Supergreen Tonik Review: Should You Really Consider It?

Medically reviewed by Maria Sarino, MD FACT CHECKED

Hectic lifestyle and job pressure have greatly affected most healthy individuals. This Supergreen Tonik review talks about a case where a wife shares the story of her husband, who was suffering from stress and low energy levels. She talks about her real-life situations and scenarios that took place and affected her whole household.

You will also learn about most of the fundamental aspects of Supergreen Tonik, for example, the claims made by the company, the ingredients and how exactly it works, and most importantly, its consumption results.

Supergreen Tonik ReviewHuman Tonik LLC is the manufacturer of Supergreen Tonik. According to them, Supergreen Tonik is available in a fine green form and has essential nutrients that could effectively provide immune support.

The official website states that it is made up of natural substances that don’t contain a proprietary blend or any other fillers and that help to boost energy levels naturally.

Furthermore, the brand claims that the composition of vitamins and minerals in Supergreen Tonik supports brain health and improves cognitive functions.

The makers have mentioned that this substance’s brain nutrients encourage a better sleep cycle and reduce sleep-wake disturbances.

This product is convenient to use, has a delicious taste, and is clinically tested with no toxins, says the company on the official website.

Moreover, the formulators state that this substance is apt for people opting for a vegan diet, as it is a vegan product and is also free from soy and caffeine.

How Does It Work?

The Supergreen Tonik manufacturers discussed the product’s work by mentioning its composition. According to the makers, this substance has an optimal blend of 38 superfoods, which may help to improve your health entirely.

Further, the makers asserted that these nutrients, adaptogens, and superfoods in this substance ease nutrient absorption in the body and thus support better energy production.

To explain it precisely, they mentioned this product’s different blends, such as the nootropic blend, greens blend, and immune blend.

The official website mentions that each blend has natural extracts, and one such extract is Ashwagandha, which helps promote homeostasis and strengthens your immune function.

Besides this, L-theanine in a nootropic blend supports brain health by stimulating hormones that regulate brain functions, such as dopamine and serotonin.

Regularly using Supergreen Tonik could enable you to have good physical and mental well-being, as mentioned by the company on the official website.

Ingredients Of Supergreen Tonik

Supergreen Tonik consists of dietary fiber and carbohydrates along with the combination of the following ingredients.

  • Protein

    Protein could help in providing fuel to the body as it may be effective in energy stimulation. According to a study, protein may be also effective in improving brain function.

    Apart from this, it could enhance the body’s metabolism, hence supporting a healthy immune system.

  • Vitamins A

    Vitamin A is also known as retinoic acid. This vitamin has been potent in improving heart health as it could prevent the body from free radicals, which may increase the risk of cardiovascular health issues.

    This essential nutrient may be efficacious in supporting immune health along with improving eye vision.

  • Vitamin C

    Another vital nutrient included in this Supergreen Tonic is Vitamin C, which is also called ascorbic acid. It could provide various benefits radicals damage to your body. It could Improve White Blood Cell production in the body could also improve immune functions.

    In addition, it may be effective for heart health, as it prevents the risk of heart disease.

  • Vitamin D

    Vitamin D plays a key role in supporting bone health, as it might help in improving calcium and phosphate absorption in the body. It could be essential for the body as it may help in regulating mood swings and also aid in reducing the symptoms of stress and anxiety.

  • Vitamin E

    Another adequate vitamin included in this substance is Vitamin E. It might have the potency in improving overall health. As it may aid in improving immune function.

    A text form Harvard mentions that being a water-soluble vitamin, it could also prevent cancer, improve vision, and also could protect cells from free radicals damage.

  • Vitamin K

    This could be essential for maintaining bone health. It might be efficient in healing wounds also, and it could also prevent blood clotting. Apart from being efficient in reducing problems like osteoporosis, it could also be effective in alleviating the risk of heart disease.

  • Thiamin

    It is also a water-soluble vitamin which is called Vitamin B1. Thiamin could help in producing more energy as well as could be crucial in boosting the metabolism of the body.

    According to the study, thiamin could facilitate better nutrient absorption in the body and hence it supports better body functioning.

  • Riboflavin

    We can refer to Riboflavin as Vitamin B2, it has been effective for energy stimulation, as it could help in proper carbs and fats breakdown. Besides this, Riboflavin could also enhance brain function by regulating the nervous system. This vitamin could also be efficacious in supporting the digestive system.

