8 Easy And Natural Testosterone Hacks That You Should Know

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Males are experiencing testosterone deficiency at younger ages than ever before. Men’s testosterone levels naturally decrease with age.

Around the age of 18, a man’s testosterone levels may peak, and they gradually decrease each year following that.

A man’s testosterone levels, though, might fall off at an alarming rate, which is exactly what is happening among the male population in the modern era.

Many men today are using synthetic testosterone tablets as a cure as a result of the fall in testosterone levels. Many men use prescription testosterone supplements, creams, and gels.

These synthetic testosterone products, however, could have several negative side effects. There are a lot of natural ways to increase testosterone.

Today, we will be looking at easy and natural ways to increase testosterone.

Easy And Natural Testosterone Hacks

The following are some of the easy and natural testosterone hacks-

  1. Be Active And Do Exercise

    Regular exercise will increase the synthesis of testosterone. Exercises that improve your cardiovascular and muscular strength raise your testosterone levels.

    To release more testosterone, make an effort to exercise daily.

    Getting 150 minutes per week of moderate exercise is often advised. That can be broken down into 30 minutes, 5 days a week.

    Do not worry about trying to exercise harder because doing so won’t result in higher testosterone levels.

  2. Get Enough Sleep

    A solid 8 to 9 hours of sleep is crucial for your general health as well as for maintaining normal testosterone levels.

    Your body’s molecules and hormones are all impacted by sleep deprivation, including testosterone.

    So put your sleep first, even if it means changing your schedule or quitting your late-night television-watching habits.

    It’s crucial to speak with your primary care physician right away if you’re having trouble sleeping well.

  3. Avoid Drugs And Alcohol

    Although not all of these substances are linked to reduced testosterone.

    It has been shown that amphetamines, opioids, alcohol, cannabis, and nicotine all cause some level of oxidative stress in the testicles.

    Although excessive alcohol use is most significantly associated with lower testosterone, the precise nature of this association is not fully understood.

    It’s interesting to note that it has been shown that male drinkers with lower testosterone levels experience greater alcohol withdrawal symptoms.

    In any event, addressing potentially harmful substance usage is usually a good idea for overall mental and physical health, even though the connections between testosterone levels and various licit and illicit drugs deserve further knowledge.

  4. Focus On Your Mental Health

    Reduce the amount of stress in your life. Even though everyone experiences occasional stress, ongoing stress can affect your body’s chemistry and diminish your testosterone levels.

    A great impact can be made if you routinely feel anxious or overwhelmed by taking measures to relax.

    Speaking with a trained therapist could be quite beneficial if you’re having problems reducing your stress.

    Meditation and deep breathing exercises are two relaxing techniques that may be beneficial. Try to dedicate 20 to 30 minutes a day to these pursuits.

    Another effective strategy for lowering stress is to have fun. Make time for your hobbies and interests every day.

  5. Have A Healthy Diet

    Consume diets high in fat and protein. A high-protein diet plus the addition of oleuropein, a substance found in extra virgin oil can boost testosterone by 350% and decrease cortisol by almost half.

    Low testosterone levels are linked to low-fat diets. For instance, a low-fat diet can result in a 13% drop in testosterone in 3 months.

  6. Shower In Cold Water

    Since the testes are where testosterone is made, it makes sense that the organ would prefer to stay cool. Testes perform best in cooler environments and very poorly in hot ones.

    Long-term heat, such as what you might experience in a hot shower, hinders the creation of testosterone. Males who switch from hot to chilly baths can see up to a 490% rise in sperm count.

    Sperm count is a sign of general testicular health even if testosterone cannot be measured directly by it. Therefore, consider substituting those hot showers with cold ones.

  7. Reduce Body Fat Percentage

    High blood pressure, fatigue, an increased risk of heart disease, joint discomfort, stroke, and diabetes are just a few of the harmful effects of being overweight.

    Additionally, doctors support the notion that decreased testosterone levels are linked to increased levels of body fat.

    Additionally, other important hormones exhibit comparable tendencies. For instance, lower insulin sensitivity is also connected to increased amounts of body fat.

    To synthesize muscle protein, testosterone and insulin sensitivity are both crucial factors on the basis of which your body builds muscle.

    This indicates that when you have a high body fat percentage (as opposed to when you are lean), your body will find it difficult to create muscle.

    Testosterone also influences your sex drive and general energy levels, so when you’re on the heavier side, those things will also suffer.

  8. Weight Training

    Testosterone encourages protein synthesis and may help in increasing muscle mass in the body while deterring muscle breakdown.

    There are many things you can say about how to strength train, but you can’t argue that it could  take hours to complete sessions.

    You should aim to complete the weight portion of your workout in 60 minutes or less, even though you can execute more reps with more weight when you take longer in between sets.

    This is because lengthier workouts raise cortisol levels, a hormone that could promote muscle breakdown, and decreases testosterone levels when it is continually overproduced.

    Reduce weights or reps to attain this limit of 60 seconds for rest between sets.


Men’s male characteristics, like their manly appearance, beards, and husky voices, are attributed to testosterone.

Male testosterone production begins to rapidly increase throughout puberty, but it begins to diminish around the age of 30.

Testosterone controls sexual performance, bone density, heart health, mood, and memory in addition to helping in the genital system development. A normal drop in testosterone levels may occur as men age.

As indicated above, there are a few simple things you can do to naturally increase your testosterone levels; fortunately, given above are some of the noteworthy ones. 

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