TBulk Review: Is This Dietary Supplement Really A Scam?

Medically reviewed by Maria Sarino, MD FACT CHECKED

In the last few months, there has been a lot of talk about TBulk. Hence, post consuming this for the last few weeks, here is my TBulk review.

I have tried to add all the basic details about this dietary supplement in this TBulk review. At the same time, the later part will reveal my personal experience and if this really worked for me or not.

As a result, if you are someone who is looking for a proper bulking cycle, you might want to stick until the end of the article.

Post which you would be able to decide for yourself, about TBulk.

That being said, let me start the TBulk review with some of the basics about this dietary supplement.

tbulkTBulk is touted as an effective supplement from the range of the dietary supplements manufactured and marketed by Brutal Force.

This supplement is considered a legal alternative to Trenbolone that may recreate the similar anabolic effect as that of Trenbolone without causing any harmful effects to the body.

According to the manufacturers TBulk doesn’t lead to any side effects and works in the same manner as that of Trenbolone.

Apart from helping you in gaining muscles, the use of this supplement may as well increase your energy level, and make your muscles look more defined.

TBulk is a formula that could work by cutting down the fat level in the body. The process of cutting down the fat then makes your muscles look toned and bulky and also leads to increased muscle density.

As a result, you may experience increased bulk, increased power, and better strength to perform well in your further bodybuilding and training sessions.

TBulk has been created to build and retain the formation of muscles while burning excess fat from the body.

This property of the supplement makes it an ideal choice for all the men who want a vascular, toned, and ripped body with an increased formation and definition of the muscles.

Why Did I Use TBulk?

As mentioned earlier,I was looking for a legal supplement that needs to be side effect free. This is because consumption of anabilic steroid like Trenbolone could lead to some of the major issues and side effects.

Generally speaking, Trenbolone has been a very popular name in the world of bodybuilding that helps the lifters to gain huge muscles and retain lots of energy. However, the continuous use of Trenbolone could lead to long-term side effects on the body.

Considering the benefits of this supplement, Brutal Force has marketed TBulk all over the bodybuilding industry and it is gaining immense popularity among all the beginner and veteran lifters.

The brand claims that it has outdone itself with the creation of this product. The makers further suggest that merely 3 pills of this product a day may help you bulk and tone your muscles remarkably.

For this very reason, I thought of myself taking this supplement and check if this really works as claimed by the manufacturer.

How Does TBulk Work?

TBulk’s main procedure involves the retention of enhanced nitrogen content. This is one of the major building blocks of the human body.

As a result, protein content is also supported by the above process. In totality, the whole process would be beneficial for lean muscle mass gains, enhanced stamina, and accelerated fat burning.

Hence, you might feel the overall positive energy and enhanced strength with regular consumption.

On the other hand, red blood production is also increased when your body receives all the nutritional content with the help of this dietary supplement.

TBulk also increases the oxygen content as well could enable you to increase the power at the time of workouts. Your recovery period could be decreased as well.

When it comes to vascularity, the same is increased in the veins. As a result, the proper of blood is achieved hence you have a better distribution of oxygen content within your body.

Also, TBulk does not allow your muscles or other tissues to retain water within your body. This is another major advantage when it comes to TBulk’s consumption.

All these are achieved with the inclusion of the right quantity of substances and their ideal proportions.

Hence, let me discuss them in detail.

Ingridents Involved In TBulk's Manufacturing

This supplement by Brutal Force works wonders on your body and may provide all the long-term results that you have been expecting for a long time.

The makers claim that this supplement has been made using natural and authentic products that have been tested clinically for their formation.

The clinical tests and trials of these ingredients further make TBulk a safe product to consume for long-term use. Here is the list of the ingredients present in this supplement:

  • Beta-Sitosterol

    The manufacturers call Beta-Sitosterol the primary ingredient present in this supplement. This ingredient is a plant sterol. Many studies have suggested that Beta-Sitosterol helps to boost testosterone in the body. This is done by warding off the conversion of this hormone into DHT.

    More testosterone levels in the body further pave the way to build better muscles, increased energy, increase strength, and better mental focus. Alongside this, the presence of this ingredient may as well reduce cholesterol levels.

  • Samento Inner Bark

    This organic ingredient in TBulk is a traditional herb, the use of which is widespread in many herbal medicines. The bark of this herb is extracted out of the plant that is further helpful in relieving pain caused in the joints. This ingredient also helps to strengthen the bones.

    The presence of Samento Inner Bark in TBulk may help you recover your muscles after regressive training and lifting. You wouldn’t feel the soreness in the muscles even after lifting out extra weights than normal. This ingredient comes with anti-inflammatory effects and has proven benefits of boosting and strengthening the immune system respectively.

