Scream Cream Review: Is It Really A Scam?

Medically reviewed by Maria Sarino, MD FACT CHECKED

This Scream Cream review talks about my research that lead me to the consumption cycle of this female sexual enhancement cream.

Personally speaking, for me, sex is not everything about physical intimacy, but it is also considered a medium using which I am able to maintain a great emotional relationship with my partner.

Disruption in my sex life could have led to the failure of the relationship and ultimately a failed marriage. This is the reason it was important for me to maintain healthy sexual engagement.

In this Scream Cream review I have addressed the above-listed concerns. In the later part I have also revealed the results post using it for a 5-month period.

I have also mentioned what exactly worked for me and how it worked. Lastly you would be able to know, the methods that I used to spice up my sex life.

Scream Cream is a popular medication that plays the role of a libido enhancer for women. This product is touted as a solution that could turn your boring sex life into pleasurable and exciting.


This product has been specifically designed keeping in mind the loss of libido and displeasure/dissatisfaction of women while engaging in sex with their partner.

According to the makers, the Scream Cream product is the ultimate solution for your successful sex life.
Women perceive sex as not only a bodily requirement but much more than that.

Scream Cream is believed to be addressing all kinds of female problems such as pain during intercourse, low libido, and no orgasms, thereby helping you maintain your overall sexual health and wellness.

The manufacturers of this product suggest you apply this cream to your intimate area 30 minutes before engaging in sexual activity with your partner.

One of the main important aspect about this cream is that Scream cream is a transdermal cream, meaning that all the ingredients of this cream do not enter your bloodstream. Owing to this property, the makers affirm that it is safe for use. 

Let me now discuss how exactly Scream Cream works.

How Scream Cream Works?

This product works by making your blood flow to your genitals. This helps to increase sensations, hence making you feel pleasurable on all the erogenous zones of your body.

Scream Cream further comprises bronchodilators as well as vasodilators. Both these compounds play the role of relaxing your muscles which leads to the dilation and widening of other blood vessels that surround your intimate area.

The major function of Scream Cream is to increase the blood flow in your intimate area. The gushing flow of blood helps to increase the sensitivity down there. This factor also multiplies your chances of getting and maintaining an orgasm for a long time.

Scream Cream is also indicated for the treatment of female sexual dysfunction and female anorgasmia and if you have fallen prey to any of these problems, you could give this product a shot.

How To Use Scream Cream?

The cream is to be applied directly to your clitoris. After this, you need to massage it gently until the cream gets absorbed. It takes about 30 minutes to 2 hours to experience the effects of Scream Cream.

The effects of this product on your body also depend on certain factors such as your age, health, consumption of drugs, etc. The effects of this product are remarkable.

It would enhance your clitoral stimulation, thereby increasing your sexual desire and fetching you an amazing sexual experience.

Ingredients Used In Scream Cream

This cream comprises five diverse medical ingredients, each of which entertains properties that improve female sexual wellness. Four of these components are vasodilators and the remaining one is a bronchodilator. Here are the details into the composition and ingredients of Scream Cream:

  • L-arginine

    This ingredient includes elements of nitric oxide. The major role of L-arginine is to relax the blood vessels. Relaxed blood vessels help to reduce stress and make your intimate area more sensitive. Thus, you end up experiencing great pleasure while engaging in sexual intimacy with your partner.

  • Pentoxifylline

    This component, too, has a positive role in a female’s body. It helps to increase the flow of blood throughout the body and reduces all kinds of muscle cramps, muscle aches. Pentoxifylline also helps in lubrication, thereby offering zero pain during sexual intercourse.

  • Sildenafil-citrate

    This medical ingredient helps in the rectification of the problem of sexual dysfunction. As a result, you get an urge to indulge in more sex with your partner. Sildenafil-citrate also makes sex more enjoyable as you experience longer orgasms.

Scream Cream also includes Aminophylline and Elgoroid mesylate. Both these components combine to improve the sensitivity of your genitals, to enhance your sex drive, to encourage more sexual arousal, and to get more orgasms. The makers also confirm that the product includes testosterone as well. This hormone booster leads to an increased desire for sex which further results in intense orgasms.

My Experience With Scream Cream

A year ago,  I was diagnosed with some heart complications. As a result, I was operated on. Thanks to the almighty, everything went fine, and I was discharged from the hospital.

