Truvision Reviews: If This Is What You Really Need For Fat Loss?

Medically reviewed by Maria Sarino, MD FACT CHECKED

In this Truvision review, I have talked about some of its products that are currently present in the market.

A number of people have personally asked me to try any of the Truvision products and review them. I have added some of the products to my list for the same and will be reviewing them individually.

As a result, this Truvision does not talk about any specific product but a range of its product. Hence, this Truvision review will present an overall picture of the company in front of you.

Having said that, let me start with the introduction of the company.

Truvision (now Truvy) is a company that has dedicated all its products to weight loss category. As a result, they mainly focus on appetite suppressants, weight loss, metabolism increasing supplements and energy related substances.

truvisionThey also seem to have developed a system in which they recommend two pills that support overall weight loss. Hence, it is one of the most famous products.

As per the manufacturer, their main purpose is to provide healthy and nutritional supplements. As a result, they will be able to help people in staying fit and healthy.

They also lay stress on using natural ingredients in order to manufacture their products. Hence, according to the manufacturers, their products are quick in displaying the results.

Also, they have mentioned that all the products manufactured by them are side effect free. And they help regulate blood sugar levels, blood pressure and additional cravings.

What Is Truvision System?

The Truvision system basically consists of two of the pills. truFix & truControl. These are supposed to be taken together for the best of the results.

Hence, this has been one of the most promoted products and most people are interested in these two.


Trufix is metabolic support that is a part of the core system. According to the manufacturers, it is one of the most revolutionary systems that they have designed.

Hence, Trufix tries to maintain optimal blood chemistry. This enables it to maintain a proper blood nutritional balance. As a result of which the whole body weight is managed and you are able to feel good.

This one also helps in water retention as well. Trufix also tries to maintain other deficiencies such as iron and vitamins.

As a result, your overall body health is improved with regular consumption.


As the name suggests, it is efficient in controlling your weight and appetite.

It has energy ingredients that supply your body with the essential energy when you are eating less food. The ingredients list contains essential vitamins and minerals that are required by your body.

As a result, your day-to-day energy requirement is fulfilled with this. On the other hand, your appetite is suppressed hence, you will not feel any additional cravings.

This whole process also increases your metabolic rate. Also, the cleansing process of your body takes place when it does not have any additional food to burn.

Truvision Ingredients

  • Vitamin B6
    According to the various governmental studies, vitamin B6 is found to be pretty effective when someone tries to maintain a fat-free mass.

    As a result, the manufacturer of Trufix has included the same.
  • Iron
    One of the essential minerals is Iron. It helps in maintaining the vital functions of the body. A number of studies also indicate, its importance in maintaining a better immune system.

    Hence, its addition to Trufix is pretty justified.
  • Caffeine
    Everyone is aware that caffeine is pretty essential in maintaining a better metabolic rate. As a result, your body will burn an increased amount of fat.

    Hence, energy requirements will be met pretty efficiently. For this very reason, it has been included in Trufix.
  • Dendrobium Extract
    This one is used as a medicinal herb and consists of anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Selenium
    It is known as one of the best weight loss substances. It has got an essential hold on the metabolic rate of your body as well.
  • Vanadium
    This one is used for treating higher cholesterol issues, heart diseases and other blood related issues like anemia as well.

My Take On Truvision

Personally speaking, on paper Truvision products look pretty impressive. The manufacturers have covered the whole wellness range products.

Hence, there might be some products that could be exceptionally beneficial. On the other hand, there might be some products which might be average.

Overall, I guess this is a great mix and match of supplements that could provide an overall benefit to your body.

I have not tried any of the products from Truvision. Although I am considering taking Trufix and Trucontrol as it has been requested by a number of readers.

But as of now, my plate is kind of full.

Hence, if you are seriously looking to lose some weight, then you may consider any of these best diet pills.

On the other hand, if you are exclusively looking for anything related to fat loss, then my suggestion would be these appetite suppressants.

Is Truvision Legitimate?

As far as legitimacy is concerned, Truvision is not FDA approved. On the contrary, it was served a notice in the year 2017.

This notice stated that a number of ingredients that were used in the manufacturing process are not approved by FDA to be used.

Also, as per the regulations, they needed to take explicit approvals, but they did not. Hence, they were banned by FDA to promote the substances.

There were also some of the substances that were being used in the production of supplements that were not permitted.

The labelling of the ingredients was not appropriate. The usage of a number of substances in the name of “proprietary blend” was not recognized by FDA.

Post this, the company changed its branding and a complete make over was done. This also included a new name for the company.

Is Truvision Effective?

The effectiveness of Truvision is very subjective. I searched over the internet, found that most people are not satisfied with the effectiveness of these supplements.

On the other hand a number of people claim that it works for them every single time. Hence, you need to decide for yourself.

At the same time, I will not recommend you any of the products of Truvision. The reason being, I have not tried any of them, then there are no reasons for me to recommend you.

Also, the company has a shady past. This makes me even more skeptical of them and the ethics followed by the company.

Truvision Alternatives

There are a number of authentic and trustworthy supplements available in the market. In my opinion, you should go for those supplements that have proven a track record.

This is because you would be able to believe in the product. Also, there would be a few chances of any kind of side effects.

Another great benefit of choosing a well-known product would be, most people would have already tried and tested the product.

As a result, you will know exactly how would that product behave when taken a certain way. Hence, you would be able to take a more aggressive take on those products.

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