WildFit Diet Review: Is This Really A Scam?

Medically reviewed by Maria Sarino, MD FACT CHECKED

This WildFit diet review talks about all the important aspects of this program and presents a case study in front of you.

I have personally been trying this program since the last 12 weeks. Hence, you may say that this WildFit review is a gist of the overall experience that I had while going through this program.

In the later part of this WildFit review, I have also revealed the exact changes that I felt, happening in my body and whether if this program worked for me or not.

Let me not waste much of your time and start with some of the basic about this program.

WildFit is a 90-day program created by the author, entrepreneur, and speaker Eric Edmeades. This methodology focuses on the optimum use of a natural diet.


It also includes holistic approach to maintain your weight and to lose the extra kilos from your body. Today, the markets are full of many artificial substances that affect your body in one way or the other.

The use of ingredients such as sugar, palm oil, and various other adulterated substances in your regular diet takes a toll on your overall health, leading to a sudden weight gain and paving the way for unwanted health conditions, obesity, cholesterol, etc. to name a few.

According to the author, this program has been designed in such a manner that it would provide your body with more energy whilst helping you lose weight. The author claims that you don’t have to starve yourself anymore nor do you have to follow a rigorous exercise routine.

This program may be termed as a holistic approach that lets you understand different foods in detail and then informs you about what is right for your body.

The author also boasts that WildFit is the only program where the basic science of nutrition meets behavioral psychology that together leads to lasting results.

After following everything that is provided in the program, you might be able to reverse all your unhealthy food habits. This would lead to a healthy weight loss journey.

The author also states that all your chronic health issues may as well disappear when you learn what food item is good for you. In short, the program aims to develop a healthy relationship with your food.

This program may help you discover all the hidden science of nutrition as well as how simple dietary changes could affect your health.

Whatever is your desired body weight, this program may help you achieve you, all you are expected to do is to stick by everything provided by WildFit.

How WildFit Diet Works?

The author claims that WildFit is a very holistic approach that helps you lose the extra weight out of your body and enhances your energy levels.

This program might help you get rid of the various health illnesses and might as well slow down the aging process. Eventually, you would free yourself from all kinds of food cravings.

This program makes the use of health and fitness methodology to transform your food habits and build your food beliefs on the same.

According to the author, if you start following this program religiously, you wouldn’t suffer from unhealthy food habits ever again.

There are claims that this program helps to eliminate various health concerns such as hypertension, chronic acne, inflammation, blocked sinus, lackluster energy, and other kinds of body illnesses.

The program works to enhance your overall health that may lead to better body, skin, and libido. It includes all the effective methods of behavioral psychology in tandem with healthy food habits.

Thus, you wouldn’t end up starving yourself in the name of the diet but would follow a better approach that may help you lose weight without disrupting your metabolism and energy levels.

WildFit Diet : Program Details

WildFit Quest is a community that helps others with the process of recovering from health concerns. The program expects you to follow a daily learning process that may help you to attain your ultimate goal of eating healthy and staying fit.

The program also includes the concept of micro-learning under which you are required to spend ten minutes daily to strive towards your body goals.

Any individual could participate in the program and inform himself about the ultimate body development.

This program is divided into three parts. The information about the Wildlife Quest is listed as under:

  • Part 1: Finding Out What Your Body Requires

    You need to invest the first two weeks in this part to know about the basic foundation of your future health. There are features such as life coaching, video, group talks, and Q&A. This part may help you control your six human hunger and help you simplify the same. This program has been created to educate you about food and building your attitude towards the same.

  • Part 2: The Inclusion Of A Natural Human Diet

    This program is hosted twice a week from week 3 to week 10. You are expected to alter your diet a little by following the rules described in the videos. Just like the first part, this program also contains live coaching, videos, group mastermind, as well as Q&A. You may witness positive changes in your body such as better sleep, increased energy levels, weight reduction, increased focus and happiness, and fewer mood swings.

  • Part 3: Rapid weight release

    The duration of this program is from week 11 to week 13. The available tools in this part may help you lose all the unwanted pounds off your body after which you may learn to handle your health problems and may lose a great deal of weight. Additionally, there is a bonus package containing 19 live group coaching sessions.

WildFit Diet: My Personal Experience

Personally speaking, I am a great believer in eating right and living a simple life.

But due to my job, I had to keep on moving from one place to another hence, I do not really get the time to settle down.

As a result, junk food was my best friend. Chugging beer was the game that no could beat me at. This made me gain immense weight.

I was living this life until one day my mother scolded me really badly on the eve of Thanksgiving. She signed me up for this WildFit program forcefully.

