Best 5 Week Workout Routine For Beginners

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Everyone wants to stay in shape because being fat is a nightmare for all. All the health issues that come along with obesity are terrifying and hence comes the urge to lose excessive weight in a month.

While it seems pretty much impossible, a certain workout routine can make it happen for the aspirants where it may not make you drastically flat from a 130 Kg mammoth but it can show you drastic results in a short period.

The technique is called a 5-week workout routine. The 5-week workout routine is as simple as it sounds. It is a routine a person needs to follow for the next 5 weeks which involves a list of workout exercises that are to be practiced all through the 5 weeks.

Note that this doesn’t involve any sort of dietary plan since that could be suggested by a dietician based upon your body type, deficiencies, and all the other aspects.

Workout routines are different for different types of bodybuilding meaning that a workout routine for losing weight can not entirely work for building strength.

Hereby we will study a generalized routine for an overall build-up of your body that involves a 5-week workout.


Before beginning with a full-blown workout session for the next 5 weeks straight we need to prepare our body to be able to perform the rigorous task henceforth there are some prerequisites we need to focus upon before our workout session.

  • So the first thing to be kept in mind is that we need to start our every workout with dynamic warm-up sessions which will prepare our body to take proper hits of extensive workout exercises which may cause future problems if done without a warm-up. More about  warm-up sessions here.
  • Also, keep in mind to end your workout sessions with a 5-minute cool-down majorly involving stretching that must be 30-45 seconds per stretch. You can perform a few reps of cat-cow, kneeling plank, or glute bridges.
    Remember to keep circulating through these stretching exercises dynamically every day to cover all.
  • For cool-down sessions, you can involve a few reps of standing quad stretches, a child’s pose, or reclining twists. More about cooling down sessions here.

The routine will involve a few days of cardiovascular activity, resistance training, and weight training.


  • Workout Routine For Week 1

    Day 1 – The workout for day 1 will be short and simple taking up 30-45 minutes of total time depending upon the person performing with it not being complex.

    It will involve 25 minutes of cardio where you can perform biking, hiking, and running whichever suits you the best. More about cardio exercises here.

    After that, you will have to use lightweight dumbbells to perform some basic strength workouts involving assisted lunges, seated triceps extensions, and Floor squat with a ball and the rest of the time will be utilized in stretching and cool-down exercises.

    This governmental website talks about the current concepts of stretching exercises here.

    Day 2 – This day’s workout will be comparatively since it will involve a 10-minute brisk walk and some stretching workouts for your shoulders, neck, and back.

    Day 3 – Day 3 workout will be the same as Day 1 workout with a little change in cardio exercise which must involve either a 15-minute walk or 10-minute cycling and the rest will be identical to Day 1.

    Day 4 – Day 4 will be a rest day and you will not have to do any sorts of exercise but do remember to take the stairs and some daily routine tasks that involve a little exertion.

    Day 5 – Day 5 will be similar to the day 2 workout involving a 10-minute brisk walk and stretching workout.

    Day 6 – Day 6 will be the same as Day 1 workout.

  • Workout Routine For Week 2

    Day 1 – This week Day 1’s cardio workout will have a 5-minute increment in it with no change in the previous week’s same-day workout routine.

    Day 2 – Similar change to Day 2 will be applied as to Day 1 where you will add 5 minutes more to your 10-minute brisk walk and make it a 15-minute brisk walk and the same stretching exercise.

    Day 3 – The day 3 exercise will be the same as Day 1 exercise with a few more reps in it.

    Day 4 – Day 4 will be a rest day and you need to focus on doing daily tasks with full potential.

    Day 5 – Day 5 will involve a 15-minute brisk walk and the rest of the time dedicated to stretching exercises for your shoulder, back, and neck.

    Day 6 – Day 6 will be the same as Day 1.

  • Workout Routine For Week 3

    Day 1 – This is the week where things will start getting intense where on day 1 you will have to stretch your cardio workout to 30 minutes straight and the rest of the time dedicated to cool down and stretching exercises.

    Day 2 – Day 2 will be tiring since you will have to perform 2 sets of 15 reps of each exercise to be performed on this day with only 20 to 30 seconds of rest as a gap between each set.

    The first workout will involve a full-blown body strength workout involving dumbbells, weight or balls, and resistance bands which must stretch up to 30 minutes at least whereas the second workout will involve a 10-minute yoga session which includes pelvic tilts, downward-facing dog, cat-cow stretch, low lunge, Mountain pose, standing forward bend and pigeon. More about yoga exercises here.

    Day 3 –Day 3 will be a rest day which must involve taking the stairs and 2 laps of walking around the parking lot.

    Day 4 – Day 4 will be pushing you out of your comfort zone since you will have to increase your workout time to 25 minutes involving interval cardio

    Day 5 – Day  5 will be a stretching day where you have to actively perform all the stretching exercises to stretch your body parts and relax them from the exertion of the 5 week’s workout routine that you are following.

    Day 6 – This day will involve a whopping 30-minute cardio workout be it cycling, walking, running, or hiking with additional stretching and cool-down exercises.

  • Workout Routine For Week 4

    Day 1 – Day 1 of week 4 will involve a 30-minute cardio workout with a 15-minute stretching and cool-down exercise.

    Day 2 – Day 2 will be a total body strength workout day where you will have to perform 2 sets of 15 reps of each exercise in the body strength workout.

    Day 3 – Day 3 will be light since you will be on active rest with a no to TV at night this time. You just have to enjoy today.

    Day 4 – Day 4 will involve a rigorous interval cardio workout with stretching and cool-down exercise. One change that it will have is that you are recommended to use stretch bands for stretching exercise this time although it is completely optional.

    Day 5 – Day 5 will be similar to today 2.

    Day 6 – The workouts on day 6 will be the same as day 1.

  • Workout Routine For Week 5

    Day 1 – Since this is the last week of the program you have to face different variations of exercises this week where the day will involve a cardio medley where you have to use the treadmill for walking and running as well as a stationary bike for cycling with the same format of stretching and cool-down exercise with stretch bands.

    Day 2 – On day 2 you will have to perform total body supersets which will involve the usage of barbells, steps, benches, dumbbells, and exercise balls and this will extend to a duration of 40 to 60 minutes while the rest of the time you will have to dedicate 10 minutes to morning and evening yoga.

    Day 3- This will be an active rest day where you have to stay as much active as possible involving walking, running, and much more exertion-related tasks.

    Day 4- Day 4 will include interval cardio exercises along with stretching exercises for your shoulder, back, and neck and cool-down exercises to relax.

    Day 5 – Day 5 will be similar to day 2 with the total body supersets for 40 to 60 minutes with the only change being the removal of morning and evening yoga.

    Day 6 – Day 6 will be different from other days since you will have to perform the exercises on levels 5 to level 6.
    It will involve cardio endurance exercises for 40 to 60 minutes with stretching exercises using stretch bands.

    Day 7 – This will be the final day of the 5th week marking the end of your 5-week workout routine where you will have to work out for the last day with a bonus cardio session at a moderate pace for at least 20 minutes with no cap on the period of the exercise to be performed and also the type of cardio to be performed.

Concluding 5 Week Workout Routine For Beginners

This is what I had to say about what a 5-week workout routine is and how it could help you build yourself physically.

Personally speaking, I also follow the same routine whenever there is a substantial gap between my exercise routine.

I have discussed the routine thoroughly and the tasks involved every day, but a few things to be remembered for beginners choosing this routine is that you do not have to do too much of a workout on day one and earlier than said.

You could increase the intensity gradually. At the same time, you could try pushing the limits to a certain extent, and most importantly, do not forget to rest and recover.