Vollure Review: Does This Bust Lift Body Care Cream Really Works?

Medically reviewed by Maria Sarino, MD FACT CHECKED

In this Vollure review, I talk about what my mother’s friend told me during one of the conversations. All this happened when I complimented her on her physical aspects, to which she mentioned that she has been using Vollure.

As a result, I am sharing her usage journey in a step-by-step manner in this Vollure review. Having said that, I have also added a number of important pieces of information about Vollure as well in this write-up.

Vollure reviewAccording to the official website, Vollure Bust Enhancement Cream by Bauer Nutrition is a high-quality breast firmer and enlarger made entirely of natural components.

The website also states that it is a natural breast enhancer that could be safe to use and has no negative side effects in most cases, according to the producers.

Vollure Bust Enhancement Cream’s unique blend of ingredients, according to the creators is carefully selected and may target drooping skin around the bustline, lifting, firming, and adding volume to the natural breasts.

The result of aging on the breast skin is a loss of suppleness and thickness, which lowers anatomical breast support. The text written on the official website states that Vollure Bust Enhancement Cream could help with drooping skin around the breasts and may as well help with suppleness.

As per the details given on the official website, Vollure Bust Enhancement Cream may be great for collagen production, the presence of which could make the breasts look firmer, plumper, and more natural breast enhancement.

How Does Vollure Bust Enhancement Cream Work?

Vollure bust enhancement cream may try to work by reactivating the tissues that are responsible for breast growth. It contains all-natural ingredients which are also backed by science that could help in making this process work better for you.

According to the manufacturers, Vollure bust enhancement cream has natural ingredients like Vitamin E, which is a super active ingredient that could stop the skin from losing moisture and may also help in skin softening.

Amla extract present in Vollure bust enhancement cream help in skin hydration thus it may help with getting rid of dry and flaky skin around the breast also making it soft and firm.

The official website has also mentioned that this cream has an essential ingredient called Hydrolysed Marine Collagen which when ingested may repair skin collagen and elastin protein fibers.

On the other hand, Safflower oil is considered a good source of fatty acids which could fight skin wrinkles that could be caused by aging as a result of a lack of estrogen.

Applying Vollure Bust Enhancement Cream that has safflower oil in it might not just reduce skin wrinkles around the breast, it may also encourage breast tissue growth.

Let us now dive right now into their ingredient profile to understand how the ingredients in Vollure Bust Enhancement Cream effectively work for your breasts.

Ingredients Present In Vollure Bust Enhancement Cream

  • Purified Water(Aqua)

    Aqua is water with zero impurities, free from any toxins or pollutants or microbes also called purified water which acts as a solvent that could deliver the active ingredients in Vollure where they will be most effective.

  • Hydrogenated Polyisobutene

    Hydrogenated Polyisobutene is a synthetic emollient which could have the ability to provide long-lasting water retention and as an ingredient in Vollure, it could work as a firmer in it.

  • Glycerin

    This ingredient could be very useful for the skin as it contains humectant which is a substance that may help the skin to retain moisture and relieve dryness.

  • Cyclopentasiloxane

    Primarily used as a lubricant in skincare products, this ingredient present in Vollure may give it a very slippery and silky texture when applied to the skin.

  • Dimethicone

    It is a type of silicone that may help in smoothing rough surfaces and providing the products with a velvety texture.

  • Carthamus Tinctorious Seed Oil

    Carthamus Tinctorious or safflower seed oil is extracted from safflower seeds and has anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties and has high levels of linoleic acid that may help in improving the appearance of the skin.

  • Polysorbate 20

    This ingredient present in Vollure is a gentle, oily liquid cosmetic additive that could work as a wetting agent that could help in enhancing the spreadability of the cream.

  • Cellulose Gum

    In Vollure’s formulation, it may be considered a key component because of its unique properties like binding, thickening, stabilizing, dispersing, emulsifying, and film-forming which might improve the viscosity of the product.

  • Acrylates/C 10-30 Alkyl Acrylate

    It’s an excellent film-former polymer that could bring water resistance to the product and it may also improve its texture and the feel of it. It could also be used as a thickening agent.

  • Ethylhexylglycerin

    A skin conditioning agent made from glycerin, known for its deodorizing properties and may be effective in keeping gram-positive bacteria formation under control.

  • Sodium Hydroxide

    Sodium Hydroxide is a pH balancer, used in small amounts in products as it may help in establishing the pH level of a product in an acidic or alkaline formula.

    More governmental guidelines here.

  • Anemarrhenae Asphodeloids (root) Extract

    This extract present in Vollure may help in providing anti-inflammatory benefits to the skin. It may provide various benefits, and can be used to increase estrogen levels in women which could help in improving the shape and size of the bust.

    The additional text could be found here.

  • Tocopherol

    The makers have used tocopherol in the formulation of Vollure Bust Enhancement Cream as this ingredient may be beneficial for providing firmness, and tightness and may also make the breasts look curvy in appearance.

    More on it here.

Other Ingredients

Phenoxyethanol is said to be used in many cosmetic products as it is considered a preservative. In Vollure, it may be used to provide anti-bacterial and increased shelf life benefits.

Chamomile Oil (perfume)
It is a rich source of antioxidants which may protect the skin from dust and might as well help in reducing stretch marks that may appear on the breasts due to sagging

Why Did I Choose Vollure Bust Enhancement Cream?

