SizeGenetics Review: Is This Really A Strongest Penis Extender ?

Medically reviewed by Maria Sarino, MD FACT CHECKED

This article is based on true events and experiences. In this SizeGenetics review, I will be sharing my usage experience of this wonderful penis extender.

Hence, if you are also looking for an authentic method to increase the size of your penis, then you should read this article until the very end. As a result, you would be able to decide for yourself.

I have tried my best to mention all the points that helped me during this time period. Hence, you may expect some of the tips that no one would tell you apart from an experienced male extender equipment user.

There was a time in my senior high when I considered myself a stud. I built a solid physique and six-pack abs to flaunt. All those things became utter nonsense when my first girlfriend rejected me due to a small penis size.

I never really paid attention to this aspect of life until this episode happened to me. Really soon this news spread like a wildfire and I had to change my school due to this very reason.

This was when I decided to take the matter into my own hands and researched natural methods to increase my dick size. Hence, I came across various penis extenders.

For the initial stage, I felt a little weird, but when I found out about its effectiveness, I really wanted to give them a try. As a result of which, with the help of my research I zeroed down to SizeGenetics and ordered them.

Before continuing any further, let me talk about some of the basic aspects of Size Genetics, then proceed with my personal story.

size genetics

If you are looking for an authentic, FDA approved & one of the strongest penis extenders, then search no further as you have landed on this page of SizeGenetics.

This is one of the most user friendly and comfortable penis extender that works for most of the users.

Hence, you can count on this penis extender for adding some extra length to your penis with the help of proven methodology.

Thousands of users were already able to boost their manhood and confidence levels after using SizeGenetics regularly over the recommended period of time.

How SizeGenetics Works?

SizeGenetics works on the proven concept of muscle traction. The manufacturers have implemented the same technology workaround on this device.

Hence, it is one of the most trusted devices when it comes to enhancing the penis length in men.

According to the manufacturer, the weight lifter lifts weight and there is a microscopic tear that happens. Post which the defense mechanism in our body reacts and heals the tear.

This step ultimately helps the muscle grow in length, makes it firmer, and makes the muscle hold more blood. As a result, the muscle is enhanced.

This is the similar procedure that is followed by the penis as well.

When you will start wearing the SizeGenetic device and apply a little stretching for a prolonged period of time. There will be microscopic tears created.

These patches will be fulfilled by the natural defense mechanism of your body. Which ultimately will enhance your penis size.

As a result of gentle stretching and painless microscopic tear, you will be able to achieve what you have always longed for.

Hence, you could trust this mechanism as this is clinically proven. Also, it has given results with the regular usage of this device.

My SizeGenetics Usage Experience

I received the SizeGenetic package pretty discretely. My family members thought that I ordered a toy or something because they shook the box and from the sound, they judged what was inside.

With a smile on my face, I took the box and went to my room.  I still remember the first time when I put that equipment on my penis, I felt a little different.

Although the equipment was pretty comfortable but still for the first few days, I was a little more concerned about being caught with something on my penis.

As time went by, I became really comfortable with the equipment. The first month passed. There were still no changes. I continued with my usage. At the end of the second month, I noticed a small increment in the size.

That moment literally blew my mind. I was amazed that finally it worked for me and gave me a pump to increase the duration of the usage.

Hence, I started using it for a longer period of time from the third month. This is where things took a drastic turn and I started noticing some amazing changes.

From this point of time, every consequent month, I saw a little increase in my dick size. As a result of which, I kept using it until the end of six months.

I felt pretty satisfied at the end of six months. As I was pretty confident now with my dick size and I knew that I have attained an average dick size from a small one.

Benefits Of Using Size Genetics

These benefits are my are observed by me hence, there is a huge possibility that you might experience a different set of benefits. As a result of which, you should not take my word line by line.

Otherwise, you can take a look at these and consider these to be generalized benefits.

  • Naturally Enhanced Penis Size
    This is one of the most obvious benefits that I noticed from the later part of the second month. When I noticed the change in length, I was pretty satisfied with the result.

    I was a pretty regular user, and I made sure that I followed the stipulated period of time when using this penis extender. This was one of the main reasons that I saw some positive results.

  • Comfortable Equipment
    One of the major reasons why I choose SizeGenetics was equipment quality. As per the manufacturer, they use all the manufacturing materials from the top end vendors.

    For this very reason, the overall quality of the penis extender equipment was enhanced. I never really felt any sort of discomfort while using this amazing penis extender.

  • Safe & Easy To Use
    Another point of choosing SizeGenetics was that it was safe and easy to use the equipment. Hence, I became a fairly regular user. You might also think that this penis extender might hurt your penis.

    This was never a case with me. I was easily able to place my penis inside of equipment and after usage of 6-7 hours, I was easily able to take my penis out of it.

    On the other hand, I did remove this penis extender every time I had to pee.

  • Quick Results
    I noticed and read a number of reviews on the internet before purchasing this penis extender. I personally feel that SizeGenetics worked pretty quickly for me.

    Personally speaking, I was able to notice results in pretty quick succession.

How To Use SizeGenetics?

Using this amazing penis extender does not require any expertise.

I did not read any manual or saw any video on “how to use SizeGenetics?”

All you need to do is to put your penis inside the equipment.

The second step is to adjust the penis tension of the equipment that you want your penis to undergo.

If and when you follow these two steps, you are good to go. From this point of time, you just need to make sure that you are wearing the equipment for around 6-7 hours each day.

This will make sure that you receive quick benefits and assured added length on your penis.

Where To Purchase SizeGenetics From?

One thing that I made sure that I follow every time while ordering anything online.

I always make sure that I order everything using the official websites.

Ordering SizeGenetics was no different. I made sure that I go to their official website and order the equipment from there.

Not to mention, I found of a couple of websites that were selling SizeGenetics at a huge discount.

But when I researched more about those websites, I came to know that they were scammers and scammed thousands of people under the pretext of selling health related products.

Hence, you should always order SizeGenetics from their official website.

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