Tressurge Review: Is This Hair Growth Serum Really A Scam?

Medically reviewed by Maria Sarino, MD FACT CHECKED

This Tressurge review has been mainly written to understand the usage, working functionality, pros, and cons of this hair serum.

At the same time, I have also added all the ingredients used by the manufacturers in this Tressurge review.

As a result of which, if you are someone who is looking to using this one or wants to improve the quality of their hair, then you should definitely read this Tressurge until the very end.

Not to miss, I have also added how exactly I used this hair serum and if it really worked for me or not.

tressurge reviewTressurge hair serum could be regarded as a one-stop solution for all women suffering from the problem of hair loss. This product is designed by a team of dermatologists and aims to treat hair loss effectively.

The use of natural ingredients in this product could really help you with all the beneficial properties, hence you may notice target re-growing of your hair and you could see a change when making your mane.

Your hair may as well turn out to be thicker and more beautiful. The current lifestyle has taken a toll on the overall health of many individuals. Rapid hair loss has become a common problem throughout the world.

Tressurge aims to treat all hair loss problems in women using an organic formula. Thus, no chemicals touch your hair at all.

The active ingredients present in this serum tries to reverse the effect of androgen hormones responsible for excessive hair loss.

How Does Tressurge Work?

A team of qualified dermatologists has designed and manufactured this product using all the natural and organic ingredients.

These ingredients try to focus on the main reasons for hair fall and combat the same. All the components of this product have been chosen carefully to suit women of all hair types.

This product is easy to use. All you are required to do is to clean and shower your head to remove dirt. Thereafter, take some serum and apply it to your hair just like you apply oil.

Right after the application, the ingredients move into your scalp and seep into your hair’s root. The serum then reaches all the areas where your hair had started to split.

Gradually, your roots may witness a transition phase and all the split hairs may bind together. This product also tries to fill your hair follicles with keratin.

Keratin is not only responsible for maintaining hair growth, but also makes your hair look sleek and shiny.

Ingredients Used In Tressurge

It is the game of ingredients that make this serum a sought-after product in the market. The good thing about the composition of Tressurge is that none of its ingredients include chemicals.

The all-natural formula of this serum doesn’t lead to single side effects and delivers the best results.
Here is a list of all the ingredients present in Tressurge:

  • Minoxidil

    Minoxidil is a hypersensitive vasodilator. It helps to open up the blood vessels so that the blood flows smoothly. Though it may be taken in the form of a pill or capsules, the makers of this serum have added minoxidil as a part of topical treatment for this product. This substance may stimulate your scalp and increase the flow of blood and oxygen. The process then improves your hair follicles remarkably.

  • Glycerin

    Glycerin happens to be a form of sugar alcohol taken from petroleum and plants. Apart from treating dry skin, this ingredient also helps in nourishing hair. Many studies have suggested that the properties of this component not only make your hair softer and shinier but also make its core stronger.

  • Equisetum Advance

    Also known as field horsetail, this ingredient is a form of plan present in the tempered regions of the planet. This plant includes silicon. The presence of silicon is responsible for triggering collagen that improves the overall growth of your hair. This ingredient may as well increase oxygen in the scalp. Other advantages of this substance in the serum include reducing dandruff, enhancing hair’s condition and growth, boosting blood flow, etc.

  • Biotin

    It is a form of vitamin B, belonging to the complex family of the vitamin. The deficiency of this nutrient causes weak hair. Apart from helping you maintain stronger and thicker hair, this ingredient also works wonders for the overall body.

    Biotin benefits metabolic health by improving the metabolism of the body, it could also boost the immune system. It is responsible for thickening the roots of the hair.

  • Procapil

    Another sought-after ingredient present in this serum is Procapil. Many studies have suggested that this substance increases the blood flow in the scalp. It works together with apigenin, vitaminized matriline, and oleanolic acid to reduce DTH’s effect. Upon the increase in the effect of DTH, the absorption rate of the nutrients decreases that may directly lead to hair loss. The addition of Procapil doesn’t lead to such a condition.

  • Rosmarinus Officinalis

    The oil of this plant is used in many hair care products for various purposes. Rosmarinus officinalis help in treating the longing problem of hair fall. It may as well control the graying of hair before time. Other advantages of this ingredient include reducing inflammation in the scalp, reducing the build-up of dandruff, etc. The oil of this plant also has calming benefits. One study has suggested that when applied directly to the scalp, it may improve the function of the brain and may relieve headaches.

Why Did I Actually Use Tressurge?

There were many reasons why I considered using this serum to grow my hair. Tressurge has been made using all the natural ingredient that barely leads to any side-effect in most cases.

It is the first reason why I rely on the continuous use of this serum. The other reasons are as follows:

  • I was under the impression that the serum may speed up my hair growth and rejuvenate my aging hair.
  • The ingredients present in this serum may thicken my hair. At the same time, I thought that my hair may become stronger as ever.
  • Also, the manufacturers suggest that this serum helps to stimulate hair growth along with repairing damaged hair.
  • Since I was constantly worrying over the thinning of hair, I give this serum a shot.

My Tressurge Usage Story

During the time of my pregnancy, I used to lose a great amount of hair. It really bothered me for a while. Hence, I decided that I will talk about this one with my doctor.

She assured me that this scenario may continue till the child is born. Post that, all the hair fall will stop and it will start to look thick.

Post my daughter was born, I was waiting for that day to come on which, I will notice reduced hair strands on the kitchen and bathroom floor.

This never happened, even after a year after the delivery. Hence, I talked about this situation with a few of my close friends.

One of them suggested that I should start using Tressurge. As she has heard a lot of things about this serum and it could really work on my hair fall situation.

I started using the same. Even after three months of continuous usage, I was not able to notice any changes.

Hence, I stopped using the same. Finally, this serum did not work for me at all.

Pros of Tressurge Hair Growth Serum

These are probable positives that you might notice. Personally speaking, I was never able to notice any such positive impact on my hair fall.

  • The product may increase the length as well as the thickness of the hair.
  • The brand claims that it makes the hair stronger, healthier, and shinier.
  • This serum could work on all hair types and provides clinically proven results.

Cons of Tressurge Hair Growth Serum:

  • The use of this serum is restricted to women only.
  • It is advised not to use this product if you have no history of hair loss.
  • The product cannot be paired with other topical solutions that you apply to your hair.
  • This serum may not suit everyone. Girls under 18 years must not use the product.

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