  • Niacin

    Niacin belongs to a B vitamin and it is also knowns as Vitamin B3. Being an active ingredient of Supergreen Tonik, it might be effective in controlling cholesterol levels.

    It has versatility because it could promote better skin health, digestion, and also metabolism.

  • Vitamin B6

    According to the official website, this substance has ingredients that combine to be effective in supporting strength and stamina. Vitamin B6 which is also known as pyridoxine is also part of this ingredient’s composition, hence it may be effective in elevating mood and regulating overall health.

  • Folate

    This natural substance is a part of Supergreen Tonik composition, it is also known as Vitamin B9. To help in improving energy stimulation, this substance has added folate, because it could be effective in providing sustainable energy to the body.

  • Vitamin B12

    According to the website information, this green powder has also the presence of Vitamin B12, which may be potent in the formation of red blood cells. Apart from this, it could support better bone and boost cognitive functions.

    In addition, Vitamin B12 may have the ability to reduce stress and mood swings.

  • Biotin

    Biotin another B vitamin added to the list of Supergreen Tonik compositions. This Vitamin B7 has wide usage, as it may be effective for skin health, and hair regrowth as well as support nervous system functioning.

  • Panthothenic Acid

    According to a study, Panthothenic Acid is useful in fat breakdown and hence this nutrient could be effective in controlling high cholesterol levels.

  • Calcium

    A good nutritional source for bone health is calcium because it may be effective in strengthening bones and alleviating the problem associated with it. Calcium intake could also be useful for maintaining the nervous system.

  • Iron

    The superfoods included in this product also have iron in them. This mineral could support regulating hemoglobin levels in the body. In addition, Iron may be also advantageous for improving muscle metabolism.

  • Zinc

    Zinc could be supportive of immune health, along with it this mineral may be effective for the cell regeneration process.

  • Selenium

    Selenium usage could reduce many chronic diseases such as thyroid. This mineral is an active ingredient of Supergreen Tonik. A study shows that selenium has antioxidants that help in alleviating many health problems.

  • Copper

    Copper could help in better iron absorption. This nutrient may be helpful in red blood cell production. Apart from this copper could have the ability in improving immune function.

  • Manganese

    Manganese could be effective in improving bone health. Also, it may help in regulating body metabolism.

  • Sodium

    According to a study, sodium supports muscle strength as well as it could be essential for regulating vitamins and minerals in the body.

  • Greens Blend

    The website mentioned that it has a greens blend, that could efficiently improve energy by facilitating better nutrient absorption in the body. Following is the list of ingredients included in the green blend.

    Organic Spirulina  Powder

    Organic Collard Leaf Powder

    Organic Spinach Leaf Powder

    Organic  Barley  Grass Powder

    Organic Chlorella Cracked Cell Wall Powder

    Organic Horseradish Tree Leaf Powder

  • Nootropic Blend

    A study relieved that nootropics could improve your cognitive function. Check out the ingredients included in the nootropic blend of this substance.

    Ashwagandha Root Extract

    L- Theanine

    Ginkgo Leaf Powder

    Bacopa Leaf Powder

    Bacopa Herb Extract

    Rhodiola Root Extract

    Rhodiola Root Powder

  • Immune Blend

    Following is the list of ingredients that are included in the immune blend and that might be effective for improving immune function.

    Dandelion Leaf Extract

    Garlic Bulb Extract

    Olive Leaf Extract

    Black Pepper Fruit Extract

Why Supergreen Tonik Was Chosen?

Being a housewife, a typical day looks like a task you must complete at the end of the day. Running behind children for homework, managing house chores, and caring for your husband’s health all come up to you.

It is quite a tough deal, though being there for your loved ones feels good. Although I have two children and a beloved husband, my husband was promoted to senior front-end developer a few months ago. He enjoys working, and whatever he likes to do, he tries to put all his dedication into it. So he was enthralled to start with his new project when he spoke about it.

I was also pleased to know about it, as it was his long-awaited dream project. However, he told me that the project had a deadline of a few months only. Therefore he had to dedicate a few additional hours each day towards that project from his free time.

Initially, when he started his work, he managed his time, kept up with his routine even after work hours, and spent some time with the children.

But gradually, with more aligned work, he started spending additional time in his office, and with this, his routine also changed. He used to sleep barely for 3-4 hours a day and also started skipping meals often.

