13 Best Weight Loss Teas To Include In Your Diet

Medically reviewed by Maria Sarino, MD FACT CHECKED

Beverages remain on the top charts as a refreshment. One of the beloved beverages is tea.

Across the globe, several types of teas are brewed and loved. It is not only refreshing but accompanied by numerous health benefits.

Choosing your tea wisely that goes well with your body goals and health is essential. One such factor that emerged is weight loss.

Now, it is clear that tea cannot magically induce weight loss until you are pushing in that direction.

However, if you are trying to lose weight, some teas might help in the process. This article covers a few healthy teas to opt for in your weight loss journey. Let’s quickly roll on to the list.

best weight loss teas
  1. Green Tea

    Green tea is one of the most widely consumed healthy teas. It has a huge market due to its health benefits. It is rich in antioxidants and is heart-healthy.

    Caffeine and catechin present in it effectively increase energy consumption. As a result, it boosts metabolism. The fat-burning process might speed up the daily intake of green tea.

    According to a study, obese people found small but noticeable changes in weight due to green tea.

    Although, you need to keep exercising along with a healthy diet to avail benefits. It is recommended to limit green tea to 2-3 cups a day.

  2. Black Tea

    Quite popularly consumed black tea is nearly as loved as green tea. Black tea is not just tea with a different color. It has properties different from green tea.

    Both of these teas are made from leaves of the same plant. Black tea is allowed to wither but green tea is not. The oxidation process affects the properties of black tea.

    It has fewer antioxidants and more caffeine. Even though green tea is considered a better substitute, even black tea could result in weight loss.

    Some findings suggest that 3-4 cups of black tea daily for about 3 months may result in weight loss.

  3. White Tea

    Another healthy tea, minimally processed is white tea. It is also rich in catechin, just like green tea. Therefore, the fat-burning process could be understood as similar to green tea.

    According to a study, catechin present in green tea inhibits the production of new fat cells and actively burns the ones present. Besides, it might have the potential to kill cancer cells.

    However, the studies were limited. More evidence is needed in light of its health benefits.

  4. Pu-erh Tea

    Pu-erh is a type of tea native to China. Traditionally, people drink it after meals to ease digestion.

    It eliminates greasiness and fat build-up. It lowers blood sugar levels as well as induces weight loss when taken one hour after meals.

    It could be said that Pu-erh extract was more effective in weight loss than placebo. It is important to remember that you should not add artificial sweeteners to the tea.

    Drinking it at the wrong times may even trigger weight gain. So limit sipping it an hour after meals.

  5. Oolong Tea

    Oolong tea is another tea belonging to China. It is an intermediate between black and green tea.

    Its color and taste are darker and stronger than green tea. In comparison to black tea, it is less oxidized. So the color and taste are not so strong.

    This tea is known for its sweet fruity aroma. It is best taken after lunch and breakfast. Sipping it on alternate days or daily may stimulate the fat burn process.

    It also increases energy consumption so you may end up losing weight. Moderate amounts of up to 4 cups of oolong tea daily are considered safe.

  6. Hibiscus Tea

    Hibiscus tea is another gift from the treasury of medicinal plants. It is a perfect option for you if you hate green tea. It tastes more pleasant. This plant contains flavonoids and phenolic compounds.

    Hence, it favors the fat-burning process. However, it does not curb appetite. So if you cannot limit your food intake, also incorporate fenugreek into your diet plan. It will do the job of curbing appetite.

    3-4 cups are safe to be consumed daily. Add no extra sugar and drink it half an hour before your meals. Along with weight loss, it might improve your heart health.

    Avoid drinking it if pregnant, suffering from PMS, or trying to conceive. Do not overdose i.e more than 6 cups daily. Otherwise, you might experience fatigue and a change in blood pressure.

  7. Ashwagandha Tea

    Ashwagandha also known as Indian ginseng is a powerful herb. It is a well-known natural testosterone booster and energy provider.

    Talking about its tea, ashwagandha tea could effectively cause weight loss. It might be possible due to certain properties it holds.

    Firstly, it is a stress buster. Stress negatively impacts weight and might cause obesity. As ashwagandha lowers stress, it might prevent weight gain.