I am a woman in my early 40s  and I am starting to see some sag around my breasts which I desperately need to stop but breast lifting is a big no for me as I do not want to make them look unnatural.

My husband seems to notice this and at times I feel I am becoming unattractive to him and he is losing interest in me. Though he never points it out or mentions it’s pretty evident from his actions.

One day I had planned for a dinner date with him and had made all the arrangements as I wanted to feel special and loved and also wanted to spend some quality time which was long due.

But, my husband refused and canceled on me saying he was going out to a friend’s party. I felt heartbroken. It was like he had intentionally said no as he was drifting away slowly and this relationship was on its last legs.

All of this was taking a toll on my mental health and I even started smoking as I was losing confidence in myself. As time went by, smoking adversely affected my skin and made it lose its flexibility and strength.

I decided I had to change that. I want to look attractive again, win my husband, and make him fall in love with me all over again.

I had tried various homemade remedies but they seemed to not work quite very well for me, leaving me disappointed after every time I try to do something new and all goes in vain.

There are plenty of metiers that I could do to make him feel attracted to me but I would not keep cosmetic surgery as an option, ever. Rather I would want something natural to work for me.

I wanted something which was not bad for my skin and that wouldn’t dig a hole in my pocket either so keeping all of this in mind I started researching various serums and other methods for improving breast appearance across the internet but after deep findings, I decided the Vollure Bust Enhancement Cream was for me.

Read below my experience where I have talked about how effective Vollure Bust Enhancement Cream was for me and how did it help me in achieving the firm breast of my dreams.

My Vollure Bust Enhancement Cream Experience

Once I started using Vollure Bust Enhancement Cream, I also made sure that. making changes to my personal habits as well.

For example, I stopped smoking. Last time my blood work report indicated that my body had vitamin D deficiency. As a result, I educated myself on what helps vitamin d absorption. I made sure that I am also ticking the right boxes in order to achieve results in natural terms.

On the other hand, I also had one more thing in my mind that was,  I had to make my breasts firmer, shapelier and attractive so that I could win back my husbands heart.

After a few weeks of its application and proper massaging, I noticed that my breasts looked better in shape, not only that, they even appeared a bit lifted as well.

My natural curves were becoming more noticeable, and the dress, an exclusive black dress, gifted by my husband on our anniversary long back, fitted me better than ever when I tried it on which boosted my confidence like never before.

One thing which I liked the most about Vollure’s Bust Enhancement Cream was that it’s made up of premium ingredients specifically needed for natural breast enlargement and firmness.

It is an all-natural bust enhancement alternative in cream form and is an ideal choice for anyone who would prefer a better natural solution than something which could be made using potentially harmful chemicals.

I started getting improvements after a few months of its continuous usage. My breasts became firmer than ever, One thing I would like to mention is that apart from using this cream, I also changed my lifestyle.

I quit smoking for good and also switched to healthier eating habits. This included me also switching to healthy snacks to replace junk food consumption.

At the same time, I started eating green veggies and high nutrient value-based meals. I also switched to 

Not only this, I made sure that I consumed sufficient water and stay hydrated as enough water in my body might make my skin strong and improve the overall firmness of the breast tissue.

Vollure Bust Enhancement Cream did work for me, I achieved firmer-looking breasts that got that attractive appearance back. Also, exercise, a nutritious diet, and proper hydration equally helped me.

Before you go on to think about how it would work the same way for you, I would like to say that you should not expect the results to be quick but, gradually, you might get an improvement in a period of a few months or so.

Benefits Of Vollure Bust Enhancement Cream

  • It May Help in Breast Firmness

    Vollure Bust Enhancement Cream has helped with improving my bustline with its regular usage and has also helped in lifting and firming my breasts. The bust looks better than ever and I feel like 22 again.

  • It contains all-natural ingredients

    One of the major benefits of using this cream is that it is free from any type of harsh chemicals as its formulation includes all-natural ingredients that work together to provide optimum results.

  • It may help in improving confidence levels.

    With everyday usage of Vollure Bust Enhancement Cream, my breast’s appearance changed a lot, and all in the good ways possible providing them with much-needed firmness and fullness. This all increased my confidence levels.

Vollure Bust Enhancement Cream's Application: How to Use It?

The easy application is another favorite thing about Vollure Bust Enlargement for me,  The first and most important step is related to hygiene so I made sure that clean up my hands and the breast area every time I apply it.

To apply the cream, apply 2 to 3 drops of Vollure to your palms and massage onto your breasts in a circular motion till the cream is completely absorbed.

Vollure Bust Enhancement Cream is formulated to be used every day to avail of its long-term bust enhancement benefits.

Final Expressions On This Vollure Review

As the manufacturer claims that Vollure Bust Enhancement Cream is made up of all-natural ingredients, I guess for this very reason, I did not face any kinds of side effects.

At the same time, for me, it is super easy to use. I love how my breast appears firmer and their shape has also become noticeably better and fuller-looking with its regular application.

Regular use of this cream has helped me regain confidence in myself and I feel amazing. Another important point that you might want to note is that I quit smoking and switched to healthy habits in terms of eating and living as well.

Personally speaking, for me the results did not show from day 1 I gave it some time to work for gradual and continuous improvement.

I plan to keep using Vollure Bust Enhancement Cream in the future as well as my results have been satisfactory and meet up to my expectations. I couldn’t be any happier.

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