBulk review will make you aware of the consumption journey that has been shared with us by one of the consumers. Here, he talks about why did he use this product and what were his experiences like.

Not to miss, he has also talked about the results that he was able to observe with the regular consumption in this RadBulk review.

Hence, if you are interested in knowing his story or you are looking to gain more information when it comes to RadBulk, you might want to read this text until the very end.

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RADBULKAccording to the makers, RadBulk is one of the legal SARMs and is an alternative to Testolone RAD-140. The makers have marketed RadBulk as a substance that could melt away excess fat and may as well help your body in building lean muscle.

The makers claim that RadBulk shoots up your metabolism levels while keeping the fat levels at a minimum. They also claim that it may as well help you in keeping your energy levels elevated.

Brutal Force SARMs alternatives are claimed by the makers to be safe in most cases. They say that RadBulk may help in developing vascularity which in turn would make your muscles pop.

At the same time, the official website mentions that RadBulk may help you with improved recovery time. As a result, you may be able to train harder than ever before.

Your training volume may improve and you may be able to lift more weights.

As mentioned by the makers, RadBulk may help you shed fat around your muscles and they also say that there would be no water retention in the body that makes the skin around the muscle all puffy.

No excessive water retention may reveal your muscles and vascularity and it may help you stay at your best build throughout the year.

They say that RadBulk may give you insane power to keep you charged up for your workouts and build rock-solid muscle mass.
RadBulk makers say that it may also work as an anti-inflammatory agent which in turn would reduce your recovery time.

How Does RadBulk Work?

As per the manufacturers, RadBulk may have natural metabolism accelerates that help breaks down excess fat and use it as an energy source for your workouts. This may help you perform better.

Water retention is an issue and is given a lot of attention by bodybuilders. On this front as well, the manufacturers of RadBulk claim that they have devised such a formula that may help and get rid of water retention issues as well.

Hence, you could also say that the lesser water retention may make your muscles pop and look more chiseled and defined.

The official website also mentions that RadBulk also tries its best to promote the synthesis of the neurotransmitter Acetylcholine. As a result, it could help in improving mental focus.

Due to this, you may be able to enhance your performance in the gym.

Not to miss, as per the manufacturer, they have used a number of anti-inflammatory agents which could help ramp up your energy levels too.

Therefore you might be able to feel enhanced energy levels may help you with your training and you could train for longer hours and lift more weights and more often.

At the same time, its makers also claim that RadBulk may help your body with enhanced strength for your workout session. Hence, with that, you’d build the rock-solid muscles that you’ve dreamed of.

Ingredients Used In RadBulk

RadBulk makers claim that it has all-natural ingredients and nutrients that may help in muscle building and enhancing testosterone levels. Let us  look at the ingredients present in RadBulk one by one:

  • Acetyl-L-Carnitine HCl

    A type of amino acid, Acetyl-L-Carnitine present in RadBulk may help in building muscle and providing energy from fat deposits. it may help you charge your ability to train by torching away the fat and using it as fuel for your workouts.

    One of the major roles of Acetyl-L-Carnitine in RadBulk is the oxidation of fat and using it as an energy source for your sessions.

    Acetyl-L-Carnitine may help you with testosterone production and with decreasing recovery time intervals after a workout session. It is said that it is a key ingredient for burning fat in the body.

  • Wild Yam Root Powder

    Wild Yam Root Powder may help you with your muscle cramps and also provide benefits to your sore muscles. Wild yam root has an active compound named Diosgenin, which may help in the production of testosterone which is a crucial hormone required for protein synthesis.

    It may help with faster fat burning and could help with developing endurance for your workouts. Wild Yam Root could help in better muscle functioning and prevent muscle loss.

    More information on wild yam has been discussed in this governmental paper here.

  • Safflower Oil Powder

    Safflower oil is thought to reduce the fat percentage of the body. Not only this, it may help in increasing muscle mass, making safflower oil the go-to ingredient for the makers to use in RadBulk.

  • Dimethylaminoethanol (DMAE)

    DMAE may help to positively improve your focus and mood which could be said to be a must for bodybuilders and athletes. It may also help in overall energy development in the body for those intense workout sessions.

    New insights about the same have been discussed here.

  • Choline Bitartrate

    This ingredient present in RadBulk may help in boosting your metabolism in the body. According to Wikipedia, Choline Bitartrate may help you in the contraction of muscles.

Why Did I Start Consuming RadBulk?

How did I come across knowing about this product? Well to start, I was doing my research looking for a supplement that could help me with putting on some serious muscle mass and size.