    Moreover, it helps you sleep well and boost your metabolism. This antioxidant-rich herb increases energy. Therefore, it might aid in trimming extra kilos.

  8. Lemon Tea

    Lemon tea is a quick tea to make. It is one of the best things you could sip early in the morning. It might help you get rid of extra fat by burning calories.

    The ingredients are also easily available. All you need is warm water, lemon, and salt. Add a few drops of lemon juice to the water, add a little salt and sip it.

    For a better taste, you could also add ginger and honey to it. Make sure to not add sugar. The citrus taste of this tea keeps you refreshed throughout the day.

    Adding ginger to it might even boost satiety. Hence, you might feel less hungry than normal.

    Even honey helps burn calories and is a nourishing ingredient to consider. The combination of all three ingredients makes it a healthy and tasty tea.

  9. Bilberry Tea

    A not-so-common tea, Bilberry tea could be equally beneficial during the weight loss journey. They closely resemble blueberries but exhibit different properties.

    Bilberry tea is made either from the leaves of the plant or berries themselves. It could be brewed at home too. Bilberry reduces inflammation effectively.

    This effect aids in weight loss. Moreover, it boosts metabolism and controls insulin levels. It holds the potential of treating eye problems, cancer, and heart conditions.

  10. Rooibos Tea

    Rooibos tea is a herbal beverage with a strong red color. Hence, its name, red tea, is justified.

    As tempting it appears, the more delicious it is. It is naturally sweet so you don’t have to add extra sugar.

    It is a calorie-free tea. So if you are considering a healthy option for weight loss, it might fit in. It contains polyphenol and has no caffeine. It also increases leptin levels.

    Therefore, it is great for fat metabolism. It prevents the formation of fat cells and curbs obesity.

    Moreover, it effectively manages glucose levels. It could be enjoyed daily and has very few side effects.

    However, some rarely experienced symptoms are liver problems and increased estrogen.

  11. Chamomile and Lavender Tea

    Just like it sounds, the perfect combination of chamomile and lavender has a soothing effect on your body.

    They effectively improve stress and depression. These two factors highly increase inflammation, which is a key factor in weight gain.

    So drinking this bedtime tea might help you lose weight by eliminating inflammation.

  12. Mate

    Mate tea or mate is a caffeinated drink that is super delicious and healthy. This southern American tea is served both hot and cold.

    It contains caffeine, antioxidants, and chromium. It promotes insulin sensitivity. Hence you might experience some weight loss by sipping mate.

    Research comprising two groups was done. One group was given a placebo and the other was given a mate capsule.

    It was observed that the group that consumed mate showed increased metabolism. Therefore, it might help to shed some pounds.

  13. Mint Tea

    Mint is a refreshing flavor popular for being a refreshment. But keeping this aside, dipping some mint leaves in hot water may give you the best drink you could ask for.

    According to two types of mint i.e peppermint and spearmint, the teas are also peppermint tea and spearmint tea.

    Both of these herbal teas could be sipped throughout the day. It is rich in antioxidants and methanol.

    Methanol helps curbs appetite and reduce hunger. Moreover, it is a caffeine-free alternative which makes it a great bedtime tea.

  14. Lemongrass Tea

    Lemongrass tea is known for its detox properties. With regular consumption, one can easily kick start their metabolism. This will help you in losing weight. On the other hand, several critics of Lemongrass tea claim they could not see a decent weight loss result.

    Hence, you might want to make sure that you are bringing other lifestyle changes into your daily schedule to lose weight. You should not depend on only lemongrass tea consumption and wait for your weight loss to happen.


Tea is not only a refreshing beverage but also nourishing if consumed in the right manner. Several types of teas induce weight loss. A few options given above are caffeinated ones while others are free from caffeine.

Tea is a great way to add vitamins and antioxidants to your diet without adding up calories. A few options to consider are herbal teas, black tea, white tea, and green tea.

Not only do they trim some belly fat or extra weight but also come with other health benefits. If you drink them in moderation, you might reap benefits like a healthy heart, better eyesight, and blood sugar level management.

Before choosing a tea, look for what is suitable and serves the purpose. Enjoy stress-free sipping!