According to her, this program was the best and it could really help me gain all the good vibes. My mother wanted me to try this program with all the concentration and will power.

Hence, I started with the program. The first couple of weeks were just basic. I got to know a number of thing about food that I was eating.

I could not believe myself that I was eating such unnecessary stuff, that I could have really avoided.

The important part began from the third week. This is when I was supposed to remove a single food that I loved and is not healthy.

I was like, yes why not, I gave up sugar for a week. This was pretty smooth. The next week, I had to remove a couple of more things that I loved eating, but they are super unhealthy.

This went on for a few more weeks. But as soon as the program ended, I was asked to start eating what I loved and see if I really wanted to eat that.

And yes, I really wanted to eat that. As a result, the whole program for me was a complete waste.

WildFit Diet Review: What I feel About It

In my opinion, WildFit is a very basic and very simple methodology that could work for the people who have simple 9 to 5 jobs and have a wife that could cook them homely meal.

While for others and people like me who are living a traveling life and do not have a proper eating or sleeping schedule, WildFit seems incomplete.

As a result, there are high chances that it might not work at all.

For me as well, as soon as my 90 days were over, I came back to my routine and started eating junk. Hence, this program was not at all made for people like me.

It might work for some, but it definitely did not work for me.

WildFit Diet Drawbacks

First, this program is not available offline. The limited availability of this program makes it difficult for everyone to participate.

If you miss a single session or instruction from this program, you might not be able to attain good results. Listed below are the cons of this program:

  • This program is very expensive and not anyone could afford it. If it doesn’t work for you, you would end up blowing your money.
  • The program doesn’t work for everyone. The body types of people vary from person to person. A single program could not lead to positive results for all body types.
  • This program is not suitable for you if you are a vegetarian or vegan. Many food items and recipes listed down in this program would automatically not work for you in this case. Eventually, you wouldn’t be able to lose weight.
  • The process of losing the weight prescribed by WildFit is very tedious and time-consuming. Not everyone could give so much time and effort to lose weight.
  • If you are a regular traveler, it might become difficult for you to follow this program aptly. You wouldn’t be able to work on everything instructed by the author.

WildFit is not a miracle pill nor is it a magic wand that would create magic overnight for you and your body. The 90-day challenge gets difficult over time. Moreover, 3 months alone are not enough to shed huge kilos from your body, no matter how hard you try.

WildFit Diet Alternatives

If you remember, I was still at the same place where I began this journey of WildFit diet.

I was still having some extra pounds that I wanted to lose.

Hence, I started my research on the internet.  This is when I was able to find, PhenQ.

I started consumption of PhenQ and with the regular consumption of about 8 weeks I started getting some results.

As I write this, I am already 8 lbs lighter. I am continuing my journey with PhenQ, and I am really satisfied with this diet pill.

Alternatives To WildFit Diet
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6 thoughts on “WildFit Diet Review: Is This Really A Scam?

  1. This program is DANGEROUS. My wife did it for 1 year and the program made her ANOREXIC. Her menstruation disappeared, which affected her reproductive possibilities. She lost her energy, and her work and personal productivity got much worse. The diet is VERY extreme. There are too many psychological changes involved, in the way we think about food. It’s not merely doing a rebalancing. It changes EVERYTHING about how you think about food. Not in a sustainable way IMO. We don’t live like nomads anymore.

    This program destroyed my wife’s life. Today she is totally remorseful. The worst thing is that her body changed and she can’t eat like she used to. Today she is with a psychologist and nutritionist.


    1. Hi Pedro,

      Thanks for your comment.

      It really breaks my heart when I read about your wife’s experience. I hope she is doing well. However, I would recommend that you go ahead and take help from a medical professional or a doctor so that they can help your wife with the appropriate treatments.

      May GOD bless your family.

    2. Lol. Your wife became anorexic because she has deep rooted underlying issues that can’t resolve. Wildfit didn’t do that considering he literally tells you to eat *and never let yourself get hungry*. You people are ridiculous.

  2. Lol. What you’re actually saying is you lack the psychological ability to reframe how you think about food and are looking for quick fixes instead of putting in the hard word to understand why you can’t have a healthy relationship with food. The fact that you went back to eating garbage is very much a *you* problem. I’ve done wildfit twice now and each time I get a healthier relationship with food. The sooner you stop blaming others for your issues with food, the sooner you’ll stop being fat. Good luck with your diet pill that you’ll inevitably gain the weight back from when you develop adverse effects and have to go off it, buddy.

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