Urinoct Review: Is It Really A Scam?

Medically reviewed by Maria Sarino, MD FACT CHECKED

This Urincot review revolves around the consumption experience of a person with several health concerns related to his prostate health.

This person’s experience is shared by her wife, who discussed how her husband came across this substance and his exact consumption results.

Besides this, I have also provided some essential information about Urinoct that might be useful for you if you are considering this product, therefore, keep reading ahead to get an overview of this substance.

urinoctThe product Urinoct was developed by Dr. Wesley, according to him, this substance is formed to reduce the problems associated with prostate health.

The makers have talked about the Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) issue, a health problem concerned with prostate enlargement. 

BPH could affect your body’s urine flow and the bladder, urinary tract, and kidney functions. However, they state that the product’s naturally occurring ingredients could reduce the symptoms of BPH and even support the prostate in restoring its actual size.

As per the official website, Urinoct is produced in an FDA-registered facility that follows highly sterile, precise, and strict standards while manufacturing products. 

According to the manufacturers, Urinoct’s natural ingredients could relieve urinary issues and reverse BPH when taken regularly.

How Does It Work?

Environmental pollutants like aflatoxins and acrylamide may affect crops consumed as food. This might weaken the immune system and even lead to organ failure.

With regular consumption of this toxin-infested food, they are collected in minuscule amounts in your prostrate region, blocking the urine flow and inflating its size.

As per the official website, Urinoct tries to work by introducing natural compounds into your body which may help you boost your immune function to fight these harmful toxins. It may restore prostrate health to normal and back to a healthier size.

However, the makers further mentioned that the essential vitamins like vitamins A and C that Urinoct contains help flush out these harmful toxins from the body. Even they state that these vitamins increase your immune response against toxins which also helps to protect your prostate health.

According to the official website, by flushing out heavy metals, this product detoxifies the body, which enables better nutrient absorption. Also, this function could help your body to stimulate better energy.

Further, the makers state that Fish oil in Urinoct supports the detoxification process with help of two omega-three fatty acids. They mention that its anti-inflammatory properties also support reducing the inflammation of the body and improving prostate health.

Hence, the makers state the significance of vitamins and fish oil present in it, you can read more about it from the ingredient list.

Ingredients of Urinoct

The official website state that Urinoct composition has 3 vital ingredients which could support its functioning. As per the makers, these ingredients could help improve your overall health. 

Vitamin A

It is a fat-soluble vitamin that could be essential for the body’s functioning. Vitamin A consists of antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory proprieties, which help in improving the immune responses, therefore it could help in increasing the protection of the prostate from heavy metals or any other harmful toxins. Besides this, a study shows that this ingredient facilitates better cell growth and the production of white blood cells.

Vitamin C

According to the Urinoct website, Vitamin C is included in it because helps in reducing the pain of the prostate and could also be effective in easing the symptoms of Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) with the help of its antioxidants. The antioxidants present in it may prevent the cells from free radical damage, which could not improve your prostate health but also several other body function like better heart and immune health.

Fish Oil

The company claims that in this natural ingredient blend, they also have included fish oil which could help detoxify. As per the official website, it contains two omega-3 fatty acids, and that are docosahexaenoic acid and eicosapentaenoic acid. Both these have cleansing properties that could help detoxify the liver and remove unwanted harmful substances from the body.

Why Was Urinoct Chosen?

I live in California however, my husband recently shifted to Texas because of his promotion. He was a software developer but got promoted to senior front-end developer.

At that time, I was happy for my husband, and he was also excited to begin his new work. Initially, when he went to that place, he was immensely enjoying his work.

My husband was leading two different projects, he often used to discuss them with me about it. 

The first few months in Texas were usual for my husband, as he was working perfectly and managing his routine. But later, he started getting into work and skipping his exercises and healthy meals.

We used to have conversations regarding the same, and I always asked him to be regular with routine. Even though I pointed out to him when I noticed his increasing weight, which was because of his irregular dietary habits, at that time, he didn’t pay much attention to it.

However, a few months later, my husband began seeing the changes in his health when he first experienced pain in peeing.

My husband was facing urinary urgency, and at that time, it was discomforting for him. The frequent trips to the washroom were not in his control.

He could not understand things happening to him then, as he thought it might be expected. But when I came to Texas, I started noticing the changes and the difficulties he was facing.

I asked my husband about the same at that time, and he discussed his health problems, he shared with me his urinary urgency issue and even told me about his gaining weight discomfort, which was also contributing to his increasing fatigue.

My husband was not able to focus on his entirely. Therefore, he decided to take a break for some time.

I was concerned for my husband. Therefore, I asked him to go for a proper medical checkup. Initially, he resisted but finally went for the check.

My husband was on leave for a few days, so he booked an appointment for the morning. When we went to the doctor, he began his diagnosis by asking about the issues related to my husband’s health.

