10 Types Of Child Delivery That You Must Know!

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Bringing a child into the world cannot be an easy task. You have to achieve this task through effective planning and care. There are a plethora of delivery methods that you may go through before childbirth.

However, the most common or the normal delivery method is vaginal delivery. Besides this method, you may even look at other therapies and techniques that might make the process more convenient and safer for both the child and you.

Different types of child delivery may include natural and unassisted delivery, assisted childbirth, or delivery through Caesarean surgery (C-section).  Besides the delivery methods, you may even find different child delivery locations. You could opt for the childbirth delivery in a birth center, in a hospital or even at home.

Before choosing the right type of child delivery, you may always weigh the risks and benefits provided by it. The preferences of the mother might even be taken into account because she is the one that has to undergo the delivery.

Now let us have a look at the different types or methods of child delivery.

  1. Natural Childbirth Methods At Home

    The natural child delivery method conducted at home was a normal delivery method about 75 years ago.  The different elements of the natural childbirth delivery at home included an unrushed process with minimal interference.

    However, the expectant mothers who opted for unassisted childbirth at home had to attend various classes.

    These classes could teach you about the different stages of labor, relaxation and breathing techniques, and the structure of your vagina after the delivery. It could even teach you about how you may be prepared for your new baby and Postpartum.

    Planned home birth. Here is a governmental paper about the same.

    Home Birth has been discussed here in detail.
  1. Vaginal Delivery With No Medication

    With several advantages, vaginal delivery with no medication would be beneficial for both the baby and the mother. Under this type of delivery method, a bacterial or microbiome environment is established.

    You may get several benefits if you choose vaginal delivery with no medication method. First of all, your child may face lesser respiratory problems. Secondly, this method of child delivery could even lower the rate of infections in you and even truncate your duration of staying in the hospital.

    Another major benefit of vaginal delivery is that you may not have to undergo any abdominal surgery and get prone to the risks associated with the C-section. Moreover, you may even recover quicker in case of vaginal delivery.

    However, vaginal delivery even has certain disadvantages. The major disadvantage of this type of delivery method is that it might not be recommended sometimes for medical reasons. Secondly, vaginal childbirth may even result in the tearing of the perineum.

    NCBI talks more about the same.

  1. Lamaze Method

    Also known for its different techniques and therapies, the Lamaze method is another type of child delivery option available for you. This method might even use different comfort strategies that could help you during Labour. The usage of the breathing techniques in the Lamaze method is because these techniques and strategies might help to enhance relaxation while truncating the pain at the same time.

    Besides the breathing methods, the Lamaze method might even teach you about the other aspects of childbirth. You may learn about Lamaze in different classes that could be attended by even your partner.

    The major goal of the Lamaze method is to educate expectant mothers about the different types of options that could be available for them.  So, the method may not aim at discouraging the medication related to other childbirth delivery options.

    Hence, the training imparted through the Lamaze classes might prepare you and your partner for delivery and labour through a number of tools. At the same time, the different relaxation and breathing strategies might help you to undergo labor smoothly by reducing your perception of pain.

    But the slight disadvantage of the Lamaze method is that it could be time-consuming. So you may plan on attending these classes in the second trimester of your pregnancy along with your partner.

    More on this here.

  1. Bradley Method

    The main aim of the Bradley method may be to teach you about your natural childbirth along with your partner.  Hence the major aspects of the Bradley method are similar to an unassisted vaginal birth without medication.

    Under this method, you could take up the Bradley method preparation classes that might be taught for more than 12 weeks. These classes may even require you to read a workbook. This method may teach you about the reduction of pain in vaginal birth and the different aspects related to nutrition and natural health after postpartum.

    So the Bradley method could help you to learn and prepare about unassisted births. It may even help you to learn the different techniques that could diminish the perception of pain and facilitate natural and unmedicated childbirth. Besides this, the Bradley method may even teach you about the different techniques that could assist you in taking care of yourself during the postpartum.

    However, if you are not sure about unassisted vaginal birth without medication, then the Bradley method may not be suitable for you. The training and classes of this method also take a long time. So you may be required to start your classes from the second trimester along with your partner.

    Here is a comparison with HypnoBirthing.

  1. Water Birth

    As the name suggests, under the water birth type of child delivery, you may give birth to your child in a portable tub that might be similar to a hot tub.  The water birth method of delivering might be more comfortable and relaxing to you as compared to the other types of delivery options. Moreover, this method may even be less painful.

    So you may give birth to your baby underwater in a tub, or you could even get out of the water to change your positions accordingly. You could take the birthing tub to different locations according to your preference. So if you want a home birth then you could bring the birthing tub to your home. On the other hand, you could even take it to the birthing centres or hospital.

    The major advantage of water birth is that it may be less painful for you and might even allow you to try out a plethora of positions that may be suitable for you.  You could even let your partner sit inside the birthing tub along with you to support you.

    Some of the critics of the water birth method may even say how this method could augment the chances of infections. But if you use clean and hygienic water then the water birth might not be risky. However, you may make sure that all the logistics involved in setting up the tub and maintaining the temperature of the water should be ensured.

    You might want to check out these guidelines if you are interested in water birth.

  1. Assisted Birth

    You may not always opt for natural and unassisted births. Though these types of birth delivery options may be feasible, if there are complications in the process then you might have to choose assisted birth options. Some of the assistant types of birth delivery options are as follows.
  1. C-section

    According to research conducted by the Centres for Disease Control, approximately one by third of childbirths are done using the C-section method of delivery.

    Under this method of child delivery, there is a horizontal slash in the lower abdomen through which the baby is taken out. Generally, after a C-section delivery, you might be required to stay for three days in the hospital.

    The stay in the hospital may ensure that your incision has healed properly. You may take approximately 8 weeks to recover fully after the C-section delivery. The major advantage of this type of delivery method is that you could even plan the C-section delivery in advance.

    Here are some useful resources about the C section.

  1. Vacuum Extraction

    As the name suggests, under the vacuum extraction type of delivery, a soft cup may be attached to the head of the baby. This happens when the baby is still inside the birth canal. Then the doctors may create suction through a hand-help pump to deliver the baby.

    The advantage of using the vacuum extraction type of delivery is that it may have lesser risk as compared to the  C-section method of delivery. On the other hand, this method also has certain disadvantages. During the vacuum extraction, there is a risk of bleeding of the head of the infant or minor scalp injuries.

    This educational article about Vacuum extraction talks in-depth about it.

  1. Forceps delivery

    Under the forceps delivery, the doctors may take the help of certain curved instruments to facilitate the delivery of the infant from the birth canal. This type of delivery might become an option by the doctors if the mother becomes quite exhausted. It may even be used if the delivery needs to take place more quickly.

    More on Forceps Delivery here.

  1. Vaginal Birth after C-Section (VBAC)

    Some of the women might choose to have a vaginal birth for their next child after having a C-section previously.  However, this method of child delivery may be considered unwise. Moreover, its practice may even depend upon the medical conditions.

    You might want to look at this if you are going through this phase.

Final Words On Types Of Child Delivery

According to research conducted in the USA, approximately 4,000,000 babies are born each year in US. Not only this, but the child care facility in the US is quite good. This could be verified by the fact that less than 600 women only die annually due to any complications related to child delivery.

The experience of child delivery is different for different women. However, the major similar component for childbirth is that it is most painful. You could reduce the intensity of delivery pain through various methods or medications.

Since there are many choices in the child delivery method, you may choose a method that is most comfortable for you. However, at the same time, this method should align with medical and personal situations.

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