What Do You Think Is Most Important For Your Pregnancy Care?

Help us tell the story of what maternity care is really like for women across New York State!

Share your experience by taking our online survey about childbirth care experiences, preferences, and choices.

As part of our project exploring midwifery options in New York, we are collecting data to help policy makers and care providers understand your perspectives and better meet your community’s needs.

You can participate if you received care from a midwife during pregnancy or birth in New York State in the last 5 years.

Tell us what maternity care is really like and help us improve care and options for women across New York State. You can complete the survey here. Or access the survey at: www.voicesofmothersny.org

If you can’t fill out the survey, you can still help by forwarding information about the survey to other new parents you know. Please share this survey widely, so that we are able to capture a wide variety of experiences.

If you have any comments, questions, or concerns about completing the survey, please contact Sydney at: 347-389-4721 or by email: [email protected]

Join us in working to improve childbirth care and options for women across New York State!

Thank you for participating and for sharing this survey with members of your communities.

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