This is because, at that point, it has been around two years for me when I joined the gym but was unable to observe any decent results in terms of muscle or muscular physique.

I went all out to get my hands on such products as hitting strength plateaus for me was heartbreaking.

Throughout my life, I had issues with my digestion. This proved to be evil for me because of the fact my body was not able to absorb nutrients required for muscle gain.

At the same time, fat accumulation was a real worry full sign for me. Hence, you could say that even regular gymming did not keep me away from fat accumulation and made it difficult for me to gain muscle.

I was looking for something that was not harsh for my body and would give the desired results in terms of fat loss and muscle gain.

My Journey With RadBulk

As a result, when I came to know about RadBulk, I decided that I will give it a try. My trainer also made me promise that I will start consuming more vegies and give up my drinking habit gradually.

All these issues really made me think that I should do something about my body and try to improve it as much as possible.

Hence, I decided that I will try to add more veggies to my regular diet.

I started with the consumption along with the hopes that I am able to improve my overall health along with decent muscle gains. I  took some help from another friend of mine in terms of diet and eating schedule.

Once all those things were approved by my trainer, I decided that I will start with following a proper gymming schedule. To have a decent diet which comprises of veggies.

Also, gave up on my junk food snacking habit. Having said all that, the biggest sacrifice that I made was reducing my clubbing days to only 1 per week.

This considerably brought down my additional calorie intake. I followed all these things with all my heart along with the regular consumption of RadBulk.

After about 3-4 months, I observed that I have gained a decent muscle size and reduced overall fat in the body with RadBulk, the muscle size which was like a dream in the past for me.

I could finally feel my efforts are paying off. RadBulk ramped up my metabolism which helped melt away excess fat while retaining my muscle size and mass.

At the same time, I could say my strength saw a decent improvement. Not to miss, the compliments that I started receiving on the improvement of my vascularity and muscle gains.

I do not want to brag about it much, but my muscle size was visibly increased and there was the least amount of water retention in my body with no side effects.

My neighbor got so impressed by my results of using RadBulk that he ordered a stack for himself. In the beginning, I was skeptical about what their makers claimed if it was true, but now I would say I am an ardent RadBulk user.

With a proper diet and consistent workouts, RadBulk has helped me gain a sufficient amount of muscle size and has helped me cut back on excess fat.

My RadBulk Dosage

My RadBulk dosage was pretty simple. According to my trainer,  it was no rocket science. I used to consume 2 capsules per day with water 40-45 minutes before my workouts.

Along with it, I took proper meals which contained all the macros (fats, carbohydrates, and protein). I consumed these capsules on my workout days.

I stood consistent and kept my nutrition and workouts in check for the results which I got.

Benefits That I Observed With RadBulk Consumption

The initial journey with RadBulk was really a tough one. This is because I tried to give up junk food, reduced my clubbing days per week, and included a lot of veggies as well in my diet along with the consumption of RadBulk.

All this really started paying well for me in the latter part of the 2nd month or maybe the starting of the 3rd month. I tried my best to stay consistent for a few more weeks and waited patiently for the results.

Finally, with continuous usage of RadBulk and consistency, I started noticing the results. The benefits I got from RadBulk were:

  • Build iron-hard and rock-solid muscle

    With RadBulk I gained an ample amount of muscle mass without costing my energy levels. There was no water retention in the muscles of my body making those muscles look more prominent and chiseled.

  • Torches up the fat burning process

    One of the major benefits I got from RadBulk was its amazing fat-burning function. It has Acetyl-L-Carnitine which uses fat as fuel to charge up the workouts.

  • Develops strength and power

    RadBulk helped me develop a massive amount of strength and power which helped me in creating new personal records in bodybuilding.

  • Builds endurance

    RadBulk has helped me with my recovery time as well. Lesser recovery times have helped me increase my endurance levels resulting in more gains.

Final Thoughts On RadBulk Review

To sum up my RadBulk review, I conclude by mentioning that, it was a dream for me that I am able to achieve a decent body that has muscular look.

With all the hard work and inclusion of a proper diet and gymming schedule along with the regular consumption of RadBulk, I was able to gain a good amount of muscle size.

This was really like a dream for me before I started my journey with RadBulk, I am able to add up muscles and I am pretty confident that I would be able to take benefits out of the same in the future as well.

On the other hand, the best part that I am pretty thankful about is the absence of any kind of side effects. This was a huge plus for me as RadBulk improved my digestion as well.

At the same time, there were no side effects. For this very reason, I have decided that I will keep on using RadBulk in future as well.


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