This blog post comes from Ilham Zoughi, Founder and CEO of Duette Foodshed, and mom of two little ones. She recently participated as a panelist for our February 11 All About Birth Workshop, “Prenatal Parenting: Practices for Better Bonding and a Healthy Pregnancy.” Her list of top 10 things she wished she had really known about birth and postpartum resonated with the crowd and we asked her to share this publicly. So enjoy!

10. Nurture yourself NOW

• Feel good for yourself and for your baby
• Massage, Acupuncture, Energy Work

9. Count on old-fashioned nutrition
• Good (animal) fats: butter,
• Probiotics
• Egg yolk
• Bone Broth
• Organ meats

8. Labour IS (likely) a marathon, management of early labor is critical to a successful delivery
• Rest early
• Hydrate often
• Work with an experienced Labour Doula if possible

7. Breastfeed ASAP to ensure a good start … because

6. … Breastfeeding IS (likely) difficult
• Research lactation consultants ahead of time
• Invest in a lactation consultant visit ASAP – i.e. call her as soon as the baby is born
• Do not count solely on other professionals that has a certification and can “help with breastfeeding”

5. Breastfeeding clinics are a nice resource
• Provides further support and bonding with other new moms

4. Postpartum Nutrition: PLAN AHEAD
• No time to think about food post-partum
Postpartum bleeding could be a thing.
• Solutions can range from pre-made frozen meals to the in-house chef
• Remember you have weak digestion so focus on soups, stews, broths, easy-to-digest cooked foods – No gassy foods.
• Know what not to do.


3. 4th trimester – HELP NEEDED!
• 4th trimester is much more difficult than the 3rd trimester!
• Resting –when you can, is important
• Organize help for simple things (e.g. running an errand): family members, post-partum doula

2. Recovery is a process – No rush.
• Traditionally a “confinement” period of at least a month was observed
Proper care and post-partum recovery will help you avoid health issues years ahead

  1. Being a mom IS the hardest job out there – Give yourself a break!
  • There are various theories and principles on what is “ideal” but we are all unique and so are our babies
  • Chose what works for you and your family
  • It takes 3 weeks to break a habit, nothing is forever!
  • Birth centers could be a decent choice.

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