SARMs Side Effects: All You Should Know About Them

Medically reviewed by Maria Sarino, MD FACT CHECKED

SARMs stands for selective androgen receptor modulators. These are a class of ligands of androgen receptors that bind the androgen receptor and the signaling of tissue activation of selection.

They produce anabolic results on bone and muscle which is selective. They were synthesized originally for the treatment of breast cancer, muscle-wasting conditions, and osteoporosis.

Until now not even a single SARM has been approved clinically and therefore it is not known very clearly whether the effects produced are beneficial or not.

According to a survey conducted among 500 participants, 343 of them admitted to using it and most of them were males and fell within the age group of 18-29.

Around 90 percent of them used SARMs via the internet and had not gone under the consultation of any physician or health professional.

Out of such users, more than 50 percent of them had any experience of side effects caused by SARMs that included a decrease in the size of testicles, mood swings, and acne.

90 percent of men registered to have an increment in their muscle masses and their satisfaction with using SARMs.

Despite having significant positive effects more than 50 percent of them are m also reported to have side effects of the same.

This whole analysis was done using the method named Chi-square. Some future studies might hold research its effects on men and their comprehensive reproductive evaluation.

SARMs have not yet been approved by FDA and are also associated with serious safety concerns. Since SARMs could hold a potential increment in the heart diseases of heart attack or liver damage.

Here is a list of some common side effects of SARMs

  1. Baldness

    A person who upholds any predisposition to baldness, if takes the SARMs then the speed of baldness could be fueled up.

    Same adverse effects have been observed in the people who used steroids. The good part is that SARMs do not hold much of any androgenic property.

    The process of getting bald is mostly associated with products that have androgenic properties. Anadrol and Dianabol are the products that contain androgenic properties.

    Hence, as per this data SARMs get more suitable to use when compared to these products.

  2. Blurred Vision

    It is something that has gone viral on the internet these days. I guess not even a single person would risk his/her vision for a set of bigger muscles.

    This somehow seems to be a very natural response since some of the Ostarine users claimed to have been facing this issue in the regular internet forums.

    It is an interesting point that such adverse effects are not yet tracked in clinical trials but it is still worth the mention.

  3. Gynecomastia

    It is a fact that SARMs hold a 10:1 anabolic to androgen ratio. This ratio makes it much safer to use when it is observed against gynecomastia or water retention.

    The estrogen in the body won’t rise and thus the effects of feminizing which comes into effect after the injection of testosterone or oral pills would not have any chance to hold a development.

    Even if such side effects come into occurrence they could be treated by the consumption of anti-estrogen medications.

    People resort to medications such as Clomid, Nolvadex, or Tribestan under the guidance of any medical or health professional.

  4. Virtualization

    This is a kind of effect that mostly affects a woman. It could give the same adverse effect as steroids by developing masculine features in them and suppressing the feminine ones.

    The most basic difference is that a woman needs to use this for a very long period to have any visible side effects.

    Anavar is a steroid that is known to have a very mild adverse effect on women when it comes to bodybuilding.

    SARMs are known to have very less effects when compared to any of such steroids.

  5. Suppression Of Natural Testosterone

    If the cycle of SARMs lasts for 6 weeks to 12 weeks it could be capable of reducing the natural testosterone level in men.

    Winstrol could similarly suppress the natural testosterone level as the Ostarine does. Both of these products tend to have higher anabolic effects.

    There is a product named SARM S-23 which could be avoided to avoid this effect.

    This is because it holds a significant suppression of testosterone levels in the body and also suppresses its production.

    It is recommended to undergo Post Cycle Therapy after a long cycle. It could be undergone sometimes even in a cycle of 4-5 weeks in a precaution approaching a general basis.

SARMs Side Effects On Men

Although there has been a lot of research done regarding the safety of SARMs, people still raise questions about their side effects in the longer term.

In a very recent article published in the New York Times, it was stressed by the reporter Anahad O’Connor that a lot of experts have warned the SARMs consumers against its dangers.

“The long-term consequences of using SARMs are largely unknown, and people who purchase products marketed as them cannot be entirely sure what they are putting into their bodies,” said Dr. Shalender Bhasin. 

He works in Boston in the Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

“We don’t know whether these compounds are safe,” he explained to the NY Times, “but we do know that some of them have side effects,” he further added.

Some of the common SARMs side effects in men could be

  • High blood pressure.
  • Nausea.
  • Impotency.
  • Suppressed production of testosterone levels.
  • Unwanted weight loss.
  • Baldness
  • Blurred vision
  • Reduction in the size of testicles.
  • Swelling and pain due to water retention.

SARMs are mostly consumed by men in a larger amount when compared to women. This transcends to a conclusion that men are more likely to get affected by its side effects.

Since the craze of bodybuilding in men has taken a blow within a few years and every man wants a body that has a very good shape with lots of cuts in it.

This misleads them into the consumption of steroids or SARMs which could be responsible for the risks mentioned above in the longer term.

Hence, it is always recommended to seek medical assistance whenever you think of starting the consumption of SARMs.

Since fitness checkup of a full body is a must and also it is a fact that it is not known for SARMs how they are going to affect the body or trigger the underlying diseases.

SARMs are no doubt a good option to seek as an alternative to steroids but might not prove to be the best option when it comes to the potential safety of your body.

Therefore, it is always better to go for natural options available in the market and rely on the diet and safer supplements with proven results.

SARMs Side Effects On Women

Most of the time, side effects could be caused when the right dosage is taken. 

There could be potential side effects of SARMs on the body of women too if they consume it in the wrong manner or for a very long term in a continuous manner.

Some of the common side effects of SARMs in women are mentioned below

  • Changes in the Sex Drive

    According to a survey it is observed that the women who are on a high dosage of SARMs tend to have an increased sex drive.

    Due to the changes caused in the hormones of the body of women. They might likely be distracted most of the time and might show some signs of irritation.

    Some women could also suffer from stress regarding dissatisfaction with their sex lives.

  • Swelling and Pain

    This is a kind of effect that is suffered by women as well as men however this completely has a different effect on a man’s body.

    Since men might suffer this due to the issues in the water retention, the women might suffer due to the muscle build-up in a rapid manner.

  • Acne Breakouts

    According to the reports and claims around 50% of the SARMs users experience acne breakouts as a common side effect which also comes along with mood swings regularly.

    The only thing is that SARMs would not cause acne breakouts until you are prone to acne.

    There are some reports of women and men both and most likely women who suffered through acne breakouts and hyperpigmentation on the face at the end of their cycles.

  • Changes in Menstrual Cycles

    Higher dosages have affected the women’s menstrual cycle drastically by causing a change in their regular cycles by causing them to arrive earlier or after the regular dates.

    This is the reason that it could get annoying and painful, causing regular irritation to a woman.

These are the possible side effects that are common for women to experience if they are in the regular consumption of SARMs. 

One must always opt to have natural diets to fulfill the desired changes in his/her body. It is therefore recommended to have medical assistance before taking the SARMs. 

If you already suffer any of the above side effects you must immediately approach a healthcare professional around you and discuss it to avoid any serious issues in the forthcoming times.