YK11 Myostatin Review: Does This SARMs really Worth The Time And Risk?

Medically reviewed by Maria Sarino, MD FACT CHECKED

In this YK11 Myostatin review, I am going to talk about my consumption story and experience of using this supplement. Also, you would be able to find the results and the changes that I was able to observe in me after the regular consumption.

Also, if you are interested in knowing more about the product then you might want to read this YK11 Mysotatin review till the end.

Having said that, let me not waste much of your time and start this one.

YK11 MyostatinYK11 Myostatin could be regarded as a Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator (SARM), which is a class of androgen receptor ligands.

The supplement was primarily designed to support muscle growth. The manufacturers of the supplement claim it to be the most powerful SARMs available in the market.

It is claimed by the manufacturers that YK11 being a Myostatin inhabitor could actually be the main reason why it is getting so much attention and popularity lately. It may be used to increase bone muscle strength.

This supplement has been investigated to be a potential treatment for sepsis-induced muscle wasting. Moreover, various studies performed on YK11 show that the Myostatin inhibition by YK11 decreased the mortality rate due to sepsis. YK11 may help revert muscle wasted during sepsis.

How Does YK11 Myostatin Work?

YK11 may increase Follistatin levels by preventing Myostatin. Because it prevents Myostatin, it could be effective at keeping muscle mass without promoting muscle loss. This may also be effective for muscle growth.

YK11 may as well have high anabolic effects but is selective in how it works. The supplement might attach to the androgen receptor to help inhibit the production of myostatin in the muscle. This inhibited production of myostatin in the muscle may lead to an easing of muscles to create more FST, thereby increasing muscle growth.

The supplement may also stimulate muscle cells to produce more anabolic factors that may increase muscle growth. YK11 might also help in reducing body fat deposits. It is claimed to be effective in people with a low potential to gain muscle mass.

Why Did I Choose YK11 Myostatin?

The manufacturers of YK11 states that the reason why one must use this supplement is that it is a powerful SARM that might help to increase muscle growth and strength without promoting muscle loss.

One of my college friends has been into fitness since his school days. He has an excellent physique and is really much active in our entire college. Everyone admires him a lot including me.

I also thought of having a physique like him. And if not such then having a healthy body with some cuts here and there. I took his advice on bodybuilding and soon joined a gym to get the desired results.

It had been about a month or two since I joined the gym, but my progress is quite less or none. I got depressed upon seeing no changes in my personality while I was seeing many of my gym-mates to be bulky and have big muscles.

When I told my trainer about my issue, how I could not gain muscles and increase my strength, he then told me that I should take some supplements along with my diet to get better results.

I had no knowledge of any kind of supplements so I asked for his suggestion. He told me of this supplement YK11 and said how good the supplement is and how it will be helpful in my transformation.

Initially, I was a little hesitant as I was not sure of using any supplement. I only wanted to grow naturally. Then I looked on the net about this supplement and saw some good reviews and claims of the manufacturers.

All these claims of the manufacturers, some positive reviews of the product, and the recommendation of my trainer made me choose YK11 and I got myself a subscription to this supplement.

My YK11 Myostatin Dosage

My dosage of YK11 which my trainer told and the one from some of the reviews was pretty similar to what was recommended by the manufacturers, so I took YK11 as per the dosage.

I took 2 capsules each day with warm water within 30 minutes of the first meal. It was also recommended by the manufacturers to take the supplement on non-workout days. So I took 1 supplement on non-workout days also.

The reason for having the supplement on non-workout days, as explained by my trainer was that it would help to gain muscles easily without having to worry about non-performing days.

My Consumption Results With YK11 Myostatin

Upon consuming YK11, for the first few weeks, I was unable to notice any change in my personality. I was not getting any muscle growth nor was able to see my strength improve. Since these were the initial days, it was not quite surprising as these supplements don’t work well on initial consumptions.

After using the supplement for about one month, still, there were no changes in my body. This got me worried but still, I tried to be patient and decided to continue with the supplement.

After using the supplement for another 2 to 3 months, hardly I was able to see any changes. I was taking the supplement along with a proper diet and regular workout, as was suggested to me by my trainer. Still, I could not see any muscle growth, nor did my strength increase.

This made me dejected. Upon using the supplement for this much time, still I was unable to lift heavyweights. I felt completely dishearted. The supplement felt to be a waste of money and time.

Probable YK11 Myostatin Side Effects

There are many side effects of YK11 which I experienced. First of all, all the claims which the manufacturer makes of the supplement aren’t backed by the FDA.

Following are some side effects which you may experience while using the supplement:-

  • Testosterone Suppression

    One of the side effects which the supplement has on the body is that it suppresses the testosterone level in the body. Upon using YK11, I was able to see a gradual decrease in my strength and muscle mass.
    Apart from the decreased body strength, I was also able to experience an increase in body fat. This all happened because of the suppression of testosterone levels in the body which occurred because of the use of YK11.

  • Fatigue

    Another side effect of using the supplement was that my body was tired most of the time. After almost every workout session, I used to feel lazy. My body had a lack of energy once I started using the supplement. The makers of the product claimed it to improve energy levels, but instead I saw a decline in my energy levels.
  • Hair Loss

    Hair loss is another side effect that I experienced by using YK11. Upon the initial one or two weeks of my usage of this supplement, there was no such issue as hair loss. But it occurred after about 5 weeks of consumption. Whenever I used to comb my hair, I could see a lot of hairs being lost.
  • Joint Pain

    Because of the use of the YK11 supplement, I started to experience a lot of pain in my joints. There were days when the pain was such that I was finding it difficult to walk. Since this supplement started to decrease my energy levels I was experiencing this issue.
  • Aggression

    One of the side effects of using the supplement is that upon using this supplement I was experiencing aggression issues. Little things made me angry, which was not the case with me earlier. I used to be a chilled-out person, but after using this supplement I saw increased aggression in me.

YK11 Myostatin Alternative

After using the supplement for such a long time I couldn’t see any improvement in my muscles. This made me quite upset and one day I shared my experience with my friend, the one whom I admired a lot.

Upon listening to my story and seeing my desperation to improve myself, he told me to try another product that is an alternate for muscle growth. Since I have no knowledge of this substance and all I asked for his advice.

It was then that he then told me of this amazing product named YKBulk. He told me that YKBulk could help me to increase my strength and may as well help me in growing muscles easily.

On his advice, I started consuming YKBulk and after using it for about a month, I was able to see improvements in myself. I was able to feel my strength increase, as now, I was able to lift heavy weights.

My energy level increased and I could see muscle growth within 2 months of its consumption. Thus I can say that YKBulk has been helping me inch towards achieving my goals of having a well-toned and muscular body.

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