Ultimate CRN-5 Review: Would This Really Help In Enhancing Natural Strength?

Medically reviewed by G. Liakeas, MD FACT CHECKED

In this Ultimate CRN-5 review, I share a story of a young man who was looking to prepare his physique for his wedding. As a result, he was recommended to use Ultimate CRN-5.

Having said that, you might want to note that I have also added his consumption journey, consumption results, and if CRN-5 really worked for him or not.

At the same time, I also discuss some of the important pointers regarding this substance in this Ultimate CRN-5 review. 

ultimate crn-5Crazy Nutrition is the manufacturer of Ultimate CRN-5. They regard it as a nutritional substance that is said to be formulated with 5 types of creatine and added electrolytes.

These could help boost energy and may as well help in developing lean muscle mass and maximizing gains.

According to its makers, this substance may be beneficial in promoting more strength to muscles which might lead to pushing out more reps and may as well improve workout performance.

As mentioned on their official website, Ultimate CRN-5 may be beneficial in increasing workout intensity and it claims to do so without any bloating, loading, or cycling.

Also, they claim that Ultimate CRN-5 has added minerals that could be able to support electrolytes for muscle hydration.

How Does Ultimate CRN-5 Work?

According to their official website, Ultimate CRN-5 consists of a crucial element called creatine.

Creatine present in Ultimate CRN-5 is thought to improve strength and may be able to aid in increasing lean muscle mass and may as well help the muscles recover quickly during workouts.

As mentioned by the manufacturers on the official website, Ultimate CRN-5 contains electrolytes, which might help your muscles stay hydrated and may as well help regulate the balance of fluids in the body.

Ultimate CRN-5 contains 5 different types of creatine one of which is creatine monohydrate which may help in significantly increasing muscle mass as well as strength. There is extensive research related to the effect of creatine monohydrate on the body.

Creatine ethyl ester is another ingredient present in Ultimate CRN-5 that may help in improving body composition and could also improve strength and may be able to reduce effects related to excessive water retention.

According to the details of the ingredients on their website, Ultimate CRN-5 comprises potassium and sodium, a combination of which may help in improving athletic performance.

Now that we know how Ultimate CRN-5 works, let’s talk about the ingredients present in it to further understand its working.

Ingredients Present In Ultimate CRN-5

  • Creatine Monohydrate

    Creatine monohydrate may work by improving strength and if it is coupled with proper resistance exercises, this ingredient present in Ultimate CRN-5 might also help in increasing fat-free mass.

  • Creatine Ethyl Ester

    Creatine ethyl ester may enhance the absorption of creatine which could be able to make the supplement more effective.

    It may also aid in improving the digestion process as it may be easier to absorb.

  • Creatine Hydrochloride

    This ingredient may have increased solubility and stability. As it has high soluble properties, it may get quickly absorbed in water and because of this, there may be minimal water retention.  All of this could result in strength gains without the puffy look.

  • Tri-Creatine Malate

    Tri-creatine malate is a blend of creatine and malic acid, which are said to be combined on a cellular level, which may allow the body to absorb more creatine.

    It may support muscle performance and may as well upregulate lean mass. It is also believed that this ingredient present in Ultimate CRN-5 may aid in eliminating some bloat caused due to water retention.

  • Creatine Pyruvate

    According to this study on the effects of creatine pyruvate on performance, creatine pyruvate supplementation may significantly increase mean power in high-intensity exercises and could also increase force and decrease fatigue.

  • Tri-Sodium Citrate

    Ultimate CRN-5 contains Tri- sodium citrate which may be useful for enhancing maximal strength performance. One of the major roles of salt could be considered to maintain the right balance of fluids inside and outside of cells in the body.

    This ingredient in Ultimate CRN-5 may help increase blood volume that could aid in improving stamina, endurance, and may as well support recovery.

  • Tri-Potassium Citrate

    It is a powerful electrolyte present in Ultimate CRN-5, that could help in making the muscles strong and can be considered to be an important mineral that could be required by the body for various needs.

    Tri-Potassium Citrate and sodium combined in Ultimate CRN-5 may help in improving athletic performance as they could be able to keep the body full of fluids that could lead to better hydration.

  • Aquamin Mg

    Aquamin mg is a natural source of magnesium and is considered to be a highly bioavailable source of calcium, as per this study.
  • Citric Acid

    The citric acid present in Ultimate CRN-5 may be able to make it more soluble in water which in turn could lead to enhanced mineral absorption.

What Made Me Choose Ultimate CRN-5

My girlfriend and I are seeing each other for quite a long time. We love to go on hikes as we both are quite a traveler ourselves.

