Texas SuperFood Review: Does It Support Physical Energy?

Medically reviewed by Maria Sarino, MD FACT CHECKED

People have been searching online for Texas SuperFood reviews but have always been let down when they discover they are bogus.

However, this Texas SuperFood review, tells a true story of a mother whose hectic life consumed so much of her that it negatively impacted her health and deprived her of nourishment.

How it was later resolved by Texas SuperFood, and whether her consistent consumption supported her lifestyle, could be an exciting story to read about in this exclusive Texas SuperFood Review.

Texas Superfood ReviewAccording to the official website, Texas SuperFood is a whole-food dietary supplement that claims to improve physical energy and performance.

The makers state that the potent mix of Texas SuperFood could improve the quality of sleep and mental focus and may also attempt to help with weight management.

According to the official website, Texas SuperFood is manufactured in GMP-certified facilities and is free of herbicides and pesticides.

They claim it is manufactured using a proprietary process through a cold-pressed juicing technique that could dissociate the nutrients from the pulp while keeping the nutrient value intact.

The manufacturers further claim that this cold-pressed juicing method is then followed up by converting the fruits, vegetables, and herbs into powder form.

They have clearly stated that they do not overheat or cook, so there might be more chances of just a minimal loss of nutritional value.

Thus, as per the official website, this nutrient-dense whole-food supplement includes no added sugar, water, or pulp.

According to the manufacturers, Texas SuperFood was intended to supply your body with the nutrition and health advantages that come from nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables, plus the addition of probiotics and digestive enzymes.

How Does Texas Super Food Work?

Texas SuperFood producers have declared using whole foods and vegetables that are also supported by probiotics and enzymes.

The workings of Texas Super Food could be better comprehended if you looked at the official website for more insights.

The makers have advertised Texas SuperFood to support physical energy, which might be beneficial for overall health and longevity as it could help in getting things done easily and may help you stay active.

As per the official website, thousands of vitamins and minerals, phytonutrients, natural dietary polyphenols, and anthocyanins are present in Texas SuperFood.

The producers affirm that each ingredient in the Texas SuperFood capsule is picked at the peak of nutritional perfection.

The creators say that these vine-ripened, antioxidant-rich, raw, and natural fruits and vegetables can help people easily receive nourishment.

Texas SuperFood contains aloe vera extract that is full of vitamins and minerals and various other elements like enzymes, fatty acids, and amino acids that are said to be beneficial for overall health.

It also has rhubarb extract, which is believed to be a good source of antioxidants like anthocyanins that may help protect against chronic diseases like diabetes and may also help improve digestion.

For improving skin health, the makers have included acerola cherry extract, which has been shown to improve skin elasticity and may also help in reducing skin blemishes.

To enhance sleep quality, Texas Super has a green leafy vegetable like spinach powder, which is said to be a good source of potassium that might help in relaxing muscles and nerves that might further support sleep. 

Ingredients Present In Texas SuperFood

According to the official website, Texas SuperFood claims to contain all-natural foods, vegetables, enzymes, and probiotics that may include-

  • Proprietary Blend

    As per the official website, the proprietary blend in Texas SuperFood includes such fruits, herbs, and vegetables that are cold pressed and later converted into powder form.

    These ingredients so used in the formulation, as believed by the Texas SuperFood makers could help in improving sleep quality, mental focus, weight management, and various other ways.

    Green tea extract might help in keeping up with energy levels but thorough research is required for the same. Turmeric, on the other hand, when added to everyday diets might help in reducing inflammation.

    The official website mentions that Texas SuperFood contains the following other ingredients in its 4g proprietary blend-

    • Spirulina Powder 
    • Black elderberry extract
    • Wolfberry(goji) extract
    • Chlorella extract
    • Broccoli extract
    • Blueberry Fruit powder
    • Fenugreek extract powder
    • Spinach powder
    • Pear juice powder
    • Ginger root powder
    • Hawthorn berry powder
    • Organic wheat grass powder
    • Carrot juice powder
    • Asparagus powder
    • Alfalfa powder
    • Organic apple cider vinegar extract
    • Mango juice powder
    • Cucumber powder
    • Aloe vera extract
    • Organic mulberry powder
    • Noni powder extract
    • Organic tart cherry powder
    • Orange juice concentrate
    • Cranberry juice concentrate
    • Barley grass powder
    • Lemon juice powder
    • Green bell pepper powder
    • Sweet potato powder
    • Strawberry powder
    • Red bell pepper powder
    • Raspberry powder
    • Celery seed powder
    • Garlic powder
    • Organic turmeric powder
    • Holy basil leaf powder
    • Rhubarb extract
    • Oregano extract
    • Green tea extract
    • Acerola cherry extract
    • Organic oat grass powder
    • Broccoli extract
    • Grape juice concentrate
    • Organic  moringa leaf powder
    • Pomegranate extract
    • Acai berry powder
    • Watermelon powder
    • Parsley leaf powder
    • Black cumin seed powder
    • Organic cayenne chili powder
  • Enzyme Blend