He was all into his work, even putting it over his health. He told me about his fatigue and stress health issues, but he was not paying much attention to them.

Days passed away, and my concern about his health increased when he started mentioning frequent headaches. I asked him for a checkup, but he always had time issues.

This situation worsened when he passed out suddenly one day after returning from the office. My neighbor helped me in taking him to the hospital. After reaching there, the doctor diagnosed him and enquired about his health.

He regained consciousness after some time. The doctor asked him a few things related to his health. He told the doctor about his mental fatigue and poor control over his focus.

After the diagnosis, the doctor told us he fainted due to extreme stress and low energy levels. He also advised my husband of a one-week complete bedrest and suggested some dietary changes.

My husband didn’t want to make his project suffer because of his health, so he decided to improve his health quickly by using some products. So he started looking for products particularly for reducing his mental fatigue.

When he came across Hunter Focus, he showed it to me. He was intrigued to try it because of its effective ingredient, but I was still unsure. Finally, however, he ordered it for quick recovery.

In addition, I was trying my best to improve his health in some natural ways, so I started giving him ashwagandha powder by mixing it in his milk every day before he went to bed, and I added high-protein foods to his diet this is because, I read a number of positive aspects of a high protein diet.

At first, with Hunter Focus’s consumption, his mental fatigue was reduced a bit, but he began feeling too altered after some time. So he continued the consumption for some time, but he didn’t have any improvement in his health.

Rather than joining back to the project, he had to continue improving his health with ashwagandha and healthy foods. He desired better results from this product, but he didn’t get them, and at that time, he lost all hope for a quick recovery.

I was distressed for him, but I had no clue to help him out. But one day, while talking to my neighbor about my husband’s health, she introduced Supergreen Tonik.

She shared with me that her brother used the same for his health. She said that this product was not only effective for mental well-being, but also it could support enhancing energy.

After learning about this product, I decided to check its official website, and while scrolling through it, I came across genuine reviews of this substance. When I told my husband about it, he refused to try it at first instance, but after knowing about it thoroughly, he decided to go for it.

Consumption Experience Of Supergreen Tonik

We received the order after a while, and my husband started the consumption the next day. Then, finally, he gained some strength with natural remedies, so he decided to work from home on his project.

While he was consuming Supergreen Tonik, he was also slowly making changes in his lifestyle. Along with eating right, he focused on basic exercises as he researched and learned about the benefits of regular exercise. He consumed this product for a few weeks, and initially, he didn’t have massive changes in his body, but there were slight changes in his energy level.

He told me that he was feeling active and that his stress was also reduced from earlier. After that, however, he continued the consumption for a few more weeks and slowly and gradually regained his focus.

He started giving more time to his work without getting tired, and he mentioned to me that his mental fatigue was reducing significantly. As a result, he again started enjoying his work. He also remained constant with his healthy regime, and with better time management, he was equally giving time to his work and health.

Now it’s been a few months, and his project is on completion, and he tried his best without compromising his health. As a result, he has now sustained energy levels throughout the day with better mental well-being.

Benefits Of Supergreen Tonik

Following are the benefits of Supergreen Tonik

  • Improved Focus

    He told the doctor about his poor focus and concentration, and he mentioned that because of that he wasn’t able to focus on his work, but with regular usage of Supergreen Tonik, he was able to improve his focus.

  • Improved Energy Level

    He had poor energy levels, which made him suffer, but Supergreen Tonik improved his energy level naturally as he was consuming the same regularly and this also made him enjoy his work.

  • Reduced Stress

    Stress was a concerning thing, he fainted due to it, gradually he reduced his stress with the support of natural remedies and the help of super green Tonik.

Dosage Of Supergreen Tonik

According to the official website, Supergreen Tonic has 30 servings and it is recommended to take 1 scoop of this substance by adding it to 12 oz of water, which would be approx. 11.5 grams in a day.

My husband used to take the same, he used to take one scoop of Supergreen Tonik in the morning, sometimes he used to take it with water, and sometimes used to add it to apple smoothies for better taste.

Final Thought

My husband is glad he could get hands-on with Supergreen Tonik. With the support of this dietary supplement and the healthy regime, his body saw an improvement in energy levels which resulted in him being an active contributor to his project.

Hunter Focus’s usage let down his hopes for the time being, but he improved with the constant usage of Supergreen Tonik. However, he wanted to be fit and active like this, so for better health, he again ordered this substance for future use.

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