Though I am an active athlete and a gym fanatic, I had always been the skinny one among the two of us. For our marriage, we had already decided that the wedding has to be a destination wedding in Greece.

I wanted to change my physique so that I could impress my girlfriend and her mother at our wedding.

On one of my regular gym days, I was having a conversation with my gym trainer and told him about my marriage and how I want to change myself to gain a few brownie points from my girlfriend and impress her on our wedding photoshoot.

He told me I should increase my calorie intake and that I start consuming more complex carbs. He also advised me that I switch to more strength training from cardio and bodyweight exercises if my target is to put on a decent muscle.

Not to miss, he also gave me a list of some of the best foods for bulking that I need to consume on a regular basis.

He said if I want to gain a good amount of muscle mass I should also consider trying incorporating creatine into my routine. He told me that, a sufficient amount of creatine may help me in developing the strength and muscles that I want to achieve for my wedding photoshoot.

I went back home and started my online research regarding good quality creatine supplements that could help me in achieving my goals. After days of my research, I bumped into this Ultimate CRN-5 by Crazy Nutrition.

After reading about the various studies backing it up and reading about all the essential ingredients mentioned on its website, I got excited to give this supplement a try and ordered it from their official website.

Read along to find out my experience with Ultimate CRN-5 consumption.

My Experience With Ultimate CRN-5 Consumption

As I wasn’t familiar with creatine, my trainer had informed me about creatine that it could take a few days to load up, and then I could begin to feel the effects.

After a few days, here is what I experienced.

My muscles started looking slightly bigger than they used to be before, they looked sick!

I felt more hydrated and energized after my workouts because Ultimate CRN-5 has electrolytes that are said to maintain optimum fluid levels in the body.

The diet change and inclusion of chia seeds also helped me achieve a calorie surplus diet. My trainer made me aware of chia seed benefits as well.

I also started eating protein-dense nutritious meals, which were also high in carbs and protein. This helped me in developing more strength and I was able to lift heavier weights in the gym.

I experienced that I felt a little less fatigued, and felt like I could go for a few more squat reps on my leg day, which may have been possible because of potassium and sodium present in Ultimate CRN-5, which are said to maintain salt levels during workouts.

Overall, I noticed a considerable amount of difference in my muscles and strength levels after I started consuming Ultimate CRN-5 along with my proper diet plan and strength training exercises.

My girlfriend was so impressed when she noticed that I gained a sufficient amount of muscle mass and I was no more the skinny one or skinny fat as she used to say among the two of us. Our photoshoot was a bomb of an event, I shot a few pictures at the beachside too where I flaunted my newfound muscles.

Ultimate CRN-5 turned out to work for me how I expected it to and it could be an ideal choice if you want to develop muscle, build strength, and improve your overall physique and well-being.

My Dosage Followed With Ultimate CRN-5 Consumption

As mentioned on their official website regarding the dosage and how to take Ultimate CRN-5, I followed a similar dosage.

I used to consume one scoop of Ultimate CRN-5 with 16oz of water half an hour before the start of my workout sessions. I also kept my water intake in check.

For the strength I gained, I made sure that I took adequate meals before my workouts especially those loaded with complex carbs like oats so that I could get enough energy for my workouts as oats are carbs-loaded and could help in providing energy for workouts.

Benefits Of Using Ultimate CRN-5

  • It Helped In Maximizing Strength

    It helped me in gaining a sufficient amount of strength and I could also do bench press exercises which I always used to avoid as they required a good amount of strength.

  • It Increased Workout Intensity

    With regular consumption of the Ultimate CRN-5 and a proper diet, I was able to experience a good amount of increase in my workout intensity and I felt like I could go on for more reps after each completion of a set.

  • Faster recovery

    I experienced faster recovery after workouts. I did not feel any issue when it comes to after gym recovery. Over and above that, I started a little additional bulk-specific exercise just to pump up the gains even further.

  • Increase In Muscle Size

    I was a skinny guy before but with Ultimate CRN-5 and, a proper diet change with a sufficient increase in calorie intake, I was able to achieve a considerable amount of increase in my muscle size.

My Final Thoughts On Ultimate CRN-5 Review

Wrapping up my review on Ultimate CRN-5, I can mention that with its regular usage before my workouts, I was able to gain a sufficient amount of muscle mass and strength.

I switched to a more intense weight training workout schedule that included heavy lifts like squats and deadlifts.

My increased energy sources contributed to my travels and hiking as I felt an increase in my stamina levels as well.

Though my diet change and eating in calorie surplus helped me get better in my workout performance and in developing strength, my results got equally benefited with consistent consumption of Ultimate CRN-5 and regular exercises.

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