    Other than the proprietary blend, the makers have also added an enzyme blend and a probiotic blend as well, as they believe it might add to its whole food nutrition.

    Bromelain is added by the maker in this enzyme blend which might support in reducing pain and swelling and may also reduce digestive problems and muscle soreness.

    Another enzyme known as invertase has also been considered by the makers of Texas SuperFood that may play a role in increasing the rate at which there’s a breakdown of sucrose into fructose and glucose.

    • Amylase
    • Cellulase
    • Invertase
    • Papain
    • Protease
    • Lactose
    • Bromelain
    • Lipase
    • Maltase
  • Probiotic Complex

    According to the official website, Tex SuperFood contains a probiotic complex. As per a study, a probiotic complex or probiotics are live organisms that may provide multiple health benefits.

Why Was Texas SuperFood Chosen?

My mom has been the most hardworking woman that I have ever known in my life. She has the most kind-hearted and giving nature, which is one major attribute I love about her.

While I was coming back home from a long vacation, I was super excited to meet my family and share with them all the fun-loving experiences that I had in Maroon Bells, Colorado.

I met my siblings and showered them with hugs and kisses, and I was told that my dad recently got posted to a different state.

When I met mom, she looked different than how I had seen her before, and I couldn’t help but notice that her skin looked a bit pale and very distinct.

I brushed this matter away, thinking had it been anything, she would have shared it with me. But after a few days, when I saw her avoiding her friends’ texts and calls, I decided to ask her the reason.

She finally opened up to me and revealed that she hasn’t been feeling well for a couple of days and that it’s been weeks since she’s been dealing with constant body pain.

Due to her body pain, she remains agitated throughout the day and never feels like leaving her bed and doing her daily household work.

Even if she tries to clean and make her bed, the exhaustion she feels gets the better of her. She seemed disinterested throughout the day, with no energy left in her.

I told her that I noticed the change in her skin right when I met her after my vacations, but I thought it was normal and that it needed no attention at all.

I thought maybe it was time to get her health checked, so I took her to our family doctor. My mother briefly explained the issues that she was facing, so he ran some tests.

Upon receiving the test results, we were shocked by what the doctor told us. He revealed that she has been lacking certain vitamins and minerals, due to which she has been experiencing body pain and skin issues.

Upon asking, my mother told the doctor that she has been inconsistent with her eating habits and used to skip breakfast and lunch at times and consume a single meal like a sandwich or pasta.

The doctor told her she was sabotaging her health and that she needed to change or else her condition could worsen in the coming years.

The doctor said that she should start consuming green veggies and also add some good-quality protein sources to her diet.

He even expressed that she should get involved in some outdoor activities rather than just household work so that it could help her stay active.

I was shocked and felt bad for my mom, as she had always been taking care of each one of us while entirely ignoring her health.

While on our way home, my mom made a promise to me that she would start taking care of herself and would do whatever the doctor had advised her to do.

Thus, in the first few days after the doctor’s visit, she became a bit more aware of what and when she ate, but then I saw her skipping several green vegetables from her meal.

She said she wasn’t a big fan of eating vegetables as she didn’t like the taste, and most of the time she would overlook eating them.

I reasoned that I would have to find another way to restore adequate nutrition to her life.I started doing research as to how I could help my mom regain her health.

While I was looking for some natural solutions, I also read about the harmful effects of poor nutrition and a lack of vitamins on health, which made me more afraid regarding my mother’s health.

I found out over the internet that using coconut oil and honey on the face could help in reducing dryness and would help in retaining the moisture of the skin.

Thus, I asked mom to try honey on her skin every other day, followed by applying coconut oil, which she decided to try out for her growing skin concerns.

