Whey Protein: Consumption, Health Benefits & Dosage

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A lot has been said about the use of Whey protein. Whether it is an athlete or a fitness enthusiast and others, the popularity of whey protein is ever-increasing among one and all.

Hence, this is what I think about the same. I have mentioned how exactly I used the same, benefits, side-effects.

As a result, if you are someone who is new to all this, you might want to read this one till the very end.

whey proteinWhey protein is a group of eight proteins present in milk – Beta-lactoglobulin, alpha-lactalbumin, gylcomacropeptie, immunoglobulins, bovine serum albumin, lactoferrin, lactoperoxidase, and lysozyme. 

During the cheese-making process, enzymes are added to the milk to curdle it. This process separates the liquid whey from the solid curds of milk.

The solid material is used to make cheese. What is left is the whey protein that includes varying amounts of fat and lactose.

Whey is later pasteurized to kill the bacteria, after which it is dried and then converted into Whey Protein Powder.

Types Of Whey Protein

There are many types of whey protein. I am mentioning some of the types here.

  • Concentrate

    Whey protein concentrate differs in terms of lactose, protein, and fat content. This type of protein is available in many protein drinks, protein bars, and various other nutritional products. Whey protein concentrate is also used in infant formula.

  • Isolate

    Isolate is high in protein and low in fat or lactose. Many bars and protein drinks contain a reasonable amount of isolate.

    It is mostly recommended to people who are lactose intolerant. You may need a recommendation from your doctor before taking isolate in use.

  • Hydrolysate

    This whey protein type is also known as hydrolyzed whey protein. It is the easiest to digest. Its long protein chains or peptides can be broken down easily into shorter ones, thereby making it light and easy in terms of digestion.

    This type of protein, too, is used in specialized infant formulas. Many nutritional supplements also add Hydrolysate into their overall composition.

My Experience With Whey Protein

When I was new to exercise and gym and I did not know anything about clean eating or anything related to that.

I believed that I can just go and sweat it all out in the gym and will automatically gain some good muscles really soon, all these myths that I had were broken.

With the limited knowledge that I had, I used to work out a lot in the gym. At the same time, how could I forget, my pizza and burger-eating habits.

On top of that, I had a really bad habit of drinking tons of cola each day. Hence, the total of these habits just did not let me gain any muscle or stamina.

I was really frustrated with all this. Seeing all this, I decided that from that day onwards, I will take assistance from a fitness trainer.

The very first day at the gym with my trainer made me realize the weakness in my muscles. According to him, I had a really week body and a really bad working out gym routine.

When I told him my eating schedule and components of my regular meals, he was shocked to hear. This is when he connected the dots and strictly made me stop eating all this.

That very day, my trainer recommended me to use plain whey protein regularly. The initial three weeks were really hard for me.

Letting go of the junk food and start eating clean was really really difficult.

But the dedication and the decision power that I had within me made me stop all those bad eating habits, also I started consuming whey protein regularly.

Results With Whey Protein Consumption

The next 7-8 months were really hard on me. I only stuck to my whey protein and occasional pre-workout. It really took me that much time to see some results on my body.

I was really happy to see some improvement in my physical appearance. Finally, I was able to see few muscles building in my body which could be regarded as one of the most obvious benefits of regular exercise and decent protein intake.

This gave me a huge boost. I was ready to give it my all and achieve the next level results.

From that day onwards to this day, as I write this article about whey protein, I have been regularly consuming different whey proteins.

I seriously cannot imagine my life without whey protein.

Whey Protein For Fat Loss

The increasing gym culture, and the fad of weight loss among men and women, has added to the increasing popularity of whey protein throughout the world.

Consequently, many fitness brands have started releasing their own whey protein powders in different flavors to help you lose weight and build strong muscles. 

When you strive towards losing weight, it is essential to include some amount of protein in your diet. It is because a protein-rich diet may keep you full for a longer time, hence reducing your pangs of hunger.

Protein could also fuel muscle mass and cuts down fat from the body provided that you couple it with a regular workout. 

According to a few studies, whey protein is responsible for helping weight loss in obese adults. These studies have also claimed that a combination of whey protein with vitamin D may help to preserve muscle mass and cut down fat from the body, thereby helping you lose body fat to a great extent.

However, these studies have also suggested that merely relying on whey protein for losing weight might be not enough. You would need to further combine its consumption with a low-calorie diet as well as a proper workout. 

Whey protein could play its role in building muscle mass. The human body processes proteins in the form of amino acids that are responsible for building muscles.

Without amino acids only, you may not expect the recovery of the muscles. Whey protein contains reasonable amounts of amino acids, thus it could help in building and toning muscles.

As a result, you could easily say that there are a number of amino acid benefits.

Whey Protein Benefits

Listed below are the reasons why consuming whey protein is a good idea:

  • Weight loss

    As stated above, whey protein may help you lose body fat, hence helping you get rid of extra sheds from your body. Unwanted fat in the body could be the root of many diseases. Whey protein may also help to preserve your lean muscles, thereby toning your overall physique/figure.

  • Anti-cancer properties

    Many studies have been carried out and some of them have laid down that the use of whey protein concentrate may be beneficial in treating cancer. However, more studies and research are needed to establish this claim.

  • Low cholesterol

    As you start getting rid of the unwanted body fat as a result of consumption of whey protein, it also helps you to lower down your cholesterol. A regular diet involving whey protein may lead to a significant decrease in your total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol.

  • Asthma

    There are possibilities that whey protein may improve the immune response in children suffering from asthma. However, you need to have a word with your physician before adding it into your children’s daily diet.

  • Lower blood pressure

    Famous research has suggested that beverages supplemented with whey protein may reduce blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases in adults who are otherwise vulnerable to hypertension.

  • Weight gain in HIV patients

    People suffering from HIV are often prone to constant weight loss. As a result, the use of whey protein may help them reduce weight loss.

Whey Protein Side Effects

Personally speaking, I have never been able to notice any side effects on myself. At the same time, I would like to make it clear that, it is a must condition that you need to fulfill.

Please take advice from a professional nutritionist or a physician before you start the consumption of whey protein.

It is because regular consumption of whey protein may lead to various side-effects in the body. The side-effects may vary from person to person. 

Some of the most common side-effects that you may experience after the consumption of this protein include stomach pains, nausea, reduced appetite, cramps, headaches, etc. Regular consumption of whey protein in high doses may as well lead to acne. 

How To Consume Whey Protein

I personally prefer whey protein after my workout. I generally mix it with cold water or milk to prepare a shake.

Drink this shake within 30 minutes of my training session. It gives a great chance of amazing muscle recovery when compared to other alternatives. 

Also, the absorption of the protein is at the highest level just after the workout. On the other hand, there are various other methods that a number of people use.

Whey protein can also be consumed at other times and in other forms. You may add a scoop of protein powder into your breakfast like cereals, pancakes, smoothies, and others.

Do not forget to mix the preparation with some water. Alongside this, it is necessary to keep yourself hydrated throughout the day.

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