Tru Niagen Review: Does It Really Improve Cell Health?

Medically reviewed by Maria Sarino, MD FACT CHECKED

This Tru Niagen review is based on the true events that involve my dad’s consumption experience and the results of this supplement.

I have included some of the basic details about this supplement. At the same time, tried to answer why did I choose Tru Naigen and the dosage along with its working functionality.

Not to miss the detailed description of the ingredients involved.

As a result, if you are someone who is looking to reduce the aging effects and want to improve your overall health naturally, then this Tru Niagen review is just for you.

Having said that, let me start with What exactly Tru Niagen is.

tru niagenTru Niagen is a nicotinamide riboside supplement specially designed for people who are looking to take their health to the next level.

The aim of which is to aid and improve the metabolic process at the cellular level in their bodies.

It has been designed and developed by ChromaDex, a renowned name with two successful decades in the field of medicine.

This supplement tends to increase the available energy levels in each of the body’s cells to improve the ability of the body to repair damaged cells and to aid overall health and wellbeing in the elderly.

Nicotinamide riboside or NR is one of the forms of Vitamin B3, however, not so similar to the other forms present in the supplement across the market.

As a person begins to age, he starts losing his energy, thereby feeling weak and drained out most of the time. This supplement has NR as a primary ingredient that may help the consumer to restore their energy levels and repair all the damaged cells.

The presence of nicotinamide riboside in this supplement also assists in the production of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide or NAD.

This substance is a coenzyme that plays a major role in improving energy levels in the elderly and helping them repair their damaged cells.

Why Did I Choose Tru Niagen?

The makers of this supplement suggest that the consumption of this supplement may help to slow down the process of aging.

This supplement works in the body in four different ways. Tru Niagen may help to promote the repairing of damaged cells in the body and maintain the healthy cells that develop higher defense and resistance against the signs of aging.

This supplement may further help the consumers to deal with the daily stress suffered because of the fast lifestyle. Tru Niagen may as well provide resistance from physical strain or exhaustion experienced after performing light exercises or daily activities.

Personally speaking, I always wanted to age more gracefully. Hence, add the consumption of this supplement to my daily diet.

On the other hand,  thousands of young, middle-aged, and elderly, are already consuming this supplement. As a result, taking the most benefit out of it.

I wanted my father to be regular with the dosage, so that he might experience a number of positive changes in his body, including better metabolism, improved cellular function, as well as better health.

All these points prompted me to finiliaze Tru Niagen. As a result, I requested him to take up the consumption cycle of this supplement.

How Tru Niagen Works?

Millions of cells die every day and are replaced by the new cells within our body. The whole life cycle of any living organism depends on this cycle.

Since the time, the scientists got to know about coenzyme referred to as NAD+ there has been a huge impact created.

This enzyme has been known to support cellular energy and its regeneration process. Various governmental researches point out that NAD+ declines with age.

Hence, keeping their optimal levels in your body will make you a healthy human for a longer period of time.

One of the major positives that come out from maintaining the optimal levels of NAD+ is a reduction in stress levels. As a result, the body’s cellular function performs optimally.

This is the reason, the researchers have made it pretty clear that their main aim is to increase the NAD+ levels in your body that will ultimately benefit you in the longer run.


Ingredients Used In Tru Niagen

  • Key Ingredient

    Nicotinamide Riboside is the key ingredient present in Tru Niagen and the makers hold it responsible for all the effectiveness.

    This ingredient is a form of Vitamin B3 sans any side-effect, hence, safe for use for the elderly. Most of the Vitamin B3s turn into nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, however, in some cases, they lead to the production of a precursor, thereby making the supplement ineffective for some people.

    But this is not the case with Tru Niagen. The ingredient used in this supplement is highly effective and the makers guarantee that it works exactly like it claims to work.

    Tru Niagen includes 300 mg nicotinamide riboside per serving that does not lead to any ill effects even when you are consuming it daily.
  • Other Ingredients

    Alongside the key ingredient, this supplement also includes other ingredients. This supplement comprises plant-based magnesium stearate, making up the white powder-like substance inside the pill.