Within a week, I started my normal life again. There was something that never went back to normal. That was my sex life. Due to strong medication, I lost my libido and willingness to be involved in sex.

I wanted a way to increase my libido and sex drive naturally. The reason was that my husband started showing some irrational behavior.

Initially, I could not figure the same out. But slowly I realized that it was me who needs to change.

Hence, I started researching the internet about my sexual issues. I kept on getting suggested for some oils and creams.

I was okay with using some sort of cream as oils freaked me out. As a result, I did some research and zeroed down on Scream Cream.

I ordered from the official website. Received it within a couple of days. I started using the same from the very next day.

Initial 10-12 days were normal, nothing changed. From the initial part of the third week, I was started feeling loosing up from my bottom area.

This feeling was something new. I decided to test the working of this cream and pulled my husband for intimacy. He instantly got excited.

In a minute or two, my whole genital are was lubricated and I started moaning. This made my husband go crazy. He loved every bit of that sexual experience.

This is because, it was after a period of 4-5 months that he was getting some action. From that day onwards, I have not looked back.

Since then, I have become a regular user of Scream Cream and enjoying every moment of it.

Benefits Of Using Scream Cream

The benefits that I am going to list would be the changes that I noticed. Hence, these could vary from person to person.

As a result, I would like to state that these are the changes that I underwent when I was using Scream Cream regularly.

  • Increased Overall Sexual Satisfaction

    I am currently the sixth month of the usage of Scream Cream. Personally speaking, I can confidently say that my overall sexual satisfaction has increased because of this amazing female sex enhancement cream.

    Now I am able to enjoy sexual intimacy which was not at all possible. Also, there has been an improvement in the relationship between me and my husband as well.

    All in all, I am pretty satisfied with the results that Scream Cream has helped me with.

  • Frequent Orgasms

    This is one of the most amazing changes that I noticed in myself. As I was really comfortable with all the sexual intimacy and foreplay hence, achieving orgasm was pretty easy for me.

    My satisfaction level reached new heights as a result, now I was literally looking for more and more chances of indulging myself in the sexual act with my husband.

  • Improvement In Blood Flow

    Due to the improvement in blood flow, my genital area became sensitive. Hence, I was able to enjoy immensely and get in the mood pretty easily.

  • Lubrication Increased

    Thankfully, with the help of Scream Cream, my genital area was lubricated pretty easily. This helped me a lot in activating my pleasure points and ultimately reaching an orgasm.

  • Enhanced Libido Levels

    I was constantly looking to indulge myself in the intimate act with my husband. He also responded positively every time.

    This was truly an amazing change that I noticed in myself. I could not thank and praise Scream Cream enough.

Side Effects Scream Cream

The manufacturers assert that the medical components present in Scream Cream do not lead to any side-effect.

Also, since the time when I am using Scream Cream, I have not had any issues while using this cream.

However, if you are taking this product into regular use, you still need to be aware of the various negative effects of its application.

There are few chances that you might face any of the issues listed below. In that case, you need to instantly contact your doctor or your physician.

Some common side-effects experienced after using this product include the following:

  • You might feel constant external irritation to your intimate area.
  • This product might lead to dizziness, restlessness, headache, or confusion in some users.
  • Swelling in the lips, face, tongue, and legs is another side-effect that you must be watchful about while using Scream Cream.
  • Pain in the chest is another side-effect that you might experience after using this product.
  • The presence of L-arginine into Scream Cream could lead to the development as well as replication of the herpes virus. Do not use the product if you are suffering from or if you have a history related to genital herpes.
  • This product should not be used if you suffer from chronic vaginal infection.

Scream Cream For Sale

When I was ordering the Scream Cream subscription, then I did not bother to check anyother third party website.

This is because, I was getting a good amount of discount on the official website itself.

Also, there was kind of surety with the authenticity of the product. Hence, I was at peace of mind.

This was really important. Also, the delivery time mentioned on the official website was a couple of days only. This was just an amazing over all deal.

The official website included awesome discounts on bulk orders, authentic product and a quick delivery. All in all it was an amazing deal for me.

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  1. This sounds like it might help me. I have taken Cymbalta for years and I have no libido nor can I achieve orgaiam.

  2. I am hoping that this is something that might help me. I have taken Cymbalta for years now and have absolutely no libido and I am not able to achieve orgasm.

    1. Hi Carol,

      Thanks for your comment.

      For your safety, it would be best that you go for professional help by contacting a doctor or a medical professional in this regard.


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