Roman Hair Loss Treatment Review: Does This Really Work?

Medically reviewed by Maria Sarino, MD FACT CHECKED

In this roman hair loss treatment review, I express what I exactly feel about this hair loss treatment.

At the same time, I discuss what are the results so far that I am able to notice since the time I have started to use the services of roman hair loss treatment.

Also, I discuss some of the main aspects of their work and the whole range of treatments.

Hence, if you are someone who is looking to get a hair treatment done somewhere or at Roman, I would highly recommend that you give this Roman hair loss treatment a read till the very end.

romanRoman Hair Loss Treatment is a hair loss treatment offered by the brand. 

Roman is a telehealth company. This brand was founded in the year 2017. It focuses on men’s health and provides treatment options for various health conditions in men.

You can tap into the network of this company, which includes licensed doctors from the United States of America, and avail some quality treatment options to maintain your overall health.

In this article, my focus is to talk about its hair loss treatment options that are available.

Roman’s Hair Loss Treatment puts its attention on the problem of hair fall or hair loss in men, their causes, and lastly, their solutions without making a hole in your pocket.

A detailed comparison of Hims Vs Roman Vs Keeps might help you understand all three even more.

Roman Hair Loss Treatment: How Does It Work?

With the help of Roman Healthcare and its services, you could receive quality care within the comfort of your home, over a phone call or computer.

The company has made it possible for one and all to seek the treatment of their hair fall and hair loss through an online consultation.

All you need to do is to answer a few questions about your health. The licensed doctors at Roman shall inquire about your symptoms of hair fall along with your medical history.

After this, they might determine the best treatment option for you. You are further required to follow up through secure messaging in the company’s portal.

You don’t have to visit a doctor for consultation or medication anymore. As everything could be done within the comfort of your home, you may as well get your medicines at your doorstep.

The company guarantees a discretely packaged free shipping of the concerning medication.

Furthermore, the company lets you take its free follow-ups ongoing care. You may continue and adjust your treatments according to the recovery and effectiveness of the treatment.

You may as well schedule your follow-ups with the leading physicians and nurses that Roman has for you.

Roman Hair Loss Treatment - Components

Hair loss or hair fall has become one of the most common problems in men. Men of all ages have started suffering from the thinning of hair.

Many reasons add to hair loss, and it needs to be treated at once. While you can opt for various treatment options to address the problem, Roman Hair Loss Treatment brings everything within the comfort of your home.

The company addresses your problem of hair loss by the following treatment methods:

  • Finasteride

    Technically, this medication is known as a 5-alpha reductase inhibitor. It works by blocking an enzyme called 5-alpha reductase, responsible for the thinning of hair.

    5-alpha reductase converts normal testosterone into male sex hormone known as DHT. DHT or dihydrotestosterone is responsible for baldness in men.

    Finasteride works immediately by blocking DHT in your body, thereby helping you prevent the thinning of hair. However, it is pertinent to mention that the full effects of this treatment may not appear for some time.

    It is because hair follicles take time to produce new hairs. You may start noticing the positive effects of this treatment after 3-4 months. The doctors at Roman suggest that it is a safe treatment option and could be opted by one and all.

  • Minoxidil

    Another treatment option for hair loss offered by Roman is Minoxidil. Also known by the brand name Rogaine, it is one of the widespread treatment options offering treatment for male pattern hair loss. Minoxidil offers an oral blood pressure medication for hair loss at the crown.

    Many reports and studies have suggested that this topical treatment option encourages the flow of blood to the hair follicles that are otherwise weakened because of lack of sufficient flow of blood.

    The increased blood flow then feeds the hair follicles with more nutrients and oxygen that eventually leads to the hair-strengthening. Alongside this, Minoxidil may as well extend the anagen or growth stage of a hair follicle.

    Other studies have also claimed that this topical treatment may regrow hair at the crown at 5 percent strength. The application of Minoxidil is safe for a majority of men. Just wash your hands well after applying the medication.

  • Finasteride and Minoxidil

    Based on your pattern of hair loss, the doctors at Roman may as well offer you a combined treatment of Finasteride and Minoxidil.