    The role of this ingredient is to make the process of absorption of this supplement easier in the body.

Tru Niagen: My Father's Consumption Experience

My father is 60 plus. He has been facing issues in his day to day life mainly because of aging. Sometimes he is very low on energy.

Hence, he spends most of his days lying on the bed. This was not the case when he was working. He used to work a lot physically.

From the time he retired he has been struggling with a number of niggles here and there. As a result, I really wanted to help him but due to his age, I was not able to provide any assistance.

This is when I started reading about slowing the aging effects. I read a number of articles and most of them involved healthy eating coupled with the exercise routine.

Although he was eating healthy still there was a lack of energy in his body. I started researching supplements and found out about Tru Niagen.

When I read all about this supplement, I could really relate to the problems that are showcased by the manufacturers.

Hence, I decided that I will request my father to start with the consumption of Tru Niagen. He agreed to it, as he also wanted to overcome these issues.

I ordered it from the official website and he started with the consumption. Post consuming it for around a month or so, I could see some amazing changes in him.

He was able to take morning walks, he was talking and laughing with his friends. His food habits improved even more.

Also, he was able to sleep very soundly which indicated deep sleep as a result of which, his body received all the rest that it needed.

In totality, this supplement worked really well for my father. As I write this one, he still regularly takes this supplement in the form of capsules and some time with his meals as well.

Tru Niagen: My Father's Dosage Schedule

It is very clearly mentioned on the website that, if anyonw is taking a 300mg capsule, that person would require only 1 capsule per day.

Hence, my father was taking the 300 mg pill each day.

Also, some times he also used to mix the powder of Tru Niagen in his soupes and veggies as well. In case he does not to take capsule infront of anyone.

Tru Niagen Consumption Benefits

The makers emphasize the safe use and production of this supplement as the ingredients present in Tru Niagen are clinically-tested.

The supplement doesn’t include gluten, nuts, caffeine, animal by-products, or any kind of artificial flavors or colors. The consumption of this supplement doesn’t lead to any serious side-effects.

Furthermore, Tru Niagen is very affordable when compared to other supplements present throughout the market. This product works remarkably on all kinds of bodies and may benefit you in the following ways.

  • Tru Niagen could lead to increased energy in the cells, thanks to the composition of nicotinamide riboside. This unique form of Vitamin B3 may enhance overall energy including cell energy. You may experience improved energy and freshness after the consumption of this supplement for a few weeks.
  • The increased levels of NAD+ in the body by this supplement could encourage better cell defense against all kinds of metabolic stresses. Many studies have confirmed that the regular use of this supplement may keep high blood pressure and heart diseases at bay.
  • Tru Niagen could be considered an excellent supplement that encourages faster cell repair in the elderly. This may help in slowing down the process of aging. Another study has suggested that the production of NAD+ because of the consumption of this supplement may as well ward off the formation of cancer-causing cells.
  • Various human trials have suggested that NAD is good to reduce signs of aging and may as well improve the effectiveness of the functions of cells in the body. The regular use of this supplement may make your cells work better and effectively.
  • As a result of the amazing composition of this supplement, you may end up aging healthily. This supplement aims to maintain your overall well-being.
  • This supplement may provide health benefits to all the people who are more at risk of suffering from illnesses such as diabetes, heart diseases, and Alzheimer’s. The ingredients present in this supplement work together to provide better resistance against the above-listed diseases.

Side Effects

Although Tru Niagen is an effective supplement that doesn’t lead to any serious side-effects in the body.

It is still recommended to have a work with your doctor or health practitioner before adding it to your daily diet.

My father has been consuming this one since last 7-8 months and has never faced any kind of side effects.

Tru Niagen For Sale

Tru Niagen is only available on the official website. Hence I ordered it from there only. My father has been a regular consumer of this supplement hence, I was more inclined towards ordering it in bulk.

At the same time, I received some amazing discounts when ordering it in bulk for a longer period of consumption.

Hence, it was a win-win situation for me and my father as well.

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