He shared everything in detail with the doctor, not only he talked about his frequent trips to the washroom and his weight concerns, and irregular sleep cycles.

After that, the doctor asked my husband to get some tests done. He asked my husband for a Prostate-specific antigen (PSA) test and other blood tests.

We got the reports in the evening, and as per the reports, my husband had a prostrate enlargement issue. When the doctor thoroughly checked the reports, he told my husband about Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia.

The doctor told him that it was not severe but a concerning factor. Further, he advised my husband to make some natural changes to prevent the problem of urinary infection and kidney-related issues.

According to the reports, his testosterone levels were also inappropriate, and the doctor pointed out that it could be the reason for his weight gain.

Therefore to reduce these health concerns, he suggested that my husband starts including healthy vegetables and citrus foods in his diet but told him to avoid foods that lower testosterone levels.

The doctor also asked him to be regular with exercise and some physical activities. That day my husband was concerned for his overall health.

He desired to improve his health because he had the project responsibility and wanted to complete the same as soon as possible. 

At that time, my husband started looking for products for this urinary urgency problem, as earlier he used few products for his health, so he found them a reliable option for supporting his health.

While he was looking for it, he came across Urinoct, my husband went to the official website and started learning more about the product.

He liked the video explanation on the website and then thoroughly read the reviews and other details. My husband gave me proper time to research and then ordered it afterward.

Consumption Experience With Urinoct

When my husband received the order, he was keen to use the product but, at the same time, nervous also as for the first time he was using any product for prostate health.

However, without thinking further with good hopes, he began with proper consumption of Urinoct. 

On the other hand, my husband wanted to naturally improve his testosterone levels, so for that reason, he started trying out natural and easy testosterone hacks.

My husband was also following the doctor’s suggestions, so he was gradually improving his dietary habits.

He heard about the benefits of pumpkin seeds for naturally reducing the risk of BHP. Thus, he started eating pumpkin seeds more often, sometimes in powder form or raw with the meals.

Besides that, at that time, he was not able to be regular with exercise because of fatigue issues. However, he still prefers to walk but with low intensity.

By that time, he started experiencing changes in his urination, the pain was reduced, and even his frequent trips to the washroom were also a bit reduced.

My husband was facing less difficulty, but he was still troubled with urine urgency. However, he maintained the proper consumption of Urinoct along with these natural changes.

Gradually after a few weeks, my husband noticed that his energy levels increased as his walking intensity increased.

At that time, my husband rejoined his office with better energy and few problems with urination.

With a healthy walking routine and regular consumption of this substance, my husband started losing weight; by this, his weight concern and discomfort were gradually reduced.

A few months later, when he returned to California with some new projects, his benign prostatic hyperplasia was treated, and his enlarged prostate was back to normal.

His frequent washroom trips were completely reduced, and he could pee normally without pain and urgency.

My husband was satisfied with the product as his testosterone levels and getting back in shape improved.

While sharing his experience, he also told me about his better and improved sleep cycle that supports him in doing his work efficiently. He wanted to maintain his overall. Therefore, he had already ordered another pack of Urinoct.

Benefits of Urinoct

Following are the benefits that husband that my desired and received. From better prostate health to improved sleep cycles, he had experienced significant benefits from Urinoct. 


Improved Prostate Health

Urination Urgency and the pain when he used to pee were the symptoms of his benign prostatic hyperplasia or enlarged prostate. However, after including natural remedies and the consumption of Urinoct, his prostate health was completely improved.


Weight loss

My husband was also concerned about his increasing weight, so when he was diagnosed with low levels of testosterone level, he started boosting his testosterone levels naturally for his weight loss. Besides that, he felt the support of Urinoct in improving his T levels and weight loss significantly.

Better Energy

He used to feel fatigued more often, and his work initially suffered. But when he tried this product, his energy levels changed. The better energy supported him, increasing his walking intensity and improving his work focus.

Improved Sleep Cycles

Earlier, the frequent trips to the washroom and urine urgency quite disturbed his sleep cycles, however, after a few months of regular usage, his sleep cycle improved, and he started feeling relaxed and calm,

Dosage Of Urinoct

The brand mentions that Urinoct contains 60 soft gel capsules and recommends two capsules daily. My husband followed the same capsules, and he used to consume Urinoct capsules in the morning and one in the evening.

The product was effective for my husband’s health therefore, he is still consuming the same substance and adhering to the exact dosage.

Final Thought

My husband is glad that the right diagnosis helped him getting know about his prostate enlargement. Initially, I was also concerned for my husband as he faced several difficulties, which were not only limited to urination issues but also revolved around his weight gain and fatigue problems. However, the regular usage of Urinoct and the proper natural remedies helped in improving his health entirely.

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