  • Nettle Leaf Extract

    This ingredient is present in many other supplements that have been manufactured by Brutal Force. The major role of nettle leaf extract is the elimination of the conversion of testosterone into estrogen.

    The former is a male hormone while the latter is a female hormone that isn’t required in volumes by the male body. This action of nettle leaf extract may help you prevent excessive fat gain.

    Eventually, you would be able to increase your muscle gain remarkably. Apart from the maintenance of testosterone levels in the body, nettle leaf extract may as well help you in relieving the pain caused in the muscles. This ingredient is equally helpful in the regulation of blood sugar in the body.

  • Pepsin

    Pepsin is the last ingredient present in TBulk. Pepsin powder present in this supplement may aid the promotion of the creation of amino acids.

    Amino acids are considered to be very important for muscle building in the body. The nutrients that you have consumed from your daily diet are further broken down into smaller peptides by this ingredient.

    They are then easily absorbed by the body which further helps in pumping your muscles and providing quick and effective muscle gaining.

My consumption Results With TBulk

After receiving a number of comments on my body being skinny, I decided to hit the gym. This was around a year and a half ago when I joined my new college.

Little did I know back then, what my future holds. I believed in myself and started with a regular gym and proper eating. The eating schedule and eating table were designed by my dietician that I followed on the word to word basis.

After one year, when I compared myself I was pretty disappointed as I did not gain much muscle mass. I wanted to gain some lean muscle mass but with the level of effort that I put in and me following a strict schedule, the results were not satisfying.

This is when my friend in my college who himself was muscular built suggested to try TBulk. He mentioned this is a new dietary supplement and he has been trying it for a month with some amazing results.

Hence, I believed him and ordered three bottles from the official website. Started with the consumption with all the hopes and good vibes along with it.

I was regularly gymming for around 1 year hence my body was already in a high metabolic phase. All it needed was a little push.

This is what exactly happened when I started with the consumption of TBulk. Post two weeks of consumption, my exercise saw an incremental number of reps.

I was able to lift heavier weights. My stamina increased drastically. At the same time, my sleep schedule improved quite a bit.

My body went through hibernation at night and I woke up really fresh every morning. Hence, this benefited me a lot.

I am writing this after 8 weeks of consumption and I can confidently say that I have achieved what I wanted in this short span of time.

Benefits With TBulk Usage

After consuming TBulk for these eight weeks, I can easily say that, it has been an amazing bulking product for me. Tbulk did help me with some of the remarkable lean muscle mass that I witnessed ever on my body.

Personally speaking, it lead to many benefits for the overall health as well as muscle-gaining in body.

Moreover, the brand has claimed that TBulk is a legal dietary supplement that doesn’t harm your body. The use of this supplement could provide the following benefits to your body.

  • TBulk might work on your body by cutting down the production of fat. When the fat is cut down, your muscles may start to build and start getting tonned. This is a remarkable product that you might want to use for the proper building and toning of your muscles.

  • With the regular use of this ingredient, you may experience increased strength and increased power that may further improve your performance in bodybuilding and lifting heavyweights.

    It basically gave me the same benefits.

  • TBulk may help you improve the density of your muscles. Eventually, your muscles may not only look toned but dense as well. Interestingly, the use of this supplement is used for pure bulking.

  • You may as well experience improved recovery and healing of your muscles after the continuous use of TBulk in your diet.

    I slept like a young baby at night and woke up early in the morning feeling fresh and roaring to hit the gym.
    There has never been a dull day since I started with the TBulk consumption.

  • TBulk may be equally helpful in improving vascularity and promoting a hard physique without water retention in the body.

  • This supplement is much cheaper and safer than Trenbolone. You may witness improved muscles and better results within a month of using TBulk.

My Dosage Schedule With TBulk

Another most important step was to choose the dosing limits and schedule.

Luckily, the official website and the dietary supplement’s bottel gave me a proper guidance in this regards.

Hence, when it came to actually consuming TBulk and the dosing schedule, I followed the manufacturers blindly.

Hence, I consumed 3 capsules around an hour before my every day workout. Where as on ths off days, I consumed a single capsule before my jog in the evening.

Also, I tried giving my body a testosterone boost by using one of the adequate testosterone boosters as well.

This step just blasted my results and my expericse routine saw an amazing boost in my energy levels.

TBulk For Sale

This was not a big headache for me.

As I always order my products from the official websites only. Hence, I did the same with TBulk as well.

I purchased 3 packs for myself out of which third became free. Initially I did not knew that, but when I got the same I was really satisfied.

At the same time, I was at peace of mind that I will be getting an authentic dietary supplements without any impurities.

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