    You may take both these drugs simultaneously. Roman calls it the most powerful treatment of hair loss in its arsenal. However, you would be prescribed this treatment only if the doctor finds you a candidate for both.

    This combination treatment at Roman works in different ways for different individuals. As the underlying cause of hair loss is not the same for everyone, one might not be able to find out the best treatment option for them.

    The combination of both these treatments lets you increase your chances of hair loss control while regrowing hair at the same time.

    Minoxidil has received huge success in growing the hair at the crown, and Finasteride works by picking up the slack with the receding hairline.

Consequently, all these treatment options could stop all the barriers that may be contributing to hair thinning on your scalp.

What’s cherry on the cake is that these drugs don’t interact with each other. Hence, no risk is associated with the use of this combination treatment.

You may continue with this treatment option as long as you are capable of taking these drugs simultaneously.

My Experience With - Roman Hair Loss Treatment

My hairstyle has been one of the biggest assets of my personality since the time I can remember. I was always known for my hairstyle and amazing hair.

This was the story till I reached 30 years of age. Since I crossed that line, I have been facing severe to moderate hair fall.

Initial few years, I did not really care as I told myself that this was just a phase and eventually, the process of hair fall will stop.

Sadly for me, that did not happen. It has continued since that time itself. There was a time in my life when I was only worried about hair loss and nothing else.

These things started to take a more drastic and worry full turn. Since the starting of the last year, I started noticing severe hair fall.

This made me really worried, I started researching on the internet about this condition. I was perfectly fine in every aspect.

I did not smoke, I ate a balanced and pretty healthy diet. My protein intake has been right up there since my early teenage life.

Hence, their general solutions did not work for me at all as I was already following all those things. I discussed these things with a couple of my friends.

One of them recommended me to use the services of Roman. I researched and dug a whole bunch of stuff about them.

I was not that confident in the initial stage. But since the price was not that much, I thought to myself, whet the heck, let me give it a try.

Roman Hair Loss Treatment Results

Ever since then, it has been 4 months, my hair fall has completely stopped. Now I am expecting some coverage in terms of overall hair health.

Like the thickness of my hair kept on reducing for the last few years. This was completely changed. Now I can confidently say that I am gaining thickness in my hair.

At the same time, my hairline started receding a little from the sides. This was one of the major concerns. The specialists at Roman have taken care of that perfectly fine.

I have started seeing some re-growth in this regard. I really feel more confident now. At the same time, my old friends compliment me really well whenever they see my quality hair.

They are always in awe and always ask, how did I even manage to maintain the same levels of hair on my hair as it was during my 20s.

The specialists have over and over again have reminded me that this just a start.

As a result, I am pretty happy and satisfied with the results.

Roman Hair Loss Treatment Benefits

  • The greatest advantage of opting for this hair loss treatment is that everything works as per your comfort and to your advantage. You don’t have to stand in a queue and wait for your appointment to be scheduled. Online consultation with the doctors at Roman is the best thing that you may want to go for.

    Personally speaking, this is one of the most amazing things that I liked about Roman Hair Loss treatment.

  • The treatment options provided at Roman do not cost you a fortune. Both these treatment options are affordable and effective at the same time. Hence, it was not at all heavy on my pocket as it fits perfectly fine inside my budget.

  • Many users have experienced positive results after opting for the hair loss treatment offered by Roman. All the hair loss treatment options offered by the company are effective and positive for a majority of men. I myself saw some amazing and positive results and hence, I am going to continue doing the same.

  • You don’t have to worry about the side-effects of these treatment options at all. It is because your line of treatment is prescribed only after knowing your medical history, symptoms, and other conditions. It means that the doctors at Roman prescribe the best treatment option for hair loss with minimum or no side-effects.

    I also did not face any kind of side effects. That is the reason, I am still using the same.

Price Of Roman Hair Loss Treatment

This is one of the most important things that I really like about roman. The overall treatment is really affordable.

At the same time, the starting level fees have been kept really really low.

For this very reason, I feel that every male above 30 years of age should get their hair checked so that they do not have to face issues with the hair at the later phase of their lives.

The same thing is suggested by the hair specialists back there.

The quickly we accept the issues the better the solution works. Also, at the same speed, the recovery happens.

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