I came across various remedies that involved eating raw veggies, but it was a big no-no for my mother. That is when I came across Texas SuperFood.

I got interested right after reading the name, and to feed my curiosity, I checked its official website to figure out what this product was all about.

The official website of Texas SuperFood spoke highly of their product, leaving no stone unturned. I got to learn that it had around 55 natural foods and vegetables that claimed to work like actual veggies and fruits.

It also mentioned using fruits, herbs, and veggies picked at their peak of nutritional perfection, so I thought they could be filled with their health benefits.

I felt like my mom wasn’t a fan of veggies because of how they tasted, so I could ask her to try Texas SuperFood capsules for her health improvement.

My mom decided to get physically active, for which she enrolled herself in a community events club that included group exercises, running, and various other interesting options.

I told her about Texas SuperFood, but she was skeptical about using them. After two days of convincing, she finally agreed to give it a try.

Texas SuperFood Consumption Experience

While she had already started applying honey and coconut oil to her face while still dealing with her exhaustion and body pain problems, her package of Texas SuperFoods got delivered within a few days.

She took the Texas SuperFood capsules as per the recommended dosage, six capsules daily, and her food.

Initially, she used to skip meals but wanted to make positive changes in her life. Thus, she started taking regular meals with veggies, which she somehow used to eat because she disliked their taste.

In the initial few days, she experienced a slight change in her energy levels, which she felt after a long time as she only felt exhausted and highly burned out.

She further noticed after a week of its consumption that the dryness of her skin was visibly reduced. Seeing this, she had a smile on her face and felt confident.

She was already feeling better and sharper after two weeks of its Texas SuperFoods dosage. Her body pain was gradually reduced, and she could work without experiencing pain like before.

If that wasn’t enough good news, she also told me that she was regular with the community group exercise sessions, and people appreciated her for being consistent.

Moreover, she decided to start consuming vegetables and fruits, even though she didn’t like the taste, along with the new schedule she had been following.

Not to miss, she also started consuming the vitamins for boosting energy levels recommended by her doctor.

She contacted her doctor regarding her health updates and expressed that things have been improving and that she felt more motivated and energetic than ever.

After a month of regular dosages of Texas SuperFood, my mother lost a few inches and looked and felt great when her clothes started fitting her better.

With a regular dose of Texas SuperFood capsules and applying honey and coconut oil to her face, her skin appeared to glow with no rashes or dryness, which was a significant concern for her as she had tried every cream or moisturizer possible, but nothing had helped her.

Texas SuperFood supported my mom in getting rid of her drained-out energy levels naturally and effectively, which also helped gradually reduce body pain.

Now she realizes that the decline in her health was due to her not taking care of herself and skipping meals, due to which she suffered so much pain and skin dryness.

My mom has decided to continue her Texas SuperFood usage along with proper meals and physical activities so that she can also experience improvement in her health in the future.

How To Take Texas SuperFood?

As per the official website details, the suggested dosage of Texas SuperFood for adults is taking 2 or more capsules thrice a day along with food.

Other than that, the makers have stated it could also be used by kids aged 12 and older by consuming one capsule three times a day, preferably with their meals.

My mother followed the recommended adult dosage as laid out by the makers on the official website of Texas SuperFood for which she experienced favorable results by being consistent.

Benefits Of Texas SuperFood

The following were the benefits she experienced using Texas Superfood-

  • Enhanced Mental Focus

    One of the benefits experienced by my mom was that she was able to concentrate on her daily household work which initially she appeared so disinterested in doing it.

  • May Improve Skin Quality

    One of the best experiences she had of being regular with Texas SuperFood consumption was that she was able to get rid of her face dryness and rashes which were troubling her for a long time.

  • Supports Weight Management

    My mother experienced better fitting of clothes and felt more confident about enrolling in community clubs for group exercises where she became all the more active and fitter.

Final Words

Thus, to conclude my review of Texas SuperFood, I could gladly say that my mother tried it for her health concerns and was able to tackle her issues. 

She shares that she feels happier and healthier than ever. now that she has newfound energy levels that last throughout the day without her being stressed or losing her cool with others.

I have noticed she is more active and now plans weekend dinners with her close friends; earlier, to avoid the same, she used to give them every excuse possible.

With a proper lifestyle change and constant health support from Texas SuperFood, her body pain was gone, and she also noticed that she was able to focus better on her daily work.

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