Yoga Booty Challenge Review: Does This Really Work?

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Finally, I have taken one of the most requested Yoga Booty Challenge. Hence, I will share my ultimate experience in this Yoga Booty Challenge review.

You may expect every minute detail of my changes during the Yoga Booty Challenge period.

As a result, if you are thinking of starting or taking this challenge, then, in my opinion, you should read this Yoga Booty Challenge review until the very end.

Let me start with some of the essential structure detail of this program post which I will proceed with my Yoga Booty Challenge review.

yoga_booty_challangeYoga Body Challenge is a fitness program that Zoe Bray-Cotton creates. This program aims at helping you shape your butt and lose weight in at least 12 weeks.

The use of Dynamic Sequencing Yoga in this program has become the talk of the town, hence making Yoga Booty Challenge a popular program among all fitness enthusiasts.

You don’t have to join a gym and work out rigorously to achieve your fitness goals anymore. This program helps you do the same within the comfort of your home.

The author of this program is a female body transformation specialist who has designed this program keeping in mind all the body types and females of all ages.

According to her, yoga has the power to shape the body. One could also perform yoga for weight loss as well. 

You may as well find many of her Yoga tutorials on the internet. However, this program is different from them all as it doesn’t merely focus on yoga but also comprises a combination of several exercises that are put together to design an exclusive workout that focuses on your booty.

She claims you can now achieve all your glutes goals in 12 weeks. Alongside this, you may as well improve your stamina and fitness level.

Whether a beginner or a veteran, the program helps you work on your fitness level with great ease and comfort.

The author also suggests that you wouldn’t need any special gym equipment to perform the movements included in this program.

How Does Yoga Booty Challenge Work?

The Yoga Booty Challenge is a 12-week program. The mantra behind this program has been referred to as P.A.P or Prime, Activate, and Pump.

This program aims at helping you maintain the right form while doing the movements and exercises so included.

You are merely invested to invest proper time and work steadily on all three phases to achieve the best results in the shortest period.

Here is an insight into the three phases of this challenge:

  • The Prime Phase

    Long sitting hours or no physical activity make certain muscles go dormant. Such muscles do not show any progress in terms of growth and toning. Your butt muscles are one of them.

    According to the author, the first phase of this program may help you warm up the three important muscles of your glutes namely, Gluteus Medius, Gluteus Minimus, as well as Gluteus Maximus.

    The warming up session involved in the first phase may help you prepare yourself for a more intense workout in the upcoming sessions.

  • The Active Phase

    Yoga Booty Challenge Program’s second phase is a mixture of several exercises that may help you create a routine of workout for your glute muscles.

    This level is a little intenser than the first level and it may help you work out on the toning of your muscles without increasing or affecting the muscles of your thighs.

    Eventually, you wouldn’t gain muscles on your thighs and would be able to tone and build up muscles on the glutes only.

    Each of the glute muscles is well-targeted in this phase of the workout. Apart from feeling the burn in these muscles, you might as well feel great strength. Your muscles would be tightened and lifted like never before.

  • The Pump Phase

    The final phase of this program is more intense than the first and second phases. The pumping phase is all about pumping your muscles to lift and shape your butts.

    All the movements and exercises included in this program increase the flow of blood in your buttocks, thereby giving you the much-needed boost.

    This phase may as well help you build up a great metabolism. The movements in this program are easy to perform.

Yoga Booty Challenge Review: My Experience

A number of people who know me personally have recommended me this challenge. According to them, this is a sure-shot path to amazing and sexy booty like supermodels.

Frankly speaking, I myself wanted to try out this yoga booty challenge but due to shortage of time and busy corporate career left no room for the same.

For the past 3-4 months, I tried taking out time specifically for this one. Hence, this detailed write-up is the summary of those 3-4 months period.

Personally, when I commit to anything, I make sure that I am giving my 100% to it. Trying yoga booty challenge was no different.

Also, the inclusion of yoga techniques along with exercises excited me the most. Hence, I was really interested in learning every detail of this program.

The first three weeks were nice and slow and I kind of liked this phase the most.  From the fourth week, the real game started.

When the yoga poses were combined with the traditional exercises. I could literally feel the changes happening within my body.

Whereas the last phase was the most rigorous one. I liked the intensity and warmth that I received in my booty area.

I could see the changes happening while I was in the exercise schedule. But the changes were not as expected.

With the time duration that I gave and the amount of energy that I channelized to this program and the results that I received were not up to the mark.

Also, the biggest drawback for me was that I had to dedicate a particular time frame from my busy schedule to this program.

I go for workouts as well and post that dedicating a specified time frame for this program is not at all possible for me.

Yoga Booty Challenge: My Shocking Results

I did get some good results. But I expected more out of this program. My booty started getting in shape a little.

I guess this was just a starting phase. This program requires a dedicated time frame from your day-to-day life. Then only you might be able to see some visible results.

But since I dedicated only the amount of time mentioned in the official course, I did not get the desired results that were claimed in the course material.

Personally speaking, I will not go for this challenge in the future as it did not meet the results.

At the same time, I do go for regular workouts most of the days, there I cover the booty workouts as well.

Hence, I do not think that I will need this sort of program in the future as well.

How Could Yoga Booty Challenge Help You?

The author suggests that as you start following this program and working on your body, you would end up learning many things from the same. Here are the claims of the author about the Yoga Booty Challenge:

  • This challenge may help you reshape your booty and build muscles even better using different forms of workout – yoga and other movements. You would end up learning these movements easily by the final phase for greater strength, flexibility, and metabolism.

  • The program may help you increase the blood flow in your butt region and improve the elasticity of your muscles.

  • Different tips and information could be learned concerning a daily yoga routine using which you may improve your butt as well as overall health.

  • With every movement involved in all three phases of the program, you may activate the process of strengthening your booty to further get the desired results.

Yoga Booty Challenge - Cons

The author of this program has repeatedly suggested that Yoga Booty Challenge is one effective program that helps you reshape your booty perfectly in a short span of 12 weeks.

But like others, this program, too, comes with a few loopholes. Listed below are the reasons why this program may not work for you:

  • The author claims that by following this program regularly, you would achieve your booty goals in exactly 12 weeks. However, it is just a hoax. Your booty muscles take time to strengthen. 12 weeks-time is not enough to give out the best results.

  • This program requires the utmost dedication. You could not achieve the desired shape of your booty overnight. You need to work hard on it to get the best outcomes. This program is not suitable for those who could not commit to following it religiously.

  • Yoga Booty Challenge is not so easy as it seems. Muscle fatigue is an extremely difficult challenge and you are expected to push yourself with every movement despite feeling extreme pain in your muscles.

  • This challenge is hard to ace. Furthermore, it falls on the more expensive side of the budget. You would have to pay extra charges for shipping and handling of the product.

  • The Yoga Booty Challenge is effective as long as you put all your efforts into the same. Thus, if you are easily distracted or demotivated, this program wouldn’t live up to your expectations.

Yoga Booty Challenge Alternatives

Frankly speaking, I do not believe in any of the fitness programs or anything like that.

There is no shortcut to success. All you need to do is to follow a proper exercise routine and eat healthy.

All other things will start falling into places.

On the personal front, I do take help from supplements from time to time in order to tone my body.

But that does not mean, I am completely dependent on the supplements. I take supplements when I need a little extra push.

My favorite diet pill is Leanbean. It has helped me time and time again with its amazing supplementing powers.

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