ThermoFight-X Review And Its Alternatives

Medically reviewed by Maria Sarino, MD FACT CHECKED

This article is not a general ThermoFight X review. Here I have tried to provide and give out my personal experiences with this fat loss substance.

When I was looking for fat loss substances, I tried to search over the internet and many articles pointed me to buy ThermoFight X.

thermofight x

I also had a friend, who was working in health supplement industry, I asked for his feedback on this weight loss substance.

He gave me thumbs up and also offered me his personalized service through which I would be able to get a discount if I purchase this weight loss substance for a subscription period of 6 months.

As soon as I heard the offer, I was ready instantly. I also did my “so-called research” over the internet and read a couple of articles and decided to give this substance a try.

Hence, I requested my friend to get the subscription as I was getting a good discount.

I though, this is a win-win situation for me. As I am getting what I wanted and that too on discount.

Hence, from the next week, once I received my subscription, I started with my consumption cycle.

Before I proceed with my personal consumption story, let me clear out some of the basic stuff about this weight loss substance called as ThermoFight X.

ThermoFight X is a thermogenesis substance that claims to initiate weight loss process.

According to the manufacturer it increases the metabolic process as a result of which the fat is melted away.

Also, ThermoFight X follows a process of  ketogenic method to weight loss. In this one, your body will start converting the fat into the energy.

As a result of which, the fat levels from your body will start decreasing and you will have excess of energy to perform your day-to-day activities.

On the other hand, the thermogenesis process of weight loss tries to maintain a balance between the existence of healthy fat in the body.

As this healthy fat is necessary for proper functionality of your body as well.

All this is achieved by the main ingredients included in the process of manufacturing of ThermoFight X, these are Caffeine and Jalapeño Pepper.

How ThermoFight X Works ?

According to the manufacturers, the process of weight loss is mainly achieved by enhanced thermogenesis and ketosis by supporting rapid ketone.

These processes are completely natural and could benefit the body with fat loss and hence are included in the working functionality of ThermoFight X.

Let us now try to understand these two process in detail.

  • Thermogenesis

    It is a basic process through which the heat is produced within the body of organisms. This process takes place only in the warm blooded organisms.

    When this process takes place in your body, the rate of metabolism is increased. As a result of which the food that you eat is absorbed quickly.

    The food is converted into energy form pretty quickly hence, there is no indigestion and at the same time a little amount of fat is also burned with the help of the heat produced by the thermogenesis process.

  • Ketosis

    This is the process that happens when your body has no carbohydrate to burn in order to produce energy.

    As a result of which, your body will have to burn the fat that is accumulated by your body in order to meet the energy requirements.

    According to the manufacturers, this process also happens when you start with the regular consumption of ThermoFight X

Ingredients Used In ThermoFight X

As per the manufacturers, they have used all the natural ingredients in the process of manufacturing this fat loss substance.

Below are the ingredients of ThermoFight X

ingredients of thermofight x

  1. Calcium

    Calcium is pretty essential element and  it’s absence in the body could really cause various issues.

    It is the main ingredient that increases the body’s temperature and as a result the thermogenesis process is initiated. Which results in reduction of fat levels.

  2. Chromium

    This is a substance that is mainly responsible in turning the food into energy.

    At the same time, there are various researches that conclude that chromium helped in fat loss in number of cases and in some cases, it did not.

    Hence, addition of Chromium just for fat loss is little controversial topic of discussion.
  3. Proprietary Green Tea Blend

    This part if one of the ThermoFight X specific substance. It is a combination of Phytosome green tea leaf, sunflower complex and other green tea extract.

    The exact proportion of these added compounds is not mentioned by the manufacturer.

  4. Proprietary Thermogenic Blend

    This composition includes Jalapeño pepper, black pepper, ginger, cinnamon and cayenne pepper.

    Again, the specified composition of these substances is not mentioned by the manufacturer, as this is a proprietary blend.

My ThermoFight X Consumption Story

With all the excitement and enthusiasm, I started with the consumption of ThermoFight X in the hope that it would help me lose some weight.

With the initial two weeks of consumption, there were no changes. After that, I measured my weight level, and it was the same.

I tried contacting my friend, who helped me get this subscription at discounted rates. But unfortunately, he did not pick up my call.

I felt a little strange, but I searched the internet for some answers. Many articles mentioned that it might take 3-4 weeks for the results to be initiated. Hence, I continued with my consumption.

Meanwhile, I also joined a gym, thinking that it might help me lose some weight.

After four weeks in the consumption cycle, I measured my weight again and saw a weight reduction. Of course, I was thrilled with the same.

Again, I called my friend, but he did not answer my call. I was again surprised by this act.

I continued with my consumption. After two months of consumption, I again measured my weight; there were no changes, and my weight was the same as I had at the end of 4 weeks cycle.

The same was true when I checked my weight at the end of 3 months, four months, and six months of consumption.

I was pretty disappointed with the results. Again I tried contacting my friend for help, but sadly, there were no answers from his side.

My Dosage With ThermoFight X

Prior to this, I never consumed any weight loss supplement. Hence, I literally had no idea how to consume these pills.

Hence, I made a decision to stick with the official recommendations.

As a result, I was consuming 1 caplet two times a day. This was right after the breakfast and after the main meal of the day.

You might be thinking that I might have missed some dosage in between. But let me make it clear that, I did not miss even a single day of dosage.

Side Effects

On this front, ThermoFight X never disappointed me. I did not feel any side effects.

Even I did not get cold this time around. Hence, I cannot really say that there were any side effects due to this “so-called” fat loss substance.

ThermoFight X Alternative

Frankly speaking, I was disappointed by two things.

  • That I choose the wrong substance.
  • I was miss sold a substance by my friend, who could have saved me from this as he might be aware of the results of ThermoFight X.

I decided not to give up so quickly, so I would start my weight loss journey again. As a result, this time, I told myself that I would not believe anyone and would seek professional help.

I did the same and met a nutritionist. She complimented me on joining the gym. Hence, according to her, I was on the right path.

The second thing that she suggested was changing my diet plan altogether. This is when she charted a specific diet plan for me and made a promise that I stick to it.

Thirdly she suggested me another weight loss supplement. She mentioned that this supplement has already helped multiple clients of hers. She told me that people are getting scammed in the name of weight loss supplements. According to her, supplements like Provitalize do not generally work for people.

Because these sorts of supplements are popular, people fall prey to them.

She cheered me up and told me to start believing in myself and the diet plan that she suggested and this substance and start a new journey of weight loss. Now, after six months of post-consumption of this fantastic substance, PhenQ, I have lost the weight I was looking for.

To my surprise, now I can fit into the jeans I used to wear at the time of graduation. Hence, you can look out for this if you want to lose that extra weight.

FAQs On ThermoFight X

Does ThermoFight X actually work ?
In most of the cases, ThermoFight X showed negligible to no results when it comes to weight loss. You can read about the complaints here.


Does ThermoFight X cause diarrhea ?
Ideally speaking, ThermoFight X has a number of side effects and diarrhea certainly could be one of them.


What is the safest weight loss pill?
PhenQ has been regarded as one of the safest pills for weight loss.


What is the best alternative of ThermoFight X ?
PhenQ is one of the best alternative of ThermoFight X